A few points about this story that should probably be said before this fanfiction start :

First, I obliviously don't own Rosario+Vampire nor its characters.

Second, this is a serious story of R+V involving mainly Tsukune and Inner Moka. This is rated as mature for about all possible GENERAL reasons a story can be classified as mature. (exemple : Adults themes)

Third, Tsukune is by all mean a human, not a monster, not some trained overpowered demon/monster/vampire/[fill the blank] hunter but he does have something that count as a special ability... for the best and the worst. And by the way, despite the difference you'll notice, he's as much in character as possible (at least I hope so).

Fourth, This is a Tsukune X Inner Moka fiction, despite that it's far from the light comedy atmosphere from the manga.

Five, There will be NO Deux ex Machina, if something happens to save the day (or not) then there are reasons/event hinted that lead to it happens.

Six, there IS a plot, the story isn't just going around randomly. Tsukune's "Condition" is obliviously an important part of the story though.

Seventh and last for now, There will be alternate bad/death end among the chapters which show how important are the choice one made at some point of time. If this features isn't liked then I won't add those in this story, perhaps in another one so that it doesn't bother those who don't want to read them. Commenting about that subject (and of course others) will be gladly appreciated

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A Rosario+Vampire Story : Vampire+TimeTricker

TsuXInMoka - The human Tsukune Aoko, a 'regular' human enter the Youkai School where he discovers Monsters. Before choosing to stay or leave, a dangerous vampire take him as familiar for his blood. Yet he only has 681 days before his death, or less...

Rosario+Vampire, it's world and characters belong to their respective owners which aren't me.

Prologue :

"Boy, we've arrived."

"I figured as much, that was an enterning ride, thank."

"My pleasure, I don't see many student that want so much to go to school." There was irony in his voice, but the young boy named Tsukune Aoko let it pass. At his demand, the curious driver had pushed his car speed far beyond allowed limits. It had efficiently kept his mind away from the clock sounds inside his mind that he hated so much.


He shook his head, he had accepted to come here justenly to avoid that persistant sound. He took his luggage and waved at the driver who blew a cloud of smoke after taking a breath from his cigar. He descended from the car, eying with disbelief the desolated surrounding. He mumbled a few words.

"what the heck has that man in mind." He walked forward, not specially rassurated. He had never been called a coward so far but he was sure courage was not included in his qualities. He wasn't sure if that was a good or noot, considering his... specificity.

He shook his head, there he was again, thinking about it. He had to focus on something else now. The surrounding was probably a good subject. grave cross on the ground ? Death tree, though they had a few leaves.

The man who had showed himself dressed as a sort of white priest, which he obliviously wasn't, hadn't lied when he said that this was 'very special'. Which school in the world would allow such an unattractive paysage to remain. He forced himself to breath, the place was too scary of his own taste.

He finally meet other students, all of them walking toward the school gates. He glanced up, the building was truly impressive. Tall with dark colors instead of the plain white of all his old schools. A flash of lightning appeared briefly in the sky as the sound of thunder followed. Tsukune raised an eyebrow. With the dark sky, it looked like a bad omen. He then lowered his gaze on the students around him. They didn't seemed the slightest put off by the unusuality of this school. Still the expression were cheerfull, bored or sometime a bit tense on the different face. He specially noticed a tall student that would have been labeled as a punk at first glance. He looked at the girl with a predatory smile. Tsukune looked away, it wasn't of his concern. Anyone could phantasm about girls after all.

Still the students reactions were off... Surprising himself he wondered if he would prefer worrying as he was doing to the clock perpetual tic-tac that he could always heard. Blinking once, he decided he prefered the former, completely.


He glanced around the classroom. The inside of the building was a school by all mean, no different from the ones he had been before. He mumbled against his own fear as he constated that this fact only increased his nervousness.

Then a cheerfull teacher came in...


"This is a school built for the sake of monster."

Tsukune pretty much lost the rest of the speech, save for the human form, after that. What was that teacher saying ? Coexistence between humans and monsters ? He resisted the increasing urge to bury his face in his hands.

Only the words : "humans that know of our existence will be killed of course, we can't allow anyone to spread about this school existence in the human world." had been recorded in his mind.

Tsukune Aono, human by most mean joined his hands together, doing his best to seem the least suspicous. If that was that man's way of making him busy then it worked beyond his expectations. A school life where if youi're human, you die.

He knew that it would very probably prevent him from hearding the clock but still, he wasn't too thirlled by watching his every moves. Maybe getting away would be a smart idea. He already had a short time to live and now he would have to worry about surviving against monster ?

His breath was suddenly taken away from his body, a trementeous feeling of dread drown him. From his lowered head he could make out other students backing in their seat and their eyes lock on the door. Some lowered their head, Tsukune raised his and stared at the door wondering about this new development.

His breath was once again taken away. The girl that entered was tall, long silver hairs falling under her waist. She was incredibly beautiful, the perfection of her face seemed beyond what should be allowed to exist. Tsukune didn't make out the words she and the teacher exchanged, he only looked as her red ferocious eyes glanced at the class. She then took the seat at his right.

Their eyes briefly meet.

It took only that eye contact to break Tsukune out from his trance. The red eyes seemed suspicious, even after he broke contact she glared at him. It was a fast but perhaps late reminder of his precarious situation.

Whispers took away his attention for anothers few seconds. One word in particular :


Tsukune fought the urge to look again at the silver haired beauty. He was liking less and less those developpments every passing second. On instinct he checked if his pen still had ink. Writting a resignation letter was an idea appearing more and more pleasing as he felt the teacher finish her speech... and as the silver beauty called a vampire glanced at him from time to time, not in the good way.

He noted that not only the students but also the teacher had calmed down under the vampire's aura. Despite the dangerous he was in, he could only raise an eyebrow at the curious spetacle of a tail emerging from the back of the teacher.

This school was definitively more 'very special' than that fake-priest said. As he stood up he pondered on what that man had been thinking, making an human enter school were they were forbidden.

A more urgent concern blew the question away, fast and far. A tall figure was dominating him and the glaring of the vampiress didn't seem particulary amical. "Come." He said with a light movement from the head. The word that was obliviously an order got him the attention from all the people around. He followed without waiting, escaping here seemed a bad idea. That and the situation wasn't desesperate yet.


The clock sound briefly echoed in his head but was unable to faze him as he was too much busy with dealing with a close thread to fear a distant one. He followed the supposedly vampire in the hallway. Unsurprised he noticed the student clear the path before the vampire, he was somehow thankfull for her to take all the attention. He passed completely unnoticed.

Outside the vampire leaded him far from the common place, until they were alone among the grave cross. He wondered if he would join them soon, a scary thought.

"So." The stern voice startled him. "Why is an human in this school." Things were suddenly worsening, Tsukune was more and more tempted to escape, despite the price that the clock would inflict him.

"Speak !" He gazed unsure which surely showed in his posture. He opened his mouth to speak but was cut off. "Don't tell lie or I'll suck all of you." Tsukune had only a vague idea of the meaning to this thread but it was logically bad, and scary. He inhaled, maybe the truth would be best. Couldn't be worse anyway.

"A weird man proposed me to come into what he called 'a very special school', I accepted." He was conscious that his voice wasn't as assured as he wanted it to be, much to his frustration. She glared at him intensely and more than holding her gaze, he didn't dare to look away from her scruting glare.

Then she asked another question, in a less menacing tone to his relief.

"Who was this man ?" Tsukune shrugged but stopped when he caught her taking a step forward and her legs putting away some trash on the ground.

"He was in white clothes like a priest but he surely wasn't one, he wore a curious pendant of a cross thought." Tsukune saw her eyes widden slightly, maybe she knew the man. When her legs calmed down, he felt relief. Then for a moment she glanced at him and behind him toward the school, thinking.

She took another step toward him, instinctively he stepped back.

His right leg encountered a cross, sending him backwards. He barely caught a cross, scratching his wrist in the process.

The next second his already compromised recovery failed as the vampire beauty leaned close too him, too close. Her face was at a few centimeters of him, and still was when she grabbed his uniform with a hand. He truly doubted she cared about how much pain he might feel if he feel. Then her face approached, Tsukune gulped in confusion and apprehension.

Then an alien pain shoot through his body. He felt his blood being sucked out from him. Next she had already stepped back, letting him on the ground. Her tongue still licking her teeth she spoke. "Your blood is surprisingly delicious." She eyed him with a predatory smile on her face. Then Tsukune realized what she meant by 'suck all of you', still schocked he placed his hand where the vampire had feed on. To his utter surprise there was no wound nor blood. He gazed quizzicaly at his clean hand.

"We drink properly human, not like what you read I suppose. Anyway." She placed her hand on hips, looking at the fallen human. "You will stay, but..." Tsukune was too shocked by the recent bloodsucking to be surprised by the next words. "...you'll be my familiar." Tsukune jaw went open, thankfully not all the way but enough. Still the proposition wasn't clear to him, his quizzical stare was probably speaking for him as she explained. "I'll be your master and you will do all the tasks I tell you and I'll drink your blood whenever I want. Since you will be my familiar I'll give you some of my strengh and of course, no one will dare to bother you when I own you."

"Whenever you want, won't I die from blood lost then ?" She groaned angrilly.

"Of course not idiot, if I did that then I wouldn't be able to drink your blood again." To his own bewilderment, Tsukune was really considering the proposition. From his sitting position he glanced around. He could escape, it was actually among its possibility. It wouldn't be easy though and would seriously burden him.

And then if he escaped then what ?

He would go back to his old routine, one that couldn't satisfy him anymore, that couldn't push away the clock.

He wasn't thrilled at the idea of being both a meal and a servant but then, what would he do in this school of monster ? His power could more harm him in the end that the students. The protection of a powerful vampire might actually be useful. He set his eyes on the vampire and the realization was a cold shower on him. He didn't have the choice.

There was no way the vampire woul let him live in another condition than her familiar. There was no room for discussion to begin with. One moment he felt the wish to take her down with his power tempfull, despite the risk that he might very well end up being the one down.


The sounds were dangerously alluring, dangerously attiring, provocating him to fight or to stay with them until the end.


Those sounds would never rule over him he swore that long ago. But as he felt two teeth strike happily into his skin, he heard the sound again...


As if they were mocking him.

Remaining Time : 681 days