I want to give credit to Mara for inspiring me to write this small piece of story. I wrote this after reading Mara's last story. The idea just popped into my head and I wrote it as an Alternate Universe Fanfic but I needed the room for my other stories so I sat up last night until this part was finished. It's a bit dark and poignant but I hope that it's not to confusing..

Standard Disclaimer: Rurouni Kenshin and Rurouni Kenshin characters are owned by someone other than me. This is fiction and for entertainment purposes only. This story was not written for sale or profit but pure enjoyment. So with that out of the way please read and enjoy.

Who was I...?

After father's will was read, I left the lawyers office emotionally drained. So much has happened to me in the last two years. I have lost my entire family, one to sickness, and the rest to terrorist bombing. Will the killing ever stop in this world? I have to get away, so I run, not paying attention to where I am going.

When I can push my body no further, I slow to a walk. I look around but do not remember this part of town. Great, now I am lost, then I realize that I don't care. So I just keep walking, letting my feet take me where they will.

Then I come to a street that pulls me into it. I have been here before, I know it but don't remember when. Did something bad happen here, I look around, and there is no blood.

The feeling gets stronger as I walk down the street. This can't be, I try to remember, but nothing comes to mind. Where is this feeling coming from. Nothing good happens in streets like this one but feeling don't lie, do they?

Something good happened to me here, I just know it. Oh the frustration of knowing but not knowing. I keep walking, my mind will explode if I stay much longer.

I come to a park and sit on a bench facing a beautiful river with a bridge off to my right. But this place is painful, so much pain that I can't get up after sitting on the bench. Why? What is wrong with me? Now I am frightened. My chest tightens and I can't breath, someone help me.

Then I remember my father and focus like he taught me. Yes breathe, one two breathe, one two breathe and I can breathe. It is working and my mind calms down. But this place still holds my fear.

My father tried to teach me kendo but I refused. Now I wish that I had learned because I feel threatened and have no way to defend myself.

Something terrible happened to me here. I want to run away but my body is slow to respond. With all the will power that I can call on I slowly stand and walk away.

What is happening to me. These feelings wash over me like an opponent that comes out of the dark to attack me.

So again I am running. But this time I am running scared and I am tired. Maybe there is someone around here who would help a lost soul.

Something compelled me to stop and look at this place. Next to the gate is a plaque. I squint to read the lettering, it is written in a kanji that I am familiar with. But due to the age of the plaque it takes me awhile to read.

Finely I put it together and it reads "Kamiya". I say the name and it rolls off my tongue like I have said it before. I do not know that family name nor have I heard anyone use it.

I reach my hand out and touch the gate, it feels warm. The sun shines on the gate in the afternoon I remember. How would I know something like that? I look up at the sky and the clouds have rolled in covering the sun.

I gently push and the gate begins to open. I am nervous not knowing what will be on the other side of the gate. But something tells me that I must find out. The hinges on the gate refuse to move any farther but the gate is open enough for me to slip through.

I take a deep breath, repeat one two breathe a couple of times and then go inside. The place is falling apart and looks like no one has lived here for a long time.

My eyes sweep across the ground as I take in the condition of the place. There are leaves and branches from the trees on the property. One tree has fallen down, crashing into the side of the building.

There is no one here to help me so I take one last look around and my eyes land on a round tub. This one item transfixes me. It is but a few pieces of wood, that was at one time a washtub but to me it was something more.

I walk over to the pieces of wood, kneel down, and gently touch one. I feel love emanating from it. I pick it up and hold it to my chest then gently lay the piece back where it came from.

Why would such a small piece of wood hold such love?


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