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I walk over to the pieces of wood, kneel down, and gently touch one. I feel love emanating from it. I pick it up and hold it to my chest then gently lay the piece back where it came from.

Why would such a small piece of wood hold such love?

Who was I...?

Chapter 2

I stand back up, I should not be here, but I feel like this is my home. Just being in the yard makes me feel warm and happy. I look around searching for someone. Yes, someone was here for me but are they still here?

My curiosity is aroused and I must know more about this place. Maybe there is something in one of the buildings that can give me a clue as to who I am looking for. I walk around back and there is a big building. As I walk inside I see the remaining pieces of what appears to have been a shrine.

This must have been a training hall. There are plaques on the wall around the shrine. I walk slowly reading the names. I freeze when I read the Master's name Himura Kenji. Tears form in my eyes as I look at his name and the pride I feel confuses me.

I have heard of the name Himura before. One of the lessons my father tried to force on me. Why didn't I listen to him? Now I realize what a selfish person I was by ignoring the wishes of my father.

I pick up a bamboo pole from the floor where someone has carelessly left it. That bothers me, as it should have been put away.

It feels good to hold it and my hands know what to do with it. I swing it a few times, the swings are strong, and it feels natural to do that. But what style am I doing?

Something doesn't feel right about it. It's to light, the one I used was heavier, and the hilt was shaped different. No, that can't be, I never took one lesson yet I know how to wield a sword.

I gently place it on the rack where it belongs. I need some answers and all I am getting is more questions. Maybe the main house will have the answers that I need.

Before I reached the main house out of the corner of my eye I spot a small house. I diverted to check it out.

The door is open allowing me see dust and leaves covering the bare floor. As I walk into the outer room my cheeks get hot, entering the inner room I feel myself blushing and then I smile. I haven't smiled in so long that it feels strange but nice.

It is a bathhouse that I have found and I feel embarrassed. I look around, I don't see anybody, but I still keep blushing. I make sure the door is closed before I proceed to the main house.

I enter the main house through the kitchen. I laugh as I look at the cooking stove and think about all the terrible food that was cooked on it. But who cooked it, I am a good cook at least that is what my family told me. Keep moving don't dwell on things that I can't change I tell myself. They are not coming back.

Walking through the building feels right like I should be here. I go down the hall and stop. Why did I pick this room to enter?

This room has been kept spotless as if someone was using it. But there is no sign of anyone living here. A clean futon was folded against the wall. I kneel down, close my eyes, and let my hand skim across the top of the futon as if my fingers could tell me something that my eyes couldn't see. The futon feels warm to my touch.

My heartaches for someone but where are they? I open up the futon and lay on it. I feel safe and secure.

I sit up, something is different, I am not in my apartment. Where am I? Then I remember all the events from when I left the Lawyers office. Well enough of this self-pity, I am not going to get any answers just sitting here.

I open the door to leave, its dark, how long did I sleep? I feel better than I have in a long time.

I walk into the yard and see Fireflies, "no" I scream, "go away". I bat at the poor little things flying around and yell at them as if they understood what I was saying but are just ignoring me. That thought makes me laugh. As if these little creatures could harm anyone.

I feel someone watching me. My senses search for them while my eyes look for something to defend myself with. What a fitting way to end a terrible day.

Do I run? Have they seen me yet? My feet won't move I panic.

"I knew you would come."

That voice, my heart stops beating. I close my eyes, turn around, and then slowly open them. I feel my head spinning out of control as I look into his violet eyes.

The memories flood into me with the force of a tsunami. My body collapses and I am once again safe in his arms.

A/N - If you made it this far, thanks for reading my story. When I started this chapter I had a completely different ending in mind but the link between my brain and my fingers sometimes gets clogged. My fingers are then free to type what they want and that is what happened to this story. I just hope that it isn't to confusing.