Fortuna—Chapter One

by taitofan

Rated M for attempted noncon and naughty use of tentacles

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Author's Note: Well…I did warn that this was coming. Somewhere along the line, it decided it wanted some plot though. And then it decided it didn't want to be a oneshot. So, to reiterate, I went into this writing a PWP oneshot purely with Luppi molesting Toshiro, and somehow I ended up with the first part of a multichaptered fic with a plot. Yeah, I'm confused too. Anyway, this fic asks the questions: what if Luppi lived and what if Toshiro and Rangiku were among the Soul Reapers who went to Hueco Mundo rather than the fake Karakura Town? What would happen after that? Remember, this is just an intro. There are unanswered questions, but they will be covered later.

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"Yammy! Can I have that boy?"

It was the first thing he remembered saying about that annoying brat. He admitted that he'd been far too cocky in their fight; in all the times he'd been underestimated for his size or—more often—his looks, Luppi hadn't thought he'd ever fall into the trap of underestimating his own opponent. He had though, and it had cost him dearly.

Luppi hadn't even thought he'd get his revenge, not when that girl came along and healed Grimmjow's arm. What were the odds of him living? It didn't matter if he had a friendship of sorts with Gin; not even that would save him after he'd pissed off Grimmjow and had failed in Aizen's eyes. Therefore, when the newly reappointed sixth Espada stopped after punching a hole through his stomach, he was shocked. It hurt like a bitch, yes, but it let that same human girl have the change to heal him all the same. Grimmjow claimed it was better to let him suffer than to finish him off quickly, but Luppi was past caring what that idiot thought or did. He was alive, and the object of his obsession for revenge wasn't the sexta. Not yet at least.

No, it was Captain Hitsugaya, that infuriating pipsqueak. He might not be an Espada anymore, might not even have been deemed worthy enough to be one of the Privaron Espada, but Luppi would be damned if he wasn't going to follow up on that threat when he saw the boy next.

And that time finally came when the humans stormed the castle looking for that girl. Luppi had hung back for a while as the impulsive Arrancar threw themselves into battle, most of them meeting their ends shortly after. He waited though, having a feeling his time would come; that more than just some measly humans would show up if he had a bit of patience. He wasn't about to waste his time on anyone else, nor was he going to risk getting himself killed for something as idiotic as defending his so-called comrades. Screw Aizen. That man would have left him to die. There was no way he'd ever see the power-hungry man as a lord again. And the other Espada? Either they didn't respect him or they'd been willing to let him die too. No, he didn't care about any of them with the exception of Gin. Even then, he knew the man could fend for himself.

Right now, the only thing in Luppi's mind was an icy captain. A captain who would wish he'd never humiliated Luppi once he was done with him.

By the time Toshiro reached the interior of Las Noches, many Arrancar and a few of the Espada had already been killed. Mayuri, Byakuya, and Kenpachi were already locked into battle outside the main fortress, but he didn't drop his guard for even a moment, knowing that there were still unaccounted for Espada, including at least one that had a personal grudge against him. Was that noisy, tentacled Espada even still alive? He wasn't sure, but he wasn't going to discount it.

"Captain, should we split up?" Toshiro looked to his lieutenant, pondering her question. While they could cover more ground that way, he wasn't sure if it was really the best option. Surely she could handle lesser Arrancar, but one Espada had given her trouble even with two others fighting at her side, and as much as he loathed to admit it, if the sexta had been paying attention, Toshiro likely would have lost…

"No, not yet. We're not even sure where we are." Rangiku nodded and didn't question him, though he assumed she was likely sharing many of his thoughts. If a cocky twit like that could be sixth, what were the five higher than him like…?

The next half-hour went by uneventfully. A few Arrancar attacked, but most sensed their strength and fled before they met their death. The deeper they walked though, the more uneasy Toshiro grew. He didn't voice the feeling or let it show, but he felt it. Something was wrong, he just knew it.

"Captain, do you feel anything… strange?" He slowed to a stop, Rangiku following in suit. He was about to agree with her concern when a sudden spike in reiatsu permeated the air. They both assumed a battle stance, knowing this wasn't the spiritual pressure of an underling. No, this was someone far stronger, and Toshiro sensed it was a familiar one at that. Could it be…?

"My my, how fortunate I finally found you!" The sweet, and obviously faked, tone seemed to come out of nowhere, and before either Soul Reaper could react, the Espada was standing mere feet away from them. Rangiku reached for her sword first; she never got to it. With a speed that was fast even for one of his rank, his arms stretched to inhuman lengths. Sleeve-covered hands wrapped around her neck, and she slammed against the pristine white walls before Toshiro could move to help her. A loud crack echoed in the hall as her skull connected with hard stone, leaving Toshiro with the terrible realization that unless someone showed up or she miraculously regained consciousness and could fight with a concussion, this battle would be one-on-one.

"Oops, I meant fortunate for me of course! So sorry about your friend." Toshiro didn't respond to the taunt as he pulled out Hyorinmaru from his back and pointed it at the smirking Arrancar.

"You'll pay for that, Espada." The smirk faltered slightly at his words, though he wasn't sure why. He didn't care either, opting instead to wonder if he could kill the other before he could draw his weapon. He really had no other choice; if it got to eight against one and the Espada actually paid attention, the odds weren't in his favor.

"Hmm, I'll have you know I'm not an Espada anymore." He pulled down his outfit to show a large scar on his hip where a six had once been. Toshiro only spared it a glance before raising his sword higher. Not as Espada anymore? Whatever the reason, this was favorable. Perhaps his power had weakened? "Not that I care though. Let them do what they want! All I care about is snapping that pretty little head of yours off. Yes, that will be lovely, don't you agree? Or… Maybe I should finally poke your friend's disgusting body full of holes first?"

"Leave her alone, you abomination!" The Arrancar didn't even look intimidated. Toshiro felt his anger rise but did his best to keep calm. If he kept talking, maybe he'd lower his guard… Either way, getting angry would just distract him, and that wouldn't help him in the least.

"You… You don't even remember my name, do you? I really hate that you know… But I'll tell you once more, since it'll be the only thing you'll be screaming out as you beg me to spare your miserable life and all. I'm Luppi. And you, Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya, have met your end!" Luppi reached for his Zanpakuto, and Toshiro finally made his move. Before he could strike, two words met his ears. "Strangle, Trepadora."

Toshiro didn't stop his attack even as a large tentacle clashed with his sword. He pressed on, determined to do whatever damage he could. Before he could try anything else another tentacle wrapped around one of his wrists, then another took the other. A fourth shot out and knocked the icy blade out of his hand before slithering down to catch an ankle. The one that had originally stopped the attack then took the other. With all four limbs secured, Luppi lifted his prey into the air, a look of satisfaction in his purple eyes. Four more tentacles waved behind him, just waiting for a command before striking. Toshiro refused to show any signs of fear though. He wouldn't give the Arrancar that satisfaction.

"Now, what to do? Should I make this quick or let you suffer?" He pressed a cloth-clad fist to his chin in mock-thought before grinning up at the bound captain. "Any preference?"

"I'll kill you." Luppi pouted at the answer, but Toshiro didn't fall for it. He was being toyed with and he knew it.

"Aww, you're no fun! Don't tell me this is going to be as boring as last time?"

"If I recall correctly, you talked too much back then and I would have killed you if you hadn't been rescued."

The tentacles squeezed painfully at his joints as soon as the words had left his mouth. Luppi's face was twisted in a sneer, obviously not liking being reminded of his defeat. One of the remaining tentacles suddenly shot to Toshiro's neck and wound around the delicate flesh, though it didn't squeeze yet. He wasn't going to kill the brat until he was begging for death.

"Need I remind you of your position? I suggest you show some respect or I'll make this all the worse. Of course…" He paused and his grin was back, his hands resting on his hips in a show of arrogance. "I'm going to kill you all the same. If you don't piss me off too badly I won't make the suffering last quite as long."

Toshiro didn't speak; he didn't think it was wise with Trepadora still around his neck. Right now, all he could do was hope he could keep Luppi busy until someone came to his aid or Rangiku woke up. Unless Luppi screwed up and dropped him, he didn't see any other options. But how was he going to accomplish that when the Arrancar was out for his blood?

"What, nothing to say? How lame! You really are boring! Maybe you'll say something if I do this?" The tentacle around Toshiro's left wrist squeezed sharply, and he had to bite the inside of his mouth to stop from screaming out as he felt the bones crush. Coppery blood assaulted his taste buds, but he still remained silent. "No? Well, aren't you a big boy!" The goading didn't illicit a response either. Luppi frowned and let the tentacle around the boy's throat slide away…

"Hnn!" Luppi looked shocked at the sound that suddenly erupted from Toshiro. What…? He hadn't even done anything that time! …Had he? He scanned the bound Soul Reaper, cocking an eyebrow when he noticed where the tentacle was currently located. How… interesting. Maybe this called for a slight change of plans…

After all, why just torture Toshiro when he could humiliate him first?

"Why, captain, I had no idea you got off on this sort of thing! You should have mentioned it before. I would have had some fun with you sooner." He watched Toshiro's face flush as he wiggled the tentacle against the boy's crotch. He felt a bit foolish; he'd said all that crap to that loud woman, but never once had it actually crossed his mind just what Trepadora could do in that sense. It only took half of the appendages to keep Toshiro just where he wanted him. That left him with four more to utterly debase him. He giggled to himself at the very thought.

Another tentacle slithered towards Toshiro, elongating itself until it was thin enough to force itself into his mouth. He really had no choice but to open up unless he wanted a broken jaw to go with his wrist. It wiggled around and he almost gagged at the sensation. It was pulsating and warm, but worst of all was Luppi's expression. That sick bastard was enjoying this! If he got loose, he was going to—

The mental threat died when the tentacle at his crotch began to snake its way lower, until it reached the opening of his shihakusho. And then… Oh gods… He felt his eyes widen as it suddenly hit him what was happening. Trepadora slid up his leg until it reached his cock, having elongated enough to wrap around his length without crushing it. What the hell was wrong with this psychotic Arrancar? Was he trying to make him wish for his own demise after being raped?

Luppi watched the young captain with a keen interest as Trepadora wound its way around his rapidly hardening penis. For a moment it actually looked like he might cry, only for a look of defiance to take its place. What a pity.

"You know, at any moment I could poke your most sensitive parts full of holes… or just squeeze it off! I wonder which one would make you scream the loudest…?"

Toshiro couldn't talk with Trepadora still in his mouth, and it was likely a good thing. Instead, he shuddered as the tentacle around his cock began to move, one hot pulsing organ moving against another. If he wasn't being raped it might have felt good, but…

But wait. That… that might be it. If Luppi was doing this to humiliate him…

Luppi froze at the unexpected moan from his captive. Did… Did he really just…? N-no, that was ridiculous, of course not. He went back to his torture when another moan sounded through the relatively empty hallway. He faltered again, but pushed the odd feeling that washed over him aside. This was obviously a trick… He wasn't going to be fooled, no way.

The last two tentacles were sent out. One slid up Toshiro's other leg until it reached his chest, where it rubbed relentlessly against his nipples. The other was sent to caress any part of skin it could reach. Luppi was going to molest the captain, shame him, but he wasn't actually going to outright rape him. Contrary to popular belief, there were a few things he drew the line at. This was one of them.

He ignored that little niggle in his mind that insisted he would do just that to the boy if he truly hated him. Or that he certainly wouldn't do anything that gave him any pleasure. He knew what he was doing!

Meanwhile Toshiro tried not to look disgusted at the feeling of all eight tentacles on him. It seemed his plan was working though. Twice now Luppi had hesitated, and that was only from moaning.

"Mmmm, m-more," he groaned around the tentacle in his mouth. Through hooded eyes he saw Luppi staring up at him, all traces of smiles gone from his face. He merely looked shocked at the turn of events. Good. Time to kick it up a notch. He arched his body, pressing deeper into the slack tentacle around him. "Don't stop…" He didn't say more as he let out another deep moan. An idea entered his mind and he began to suck on the one in his mouth. It… it wasn't quite as bad as it was in the beginning. He flushed at the thought. If it weren't for the fact the enemy was the one doing this, it might actually have been enjoyable. He'd never been touched like this by someone with two hands, let alone eight tentacles…

He abruptly stopped those thoughts. The situation was obviously getting to him. He didn't like this at all. This was merely a means of survival. He'd see that Luppi was dead the moment he was free. And seeing as all of Trepadora was loosening its grip, it might not be much longer.

Luppi watched as the captain pressed himself into Trepadora, heard him moan for more, felt him suckling one of the appendages… And he really didn't know what to make of it. No one had ever actually reacted like this. True, he'd never done anything quite of this nature, but still, he'd never had an opponent appear to like what he was doing period. It obviously wasn't punishment if it was liked! Somehow though, he didn't really want to just skewer him and get it over with anymore. He didn't even want to torture him…

When was the last time anyone had reacted positively to him? There was Gin of course, but Luppi knew he'd obey Aizen and betray him if he had to. They got along, but he wondered how much of that was because the other Arrancar were afraid of him, whereas Luppi wasn't. Would Gin have missed him if Grimmjow had killed him?

The other Espada thought he was a joke. Those weaker than him didn't respect him. Was it so wrong of him to actually want this Soul Reaper to truly like this…?

Probably. But he didn't care about the others when it came to his loyalty, and how was this any different? Someone was eventually going to kill him. He might be cocky, but he wasn't stupid. He could sense that a few of the Espada had already fallen. Eventually he too would face someone who would escape Trepadora and he'd be obliterated. Why not take this chance while it existed?

Toshiro moaned again, but this time it wasn't for show. The tentacle on his cock came back to life with a vengeance, as did the other seven shortly after. This wasn't part of the plan… What went wrong? He glanced down at the Arrancar, not letting up on his acting. Luppi was looking up at him with no small amount of lust in his eyes. Something was different though… The bloodlust appeared to be gone, which was confusing to say the least. What was going on in his head?

The saliva-coated tentacle slowly slid from Toshiro's mouth, rubbing against his cheek for a moment before it retreated. It was quickly followed by the three not on his limbs, much to the captain's confusion. What was Luppi playing at anyway? He didn't voice his question though, not wanting to test his luck just yet.

He refused to admit that he missed the feeling of those tentacles on his skin. His aching erection was telling enough.

He was then being pulled in closer to the Arrancar, who brought him down so he was just a foot or so off the floor. Luppi looked him up and down, that odd lust still clouding his violet eyes. He suddenly nodded to himself.

"For now my dear little captain, I've decided not to kill you after all. We'll just count that broken wrist of yours payment. Consider yourself lucky, huh?" He reached up, his sleeve falling down as he did so. A slender hand touched his cheek, finding it still wet with the saliva Trepadora had left there. It slid down from there, just barely touching Toshiro through his clothing. He stopped on his stomach and looked up to see what expression the Soul Reaper had. Taking the flushed and panting face as a good sign, he finished the journey and squeezed the arousal he found experimentally. The other Arrancar might have called him a whore, but in truth he'd never done this before. He hadn't found anyone worth his time. But now…

Now he didn't want anything more than he wanted to see this delectable little body writhing underneath him.

"You Soul Reapers wear too many clothes…" He looked the boy over again, trying to figure out the easiest way to do this. Finally, he reached up and untied the sash at the captain's waist, pleased when the fabric parted easily without much resistance. Soft skin met his hungry gaze, Toshiro's whole body flushed at Trepadora's ministrations. Even if it was an elaborate act, the boy's body certainly wasn't acting.

After a few moments of appraisal, Luppi pulled the rest of the uniform away and tugged down the undergarments he was met with. Toshiro's almost inaudible gasp as the cool air hit his bobbing arousal went straight to Luppi's groin. Did the kid have any idea what he sounded like? And to think the Soul Reapers thought he was the evil one…

A sudden rare twinge of self-consciousness hit the Arrancar. Physically he was older than the captain before him, whose body looked like it was just at the onset of puberty. In reality though, he wasn't nearly as old as Toshiro probably was. Luppi guessed he was well over a hundred years. Sure, Toshiro looked and was acting virginal enough, but what if…

He shook his head and scoffed at his foolishness. What was he doing, worrying like some schoolgirl on her first date? He was a natural at everything he did, and as far as Toshiro knew, he could have bedded every Espada and half of the Numeros. Really, what could there be to it? Toshiro had liked it just with Trepadora on him, so surely Luppi could put the rest of himself to good use too.

Without giving himself a chance to question his actions further, Luppi leaned in and lapped at the head of Toshiro's arousal. The shuddered groan that met his ears urged him to lick it a few more times before taking it into his mouth. Seeing as Toshiro wasn't that big, neither was his penis, and Luppi found it not all that difficult to have the boy balls deep in him. With a hum of satisfaction, he began to suck.

Toshiro's mind was even more muddled than it had been with Trepadora around him. Luppi's mouth was warm and wet, like nothing he'd ever felt before. It was amazing, and any protest his mind came up with was quickly ignored not only by his body, but that dark part of his mind that he always tried to ignore. The part that just wanted to be selfish and feel, to not worry about right or wrong or anything in between.

He knew he wasn't going to last long, and sure enough, when Luppi reached up to fondle his testicles something burst inside of him, figuratively and literally. He came with a wordless cry, leaving his essence in the pleased looking Arrancar's mouth. He wanted to be angry at that overly smug look, but he didn't seem to have the energy left.

Toshiro felt himself being lowered to the ground then, and once his feet were no longer dangling, the remaining tentacles retreated one by one until he was free. Luppi then sealed Trepadora, going back to the lithe Arrancar and nothing more. Toshiro looked up at him—he mentally scowled, as even being the shortest of the Espada Toshiro had ever seen Luppi was still almost a foot taller than him—wondering if he could reach Hyorinmaru in time and if he'd be too hindered with a broken wrist. He decided the answers were maybe and not badly enough not to try, but Luppi took that moment to make his move, pushing him against the wall. It wasn't like he'd done to Rangiku though, no, he was pinning him to the wall and kissing him thoroughly.

A million thoughts ran through Toshiro's head—push him away, fight him, keep pretending, respond, don't stop. His body, yet again not caring for the warring thoughts, melted as Luppi's once again clothed hand moved to grab his chin and tilted his head for better access. As he was slowly released from the strong hold keeping him against the wall, he felt Luppi's other hand trail down to his hip and pull him closer. Even through the layers of clothing, Toshiro could feel Luppi's own erection pressing into his stomach. How long had he been like that? Since he was tied up? Just then as he sucked him off?

He'd hate himself for it soon enough, but for the moment all he could do was open his mouth and let Luppi in, aware that he was acting like a wanton whore but somehow not able to care enough to pull away.

"Toshiro," Luppi murmured against his lips, grabbing Toshiro's unbroken wrist and guiding it to his own throbbing need, "will you—"

The question never came, though Toshiro knew exactly what it was and unfortunately that he likely would have done it. As Luppi fell to the floor gracelessly, the captain looked up in daze. He was met with a familiar face.

"M-Momo?" The sight of the girl shocked him. She wasn't supposed to be here; she wasn't deemed well enough to come fight against her former captain. But as she smiled at him, her still sleep deprived eyes radiating relief, he supposed something finally must have broken through to her.

"I'm so glad I got here in time! With everyone getting ready to go to Karakura Town I was able to sneak through and track you here. That thing didn't hurt you did he? Should I kill him or do you want—"

"No," he cut her off quickly, hoping she wouldn't ask why he didn't want the Arrancar dead. He didn't know how much she'd seen, but considering his clothing was still hanging partially open and his undergarments were still bunched around his ankles, he had a feeling she could guess what had just happened, at least in a basic sense. "Let's just go find Captain Unohana right now. Rangiku will need medical attention right away."

He saw her look him over quickly before tactfully turning to the fallen woman to check her condition. Toshiro took the opportunity to redress himself, grateful for her discretion. While he knew she'd ask questions later, for now he didn't trust himself to give her an answer. Not when he still couldn't quite figure out just what had transpired himself.

"She's breathing, so she'll probably wake up soon. Let's get you out first and then I'll come back for her, okay? That thing won't be waking up anytime soon."

"…Alright." He didn't know why he wanted to tell her Luppi wasn't a thing. He didn't think he really wanted to know.

Conversation ceased as she helped him through the abandoned hall, all stray Arrancar already having left the area long ago. Once the pair's reiatsu was gone, Rangiku cracked open her eye. Seeing that she was indeed alone with the fallen former sexta, she carefully got to her feet. She didn't have a lot of time to do what she knew needed to be done… And after what she had just witnessed while they thought she was passed out—both too far gone to sense when she'd awoken—she knew her captain would never take the chance himself.

Well, she wasn't going to stand by while he made that mistake. Toshiro wouldn't like it, nor would Momo, but Rangiku knew exactly what needed to be done with this young Arrancar…

After Momo had gotten Toshiro to Retsu and gone back for Rangiku, she was confused to find neither the woman in question nor the Arrancar she'd knocked out. She searched the immediate area, not able to sense her reiatsu anywhere. A terrible feeling rushed over her as she quickly made her way back out to her friend, finding Retsu tending to his wrist.

"Shiro, she's gone! And so is the Arrancar!" Had Retsu not grabbed his uninjured wrist and held him fast, Toshiro would have been gone before Momo had finished her sentence.

"Please calm down. I'm almost done and going back there won't help her. She likely woke up on her own and is looking for you." Toshiro didn't want to admit that she was right, especially since that would be admitting that he knew why Luppi wouldn't have been in much of a condition to fight her. Staying put would make it easier to find each other than both of them running around.

Momo stood around scanning the area as Retsu finished her work, rubbing her eyes every now and then. Toshiro wanted to ask her if she was finally alright with the knowledge that Aizen had to be killed, but she'd shown him tact back in Las Noches… He could wait until they no longer had an audience before they had tackled any touchy subjects.

"All right, it should be fine now." Toshiro rotated his wrist and nodded, offering her his thanks. "Of course. The wrist is an easy area to heal. Now, I must see to the others. Please be careful until the next phase begins." Soon the two were left alone, both wanting to say something. After a few minutes of silence, Toshiro finally decided to speak up, when a familiar feeling filled the air. He rose to his feet as a voice followed it.

"Captain, Momo, there you are! It's about time I found you two! This place is just so big!"

"Matsumoto, you're—"

The words died in Toshiro's throat the moment she came into view. Oh, Rangiku was fine all right. No, it was who was standing next to her that shocked him enough to render him speechless. All hope that he was seeing a mirage in the vast white wasteland was gone when he heard Momo's surprised gasp next to him.

"Before you say anything, I have wonderful news for you! This Arrancar has deflected to our side." No, there was no way… "He wants to see Aizen defeated as much as we do and helped me fight some Arrancar we ran into on the way out here. He's even agreed to help us out with any remaining Espada. Great, isn't it?"

"Yeah, it's great, isn't it Toshiro? I really can't wait to be workingsoclose to you."

Luppi smiled sweetly at him, and Toshiro knew that somehow, his life just got more complicated than it ever had.