Author's Note: I hope that I do this one right. This story will be done for a T.V. show prompt that Angel N Darkness dared me to do.

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T.V. Show: The X Files

Prompt Title: This is Not Happening

"This is not happening." Emily said as she stared at the stick.

How in the whole wide world could this be happening to her? She thought back and cringed when she realized that it indeed could be happening to her. How could she be so stupid? How could she have let it go that far? What in the world is she going to do? Does she tell him? Should she tell him? Should she not tell him? All these questions were running through her head at warp speed. She didn't have an answer to any of the questions that she asked herself in her head.

Emily walked into work with her head down. She didn't want anyone to see the worry that was in her eyes. She didn't need anybody's pity nor did she want it. She sat down at her desk and got started on her work. She hoped that if she got started on it and finished it quick enough that maybe Aaron would let her leave early. She needed to think and there was no way she was going to be able to think while she was in the same building as the man who got her pregnant and the man she loved and has loved since she first met him.

She worked straight through lunch. She didn't even try to eat the sandwich that Spencer brought her back. She knew that if she ate she would end up getting sick. Her insides were all tied into knots. All she kept seeing was that stick saying positive. She knew that she wouldn't be able to get rid of this baby. She didn't want to get rid of this baby. If she couldn't have Aaron then she would at least have a part of him.

By 4:15 Emily was done with all of her paper work and some of Spencer's. She didn't even think that Spencer noticed when she took some of his because she had all of hers done. She got up out of her chair and headed towards Aaron's office with the files. With any luck she could hand him the files and get straight out of his office. She knocked on his door and then walked in when he lifted his hand and motioned for her to come in. She set the files on his desk and started to walk out of his office but his voice stopped her.

"Prentiss is everything alright with you? You haven't talked to anyone today and you even passed up food when Reid brought you some. You never pass up feet." Aaron said.

Emily looked at Aaron and took a deep breath before saying "I'm pregnant."

Aaron stared at Emily with a wide eyed look. His first emotion was shock but his second emotion was happiness. Now he had a reason to tell her how he felt.

Emily looked at Aaron waiting on his response. She wasn't sure what he was going to do but what he did was not what she was expecting.

Aaron jumped out of his chair and rushed around his desk and picked Emily up and hugged her to him tight. He was ecstatic that she was going to be having his baby.

"Are you sure? Are you happy? Do you want our baby? I love you Emily. I am so happy that you're carrying my baby. I have wanted to tell you that I loved you for a long time now but I was scared. I thought that maybe you didn't want me because you never brought up the night we spent together and I was afraid of running you off." Aaron said in a rush.

Emily felt joy flow through her body. "I love you too Aaron. Yes, I'm sure I'm pregnant. Yes, I'm happy that I'm pregnant. Yes, I really want our baby. I wanted to tell you how I felt but I too was afraid of running you off. I wouldn't want anyone else to father a baby with me other than you."

Aaron whooped for joy and kissed Emily soundly. He truly was happy that she was having their baby. He hoped that she would have more than one baby with him. He wanted a house full of kids with her and with his son Jack.