Author's Note: I'm aware that these drabbles aren't the best, but I wanted to add these because there are only 9 Rhapsody stories on Fanfic. So, here are some crappy drabbles for hopefully entertaining someone. I wrote these in a few minutes.


Playing the Melody

Cornet was always a bold child. She knew it, Kururu knew it, and so did everyone else in Orange Valley. And she was proud of it.

She had a natural skill with the horn, and speaking to puppets and dolls was something she cherished. Though her mother died mysteriously, she was still happy.

That was one of the reasons why she played her horn. Sometimes her temper got the best of her, and arguments could leave marks, she was still trying to make people have joy.

Once, an eight year old Cornet and Kururu were playing around in the Wonder Woods nearby her town. Picnicking as they were, along with horn playing, they had fun with other things too. She didn't mind spending time with her, because she was her best friend.

How could the two of them know that, years later, the two of them would be on a battle to help save the world? How could they know, that by playing her melody, that one day Cornet would be married to the prince of her dreams?

But they couldn't know. No one could possibly know what the future foretold.

So, play on, little Cornet, playing the melody, and taking the path that works for you the best.

The Puppets of Orange Valley

Little Cornet was a dear friend of ours. We remember when she played with us, she was very happy. So were we. She was rather strange, being the few that understood us. She'd blow that little horn, and we'd play. All of us enjoyed it.

However, none of us knows where she is now. We think that she is in Mothergreen, like some of our owners were telling us. We hear she is with the prince. We are all happy for her.

As the Puppets of the Orange Village, we are glad that we can have the memories that the child gave to us. We are glad that she can bring us the happy memories that we have. We will never forget her. We will never forget how she talked and played with us. It is because we believe that she cared about us that we care about her.

We will never forget her friendship, even if she is the queen.


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