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So here it is, another chapter on this story which has been resurrected from the grave. =D I've finally come up with a plot but I'm the narrator in my college's panto and I'm knackered each day so this won't be updated daily. Then again since when were any of my stories updated daily anyway?

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Amelie's POV

Silence. The cold drags on. I open my eyes and look around, dark, just like my dreams. Wither its day or night I am unsure. How long I have been here I couldn't say nor why. The memories are faded and broken. Her name plays out across my lips and a strike of pain plays out from someone's finger tips. My fangs draw close to skin but it disappears into the darkness taking the scent of blood with it. I am unable to fight my restraints, unable to be the queen i pretend I am.


"Goodbye... Goodbye my love, I can't hide, can't hide... What has come... I have to go. I have to go and leave you alone... But always know; always know that I love you so!"HervoiceringsoutandIsearchforitblindly,I'mnotsureifit'sadreambutplease,ifthereisagodoutthere,don'ttakehervoiceaway.It'stheonlythingkeepingmesaneinthisplace.

Voices ring out now; they're stronger and harsher than the half whispered voice of the girl whose face I can imagine but name I cannot place.

Claire's POV

I hope she can hear me, Amelie looks out of it after that beating Jason and his thugs gave her. It hurts to see her this way but unfortunately I'm forced to the pillar nearby, my voice rings out as I sing and I hope for her to hear me. If anything it should be a comfort.

I can't remember many songs but one comes to mind and it rolls out perfectly, Amelie you better have heard that! ...Please.

Even now as I silently will her to move a tear rolls down my cheek, these feelings have been here for as long as I remember but if anything, I want her to be okay for herself and others. Because let's face it, Amelie is the founder of Morganville, she's ancient by human standards I'm just your average girl, I'm not unique like Eve, strong like Shane or good looking like Michael.. I'm just ordinary. So there's no way Amelie would return my feelings.

She's the angel and I'm a mere mortal lucky enough to gaze upon her for a fleeting moment-There I go with the poetry crap again. God Claire stop it, you know it makes you sound soft. Here in this place you've got to be strong, for yourself, for Amelie. You've got to figure out a way to save her. Happy endings aren't guaranteed but earned so you've got to try.

Amelie's POV

I groan lightly my head is pounding and I don't remember much, i try to open my eyes but then i realise something is over them, I try to reach up and remember that I'm chained to a wall. Memories flood back, Bishop forcing us out of Morganville, gun fire, Jason and... Claire.

"Claire!" I yell out, my voice croaks, it hurts to talk but I yell her name again anyway. I don't hear anything but after awhile slow footsteps approach and my voice catches in my throat.


I know that voice... How do I know that voice?

"Oliver? Did you find them?" AnothervoiceIknow...WaitOliver?

I feel a hand grab for the chains and yank them off the walls with a grunt. Another hand reaches to the object blocking my vision and removes it, my vision is blurry but in the room i see Oliver and Michael stood over me, Eve is in the background with an unconscious Claire.

"Claire! Oliver... Make sure that girl is okay." He looks at me with a frown but I don't pay much notice to it before my own eyes shut and I get thrown into a strange dreamless state of unconsciousness but just before I do, I hear Shane saying something about a message on his phone from Ada.