The War Of l'Cie, ShinRa, and Sanctum

Heeyyyy fellow readers! ^-^ Ummmm this is my first ever FanFiction and it came to me last night. Clearly I am horrid at coming up with titles, sorry 'bout that *blushes and scratches back of neck* Um, review! I don't care whether it's a suggestion, compliment, or whatever. I would like to receive constructive criticism, so that I can improve my story writing. NO swearing unless ur doing it in a compliment or stuff like that I'll just delete 'em. FFXIII is by far my fav FF game, and VII is my next. So I decided to make a fanfic where the two meet.
Main characters = Lightning, Serah Farron, Cloud.S, Tifa.L, Denzel, Marlene, and of course, Sanctum and ShinRa.

Uhhh I'm not sure whether or not if I will do pairings with 13 & 7, but I will only decide if I get plenty reviews. (at least above 4 ^-^) that will be my objective.




Lightning's POV

I HAD ONLY BEEN STANDING ON A HILL OF GREEN IN GRAN PULSE, GAZING UP AT THE LITTLE orb in the sky that had once been my home – Cocoon. My comrades – no, friends had been talking to each other a little far back down the hill I had stood upon. We had just successfully escaped our old "home" alive, somehow managing to save millions of people's lives. Had that been what caused the change? All I remember was kneeling over, clutching my chest in pain, exactly where my l'Cie brand was underneath my turtle neck sweater vest. Or, had I fallen over? It was all a blur. I think I vaguely remember Hope gasping in shock as he saw me and the others shouting and running towards me. My chest felt as if it was about to explode in flames. My body screamed in protest as the pink aura began to surround me as it always did whenever I got too distressed, emitting from my chest. I remember that despite the horrid pain coming from my chest and body, my mind did not scream in pain. No – it seemed to numb me, making every part of my body's pain slowly lessen, and my five senses fade.

Then – nothing. Fuzzy blackness surrounded me for a few seconds that felt like eternity.

I felt my mind shut itself down, and I merely caught glimpses of my friends as I felt myself suddenly rise in the air. Snow looked horrified and I faintly felt him grab my ankles, in a fruitless attempt to lower me back down to the ground. Hope was shouting something, looking as if he was about to lose his mother again. Vanille's eyes were wide in terror, shaking her head from side to side then burying her face in Fang's chest. Fang had been grimacing, looking faintly sad. Sazh looked furious.

A cooling sensation covered my body, and I felt my arms subconsciously fold themselves into my chest. I closed had closed my eyes. Then, I was dragged into a deep sleep.

O.o I don't really know if you guys liked that very much. But I'm terrible at beginning stories, sorry DX. I'm 23 hours into the game, and I've spent maybe three of those hours trying to beat Barthandelus on the Lindblum. DX STUPID DESTRUDO! If anyone got any tips on how to kill the damn bastard who nvr EVER shuts up during the damn battle, PLLLLZZZZZ do NOT hesitate to tell me!!! I wanna beat him so bad and get on with the game! GEEEEZZZZZZZ!!!!! Anyways, I'll post the next chapter as soon as I can tonight or tomorrow, and I GAURANTEE it will be MUCH, MUCH better than this one. Lightning may end up being A little out of character sorry 'bout that. So yah, on with the story. PLZ review! If I get more than three reviews on the next chapter, I SWEAR I will try to update as much as I can with the rest of this story. My friends enjoyed this, so I hope u guys will. xD

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