Voldemort Gets a Brilliant Plan

He was sleeping relatively peacefully, lying spread-eagled on the dining room floor of the empty mansion. He jerked awake, sitting bolt upright; he glanced around to get his bearing. Tom Riddle staggered to his feet, tripping in his haste over the long gray robe he wore. He rubbed his tired red, snakelike eyes and walked over to his desk, turning over random papers on his desk.

Yes, there it was! A small pink sheet of paper labeled 'Ministry Infiltrating Hours'

10:00-10:03am and 8:15-8:19pm, perfect, it was 8:14 now.

He dissapparated, reappearing in the Ministry's front lobby though he wasn't entirely sure that was possible. Ignoring that thought he set off for the Department of Mysteries, more specifically the hall that contained the remaining Time-Turners.

A few minutes later found the Dark Lord examining each Time-Turner, deciding which to use being more difficult than he'd originally planned. He selected a fairly large wooden hourglass off the shelf and turned it a few dozen times.

He reappeared at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry on a hot sunny day as kids began streaming out of the castle. He spotted the boy he was looking for and rushed over, drawing his wand. People began screaming as they same a pale, bald, snakelike man in a gray robe rushing across the grounds with his wand drawn in front of him, but he ignored them. He slashed his wand down crying,

"Avada Kadavra!"

The boy flew backward surrounded in a bright green aura and landed heavily on the grass a few feet away, his eyes wide in horror and shock. The boy's friends cried out and drew their own wands but Voldemort just flipped the Time-Turner again and disappeared.

Breathing heavily and smiling in a satisfied way, confident that Harry Potter would never bother him again, he sat down on a puffy armchair near his desk.

"Uh…Mr. Dark Lord, sir?" a timid voice called from the doorway.

He looked up, glaring at the man who'd disturbed his victory thought-rant.

"Uh…just thought you should know…uh, those triplets you tried to kill a few years ago who pretty much killed you-"

The man choked off, being lifted in the air against the wall by Riddle's wand.

"Triplets?" The Dark Lord gasped. "You said triplets?"

The man nodded and was slain on the spot.

"Argh! He can't let me win! Killing James Potter should have stopped all of this!"