He was sleeping relatively peacefully, lying spread-eagled on the dining room floor of the empty mansion. He jerked awake, sitting bolt upright; he glanced around to get his bearing. Tom Riddle staggered to his feet, tripping in his haste over the long gray robe he wore. He rubbed his tired red, snakelike eyes and walked over to his desk, turning over random papers on his desk.

Yes, there it was! A small pink sheet of paper labeled 'Ministry Infiltrating Hours'

10:00-10:03am and 8:15-8:19pm, perfect, it was 8:14 now.

He disApparated, reappearing in the Ministry's front lobby though he wasn't entirely sure that was possible. Ignoring that thought he set off for the Department of Mysteries, more specifically the hall that contained the remaining Time-Turners.

A few minutes later found the Dark Lord examining each Time-Turner, deciding which to use being more difficult than he'd originally planned. He selected a bright pink Time-Turned that looked as though it was spun from candy-floss, turned it a couple times and reappeared on the twilit street. He walked quickly up a narrow lane to a small white house invisible to muggles, opened the unlocked door and strode in; blasting James Potter out of the way and following Lily up the stairs. He didn't give her a chance to speak, but cast the killing curse and stepped over her.

"Hm," he stared at the gurgling baby in the crib, an idea slowly worming its way into his mind. Perhaps he didn't have to kill the child. What if…?

Voldemort glanced at the lifeless Lily before turning his attention back to the brat; the kid had stuck his pudgy little finger up his nose and seemed to have gotten it stuck. Cringing, he reached out with tentative hands and gingerly lifted the boy, holding him to his chest. The stupid thing started crying. Resisting the intense urge to just drop him, Voldemort flicked the Time-Turner and popped back at Malfoy Manor. Bellatrix stood in the doorway and gave a little start when they appeared.

"Here!" he growled, practically throwing her the child. He turned and leapt at the hand sanitizer dispenser on the wall. Thoroughly confused Bella took the child to Narcissa.

(Four years later)

"There's a good boy, follow your Auntie Bella!"

Tom Riddle turned his head toward the source of the noise as Bellatrix lured the toddler after her into the private study.

"Good Harry, good Boy-Who-Didn't-Have-to-Live!" she cooed.

Yes, they'd named him Harry, so what?

"Come show Uncle Voldy" (Riddle cringed, unseen) "your new trick. Come on!"

Sighing, the Dark Lord Uncle swung around in his seat to face the two, "What-"

Harry giggled, holding Bellatrix's wand high, "Vada Ke'avra!"

A flash of green.