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It was another cheery day for our adventurers as they made their way to the bustling city of Veilstone.

"I can't wait to earn my fourth badge" said the young boy with glee in his eyes.

"You know what type of pokemon this leader uses Ash?" asked the blue haired girl curiously.

Ash was too busy day dreaming to hear his friend. The thoughts of him defeating the leader would mean that he would be one step closer to the Sinnoh championship. He had a huge grin on his face at the idea of him holding the champion's trophy, whilst hearing the chant of the large crowd of people chanting his name "ASH!, ASH! ASH!". In his daze he started to subconsciously chant softly his name.

"Ash, Ash".

Dawn looked confusingly over to her other companion; a tall, muscular man with black spiky hair. The learned man cured the girl's confusion.

"He's probably day dreaming again about being a pokemon master" whispered Brock.

Dawn made an o shape with her mouth and then questioned Brock again "Do you think he'll snap out of it soon or should we help him?".

Brock stared at the boy with a silly grin on his face "I'd say leave him, unless he winds up walking into a tree".

"Has he done that before?" asked Dawn with a cheeky grin on her face.

The boy eyed the little lady with a smile "Yeah sometimes, although he tends to do it more often with a little encouragement" he said with a wink.

Dawn the giggled at the idea of Brock subtly leading him into a tree or a large rock. The chuckling awoke the 'champion' from his little dream. Ash turned his head and eyed the two behind him curiously.

"What are you two laughing about?" the boy said partly curious, but also partly nervous about whatever they may be planning.

"Oh nothing Ash, we'd never laugh at you" said the Dawn stifling a laugh.

"Yeah you are the 'pokemon master' after all Ash, Ash". Brock and Dawn contained their laughter at their little inside joke.

Ash just stared at the two "Um thanks" said Ash not seeing the sarcasm "but why did you repeat my name Bro-". His speech was cut short when his face met the tree. His body stopped walking and froze still at the impact and comically slowly slid down the tree. The boy's body fell onto the floor in a slump. His red faced head was throbbing with pain.

"Ow" muttered Ash softly.

He could hear the loud roars of laughter erupt from behind him. Ash stumbled to his feet and glared daggers at his so called 'friends'. His best yellow friend was confused about what had just happened. The lucky little rodent was walking along with Ash and so did not feel the hit from the towering tree. Sadly for Ash since it was looking at Dawn and Brock behind it the little pikachu could not warn him in time.

"Pikapi" said pikachu softly.

"Why didn't you warn me!?!" asked Ash angrily.

"Oh come on Ash cheer up" said Dawn still giggling.

"No" pouted Ash crossing his arms and turning from his friends.

The two friends rolled their eyes at this.

"Oh come Ash, how about we let you choose where to eat" asked Brock in a sing song way.

"And…" asked Ash expectantly.

Brock and Dawn sighed at this "And we'll pay for the meal as well".

"Yeah!" cheered Ash punching the air "Let's get to Veilstone quickly then" Ash's stomach happily agreed with him in a grumble.

Ash raced off in the direction of Veilstone city, leaving a dust cloud behind him. The cloud was kind enough to hit the poor companions of Ash and leave them choking and hacking.

"(cough) why can't (cough) he just wait (cough) for just one second?" said Brock try to wave away the dust.

When the dust subsided they peered ahead to see if they could see Ash, yet the energetic boy had already raced ahead out of sight.

"Come on" said Dawn "We've got to hurry up before Ash gobbles up everything in the restaurant and leaves us with the bill".


After running what felt like a marathon, Ash collapsed just outside the Veilstone city entrance. Ash turned his head to see where his friends where. After seeing no sign of them he smiled greedily to himself.

"Oh well more for me then" the boy said smiling to himself.

"Out loser"

Ash raised his hanging head and looked at the scene before him. He saw a very tall muscular man hurl a shorter blue haired man out of the town. The thrown man had blue hair in two spikes, as it he were the devil himself. Although right now he looked more like a drunk being thrown out of a bar. The man had on him an odd almost futuristic outfit on.

"But how did you defeat me?" the blue haired man questioned "I'm commander Saturn of Team Galactic!"

"Big deal 'champ' and I'm the fricken tooth fairy".

The blue haired man scrambled to his feet and ran off completely ignoring the boy slumped on the floor. Ash looked on as the blue haired man named 'Saturn' raced off.

"Stupid runt" said the tall man darkly.

Ash turned his attention to the man who had his eyes fixated on the man who ran off. The tall man has a fairly muscular appearance and was garbed in a long black cloak with the hood down. As if feeling Ash's eyes on him the man looked down at the kid on the ground. He was a bit surprised at how he was able to miss seeing the boy sitting there. The man just smirked at how much of a child Ash looked right now sitting on the floor gazing up at the adult.

"Hey kid" the man said smugly, the man then slightly bowed and moved his hands behind him to indicate to the city behind him. "Welcome to the city of Veilstone, though I wouldn't recommend you memorise it. It ain't gunna be called that for long" The man then laughed at his inside joke leaving Ash in bemusement.

"Sir we need your help"

A man in all black with black shoes, shirt and cap approached the tall man, however what was on the man's shirt made Ash's heart sink.

"What's the problem champ?"

"There are still some grunts hanging around plus the cargo is giving us some problems"

"Ah well duty calls."

The tall man walked off, followed by the grunt. However what was on the grunt's shirt haunted Ash. 'Please no' thought Ash. The image of a big Red R made Ash sick.

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