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I wrote this a long time ago. Thanks to some recent encouragement, I decided to go ahead and post it. I'm not promising more chapters now, but I will try to get another written soon. Thanks for continuing to read.

Chapter 15 The Twins

Alec did not like seeing his Izzy so weak. It was disconcerting to think of a vampire being tired at all, it was unheard of, but this was his Isabella. His. The thought rang true to him.

He found warring concerns inside him. She was weak from using her powers so much. So much so they had to support her as she returned to her room. Jane was now helping Izzy change clothes and get into bed as he stood guard outside her room, wondering what the arrival of his mate's sire would mean.

Would he try to take Izzy away? Would she want to be with her sire? The thought brought an unintentional growl from his lips. She was his. His mate. If she wanted to join her sire, he would leave at her side, the Volturi be damned. He would see her happy and stay by her side for as long as she allowed it.

Would she send him away? The thought cut him deep. No, they were mates. She would need him. He would show her that he put her first and he would fight any who tried to keep him from her. He needed to know more about this Laurent.

Without a thought to protocol, figuring it was better to apologize later than beg permission now, he left the castle to seek out the one who might give him answers of what the future might bring.

Jane had always been attuned to her twin. She knew before he did that love was blossoming in his heart. She immediately felt his distance as he left the castle, without any visual or auditory clues to his disappearance. She knew it must be an errand for Izzy because she believed nothing else would take him from his watch.

"What's wrong?" Izzy called sleepily to Jane, pacing by her bed.

"He left," Jane replied simply and softly.

Izzy did not need to ask more. With great effort in her weakened state, she stretched her mind to his. Where are you, my love?

Off to seek answers, dearest one.

Be safe and return to me soon, she replied with concern.

Rest, Princess. I'll return before you wake.

Reluctantly, Izzy released her shield and fell back against her bed.

Jane observed the exchange and felt comforted by Izzy's calm demeanor. Whatever her brother was up to was undoubtedly as she had suspected. Before she could ask, Izzy did something that Jane had only seen humans do before, she fell asleep.

Jane sat on the edge of the bed and watched the unusual vampire that had changed her life so thoroughly with her arrival at court. Her fingers moved to caress the beautiful gift around her neck that her...friend, her sister, had given her.

She felt protective of the girl as she watched her sleep so peacefully. She looked so young and innocent this way but Jane knew better. This girl had survived so much and become, not cold or angry, but kind and forgiving. Izzy's kindness was not a weakness but a great strength. She couldn't help but admire the girl she'd only recently found to be intolerably foolish.

She smiled. She had a friend, a true friend. She was happy.

Alice Cullen was standing outside the door of the large house as Alec approached. Of course she would know he was coming and what he meant to ask. He hoped it was a good sign that she appeared to have come to welcome him because he knew he would not allow her to turn him away.

"There's no need for that decision," she called out to him as he reached her. "Though evidence to the contrary has been given, we love her as much as you do. Please come in. We are eager to help in any way we can."

Alice stepped aside to allow Alec entrance to the house. Inside he found all of the Cullens sitting and looking anxious. He found his confidence leaving him as seven pairs of golden eyes stared at him. Only then did he remember that his sister usually handled the interrogations and he didn't know where to begin.

"Is she okay?" Edward spoke up from the back of the room.

Alec's thoughts immediately drifted to the image of his beautiful mate and his heart soared for a moment.

"I see," Edward responded to the image with a voice dripping with hopelessness. "I never wanted this life for her, but it seems it was fated to be. I know she is your mate. It couldn't be more clear. Try to understand, I will always love her."

Alec's growl tore through the house at Edward's words. He could feel Jasper sending calm to him as he watched Edward raise his hands in a gesture of surrender.

"No one is disputing your claim, Alec," Carlisle said gently as he moved to place a calming fatherly hand on the young man's shoulder. "We only want her safe and happy. Come and sit. We will tell you all we know of Laurent and you can return to her."

"What do you know about her sire?" he asked simply, sitting amongst the Cullens to find out what he'd come to learn.