Sora's POV

The Cullens were very accepting of me and Riku. Carlisle offered to sign us up for school and become our temporary adopted father. Alice even offered to take us shopping for 'normal' clothes. Everyone looked scared when I accepted... I wonder why?? The next day I saw why they looked scared... ALICE WAS INSANE!!! 7 hours straight of shopping... Kairi's not even that bad! But at least we now have clothes that are considered 'normal' I even got to keep my gloves! Although i wish I hadn't let Alice get my that one pair of skinny jeans, I'm not used to pants that tight! OH, and apparently the Cullens arevampires.. and some of them have special powers!

It's Monday and time for school, I'm really nervous about it because Riku and I haven't been to school for about 2 years but the Cullens tutored us so we should be good. We just got to the school and people are already staring... I think its my hair. When we went to the office to get our schedules the secratary was flirting with us... CREEPY! Me and Riku had all of our classes together and at least 1 Cullen was in each math we had to sit by an extremely annoying girl named Jessica, she was paying a bit too much attention to Riku so I kept him distracted all class. At lunch it just got worse when Jessica came over and was like

"Hey sexy you don't have to sit with these losers, come sit with me." Lets just say she ened up with a black eye and broken nose(thanks to Hazel) and the whole school now knows me and Riku are together. I think I saw some of the Jessica clones trying to give themselves black eyes and broken noses so they could still look like her. LOL. The rest of lunch went pretty well. Alice gave us I-Phones so if we get lost or something we can call her. She put a bunch of music on them so she warned us NOT to press the FORMAT button or else it will erase all of the music... guess who I didn't listen to and erased all of the music on the phone?:(

The rest of the day passed rather uneventfully until Mike got attacked after school. It was after everyone else had left and he was waiting for Jessica when a bunch of Ho Rod(the car ones damn their annoying), Neoshadow, Bulky Vendor and Morning Star heartless appeared around him. All he did was run screaming and hid in a trashcan. Wimp. I ran to save him while Riku and Hazel where a bit hesitant. I looked bac at them.

"What Sora, can't we let him become a heartless? He's an ** anyways!" Wowww Hazel issues much? "FINE! Come on lets go save that sorry excuse of a life form."

"Fine..." Just as they took out their Keyblades a Corridor Of Darkness appeared and out walked a girl from Organization XIII. She had Riku like on silver hair but brown spiked bangs kinda like mine.

"OMG SORA!!!" she screamed and glomped me.

"OH! Sorry I'm Xertra No. XV. I'm on a mission to investigatethis new world... WTF are you doing here?!?!"

"I don't know but shouldn't we be fighting those heartless?"

"Oh. Yeah." She pulled out an odd red and black Keyblade. After getting run over by Hot Rods and bounced on by Morning Stars we beat the heartless. "Guys who's that girl with Decisive Pumpkin?"

"That's Hazel."

"OK! Well, I have to go report back to Saix and Mansex but you'll probably see me again sometime soon. Remember kiddies stay in School! BAI!!"

"WTF?!?!?" Oopsies forgot Mike was there... heh heh heh

"Mike if you tell anyone what you just saw I will not hesitate to smash every single brain cell in your tiny head!" Oh thank god Riku. Your a life saver!(A/N mmmm lifesavers....) Mike then ran away like a sissy little coward LOL.

"Ummm Sora, Riku who was the chick in the jacket with your hair??"

"Ummmm I think she's a new member of Organization XIII. She's kinda scary..." Riku just gave me a weird look. "whatttt she was!" We then met up at the front of the school with the Cullens. Jasper started inspecting Hazel to make sure she wasn't hurt.

Hazel's POV

"I'm fine Jasper." I said as he started to check me over.

"Are you sure?" He asked.

"Positive. Now come on I have to pick up Kyle and Jack." He nodded and we got into my car. "What do you think about me being able to use the Keyblade?" I aked.

"I don't really know. It makes me nervous. I don't like the idea of you fighting." He said truthfully. I nodded in understandment.

"I don't really like it either." I said, taking his left hand in my right hand. He kissed my slightly swollen knuckles.

"I can't believe you punched Jessica." He laughed.

"Me either." He smiled and we pulled up to the Elementary Center. They got into the back and we drove home. I dropped the boys off at one of their friend's house and we headed back to the Cullen's house. Sora and Riku were in the backyard Sparring. I watched as they moved swiftly and gracefully. Riku won and did a victory back flip.

"Come on Hazel." Sora said. I thought about my Keyblade and it appeared in my hands. Jasper kissed my lips.

"Be careful." I smiled and nodded. I walked up to Sora and we touched blades. I crouched slightly, like I saw Jasper and Emmett do when they wrestled. Sora attacked first, swinging his Keyblade at me. I blocked every attack and rolled out of the way to avoid a dangerous connection. Then I started to attack him. I kicked his legs out from under him. Then I put my Keyblade gently to his chest.

"Hell yeah Hazel!" Emmett said. I smiled and helped him up.

"Nice job Hazel." Sora said, giving me a hug. I saw Riku and Jasper tense. Emmett tossed me over his shoulder.

"Ah Emmett! You have a really uncomfortable shoulder!" I yelled out. He only laughed and spun around in a circle. He went faster and faster.

"Emmett Stop!" Alice and Edward yelled.

"What?" He asked.

"I saw you breaking her neck by spinning her like that." Alice said. Emmett gently put me down.

"Sorry Hazel." He said. Jasper picked me up Bridal Style and carried me inside.

"I can walk you know." I laughed. Xertra was sitting at the kitchen table eating. Jasper sat me down next to her and then put a plate of fruit in front of me. I ate the watermelon, strawberries, grapes, melons, and oranges. "Thank you for making me eat healthy." I said as he sat down next to me. He smiled and kissed my cheek.

"You're welcome. You do know you can afford to eat unhealthy at least once." He said. I shook my head.

"I've been eating healthy for so long now if I eat unhealthy I feel sick." He nodded. Then I turned to Xertra and we talked about what is was like being a Keyblade Wielder. Jasper sat next to me, holding my hand the whole time.