Renesmee's Journal

Okay this is the sequel to Renesmee's Diary. It had been a year later since that happened with her family and her.

Summery: Renesmee got a journal from her mom. She had it for 4months. Now she is writing about her daily life. But what if Tanya's clan reads it and tells the Cullen family. This is a THREE-SHOT with a PROLOGUE.


Renesmee's Pov~

We were at Tanya's house. It was boring. I was so bored. I was sitting at there kitchen table. I had my journal and I had my pen in my hands. I was writing in cursive. I was writing really quickly that a fright scared me. "Nahuel." I breathe when he scared me.

"Nessie let's go on a walk together." I set my diary down. I get up and go on a walk. "So how are you today? I am doing great." He takes me hand and I pull away.

"I am doing well." I say. I stay about a little ways from him because I am dating Jake. "So why are you visiting Tanya's clan today? Is it because I am recently here?" I asked and he shrugged. "I am just asking and don't want to be rude you know." I truthfully say.

Then we walk deeper in the woods. We start heading back. "Nessie." Calmly Nahuel said. Then he kissed me against my will. He let go and walked up to Tanya's house. I roll my eyes.

"Renesmee, it is time to leave!" My mom called me to get in the car. I go running in the car and jumping in the car. We left to home.

She left something. Left her journal.

I want one reveiw.