I DON'T OWN BLEACH or TearDrop by Massive Attack

Pairing Ulquiorra/FemIchi.

Plot request: AU; Virgin Ichigo with vampire Ulquiorra.

Warnings: Blood, virgin sex, cursing, vampire's sucking blood... yeah that kinda thing.

Ok here ya go enjoy, and I miss my beta ; ; She is on vacation so this isn't beta'ed remember to be nice ne?


"Water is my eye
Most faithful mirror
Fearless on my breath
Teardrop on the fire of a confession
Fearless on my breath..."

The Fountain Maiden

Watching... always watching the woman. Ulquiorra stuffs his hands in his narrow pockets following the orange haired female from a few feet away. Ichigo Kurosaki is a responsibility he would rather not have. Over the past ten years he has protected her, and guarded her from becoming enslaved by a rival family.

"Ulquiorra." Ichigo turns around with a gentle smile on her lips. "Think Mom will like these flowers?" Holding up the bouquet of white and yellow daisies, she waits for his aloof response.

"I have no information to suggest otherwise." His green eyes shift past her to the group of men walking toward them. They aren't making eye contact with the woman or him. To Ulquiorra's trained eyes that in itself is suspicious. How could they not look at the woman? It's true by human standards Ichigo's vibrant orange hair and tan skin might be considered odd, but to vampires those features are irresistible. With hair and skin the shade of the sunrise, her very presence reminds them of the humanity they once had. He finds her disgusting.

"I knew you would say that."

"Then why did you ask?"He watches her standing there laughing at his answer as if it's meant to be humorous. "Troublesome woman."

"I can't stop myself from teasing you." Ichigo grins at Ulquiorra stepping close to the flower vendor so the two men can walk past without crowding the narrow sidewalk.

Her genuine expression is like a current of electricity. Ulquiorra despises her for it. Humans are trash. He doesn't even want to use them as food. However, fate has a sense of humor after all. Vampires need and crave blood with certain characteristics.

She is to become a Fountain Maiden for his brother Grimmjow. The position is one of great honor in the vampire world. His older brother will take her on the night of her eighteenth birthday, her virgin blood will feed him her whole life. Never will she be embraced in love, the only touch she will feel against her skin will be his older brothers teeth sinking into her, drinking the lifeblood from her sun-kissed skin. Female virgins, fully ripened are becoming more rare with each passing year. Women are acquired at an early age, some through the black market, others... with highly desirable bloodlines are raised in retainer families. This woman... he glances back at her briefly taking in her warm smile before stepping in front of her protectively... Is eating his wings. "Troublesome woman." He hates her for it. He... feels the urge to return her smile with some type of warm response. "It's futile." Ulquiorra reminds himself studying the two men who turn the corner of the dimly lit street vanishing from his view. "She was found by my brother. I wonder if I had discovered her... What a pointless thought." Feeling her slide her arm inside his, he walks along side her as they approach the hospital.

"Ulquiorra?" Ichigo notices his arm stiffen and starts to pull her arm away when she feels him tucking his elbow close to his side trapping her arm between.

"What is it?" Walking through the doors he presses the button on the elevator leading to the intensive care ward.

"Those two men..."

"I saw." He shuts his eyes as the elevator doors close in front of him. Those two men had the stench of blood on them. If they had made a move for Ichigo things would have gotten very annoying.

"Of course you did." Ichigo jabs at his abdomen with her finger. "How silly of me. You notice everything!" Giving him a wink she steps out of the elevator listening to the clicking of her small heeled boots against the shiny hospital floor.

It's always like this before she goes inside her mother's room. The weight of her choices keep her locked inside a small bubble of pain and resentment toward no one in particular. Herself mostly. Everything slows down, she slouches her shoulder against the wall. The flowers in her hand seem to float away heading for a place where her mother's smile and laughter comforts her uneasy soul.

Ulquiorra's pace falters for a moment watching Ichigo's head lean against the glass door to her mothers room. He knows and understands human connections are fragile things and this evening Ichigo's link with her mother will be broken. His green eyes narrow as she straightens her clothes wipes her face on her sleeve and walks inside with her head up high. "Revolting. Her pride is meaningless." How much he loathes her for it. "Wretched woman... making me witness such a sight."

Masaki Kurosaki's room is the one place he doesn't follow her. It's forbidden in her contract for a vampire to enter the room. The one place he can not gaze upon, is the one place he knows Ichigo can have some sense of privacy. This place he desires to see above any other. Ulquiorra is relieved he can close his eyes for a few minutes. Standing next to the door he listens to Ichigo's soft voice talking about happier times when mother and daughter could walk hand in hand. He only has one question about her left to answer.

"So Mom I'm going to be going..." Her voice crackles as the words turn to air. "far away." If she is honest with herself, she would say she can't stand it, but the reassurance of her mother's continued medical care makes her keep her end of the bargain with Grimmjow. "It doesn't matter though because I know you will be with me. " Setting the flowers in the small glass vase she bought a few years ago she turns and sits on the edge of the bed. The motion pulling down the covers from her mother's chin draws her attention. "Your heart and mine will always be connected. I won't stop thinking about you for a moment and knowing you be be well taken care of gives me the resolve to become a Fountain Maiden for one of the Ten Blades. He gave me his word you would see a coma specialist." Tucking the cover back over her mom's sleeping body she runs a fingertip over her forehead.

"Unforgivable! Ichigo Kurosaki is nothing more than a weak human who is wrapped in her own self pity." His eyes creep open slanting toward the doorway. "Did she just say Grimmjow promised to take care of the mother?" Ulquiorra was told a very different chain of events after Ichigo's claiming. "Foolish woman, you should have seen through his lies."

"Visiting again Ulquiorra?"

"Yes, This is to be the last." He says watching as the older vampire pause in front of him. The pink kimono wrapped loosely around his shoulders is a remnant of a more decadent time. "How is your health Kyoraku-sama?"

"Not bad." Kyouraku smiles lightly at the young one. "Not good either."

"Why not-"

"Obtain a Fountain Maiden?" Kyouraku sits down in a small leather chair next to Ulquiorra, propping his cane on the wall space between them. "I had one once. A real beauty of a girl. My little Nanao-chan."

"She expired?" Ulquiorra asks keeping an ear toward Ichigo's room.

"Not exca-"

"Where have you been!" The dark haired woman with an antique pair of glasses perching on her nose puts her arms on her waist in irritation. "I thought you wondered off and died on me."

"Nanao-hunny-chan! I will not die anywhere but in your arms." Kyoraku stands up reaching for his cane only to feel Nanao tucking her arm through his. "Did you miss me?"

"I-I didn't! I can't stand you!" She stomps away only to pop her head around the corner giving him a concerned glance.

"You turned your Fountain Maiden. Sharing your power with her shortened your own life." His green eyes narrow at the human behavior between the couple. "She seems to detest you."

"You know how it is. The more you can hate, the more you know deep down it's..." Kyoraku give the young one a wink and a smile. "true love!"

"I can only assume you tame her with some sort of charm." Ulquiorra folds his arms in front of his chest watching the old woman verbally chastising the aging vampire.

"It was my body! Nanao loooooves my body!"

"S-Shut-up!" Nanao says pointing a finger down the hallway towards their room. "Get back into bed!"

"Young one..." Kyoraku puts his straw hat on covering his pale face. "the difference between love and hate is this: Relief comes from here..." He puts his hand on Ulquiorra's chest near his heart. "when you are together. And when her hand slips from your grasp, being apart is unthinkable."

"Shunsui!" The long silver streak running down the side of her bangs shows her age despite the flush of her cheeks. "Get a move on."

"She simply refuses to allow me out of her sight." With a sigh he tips his hat and shuffles toward his room. "Any regrets my little Nanao-chan?"

"Regrets are for people who doubt their own convictions. I refuse to be that weak." Her fingertips push her glasses up her nose as she politely bows to Ulquiorra. "Excuse us."

"He could feed on a Fountain Maiden and live another thousand years. Why is he willing to die with her?"


"You have been quiet since we left the hospital." Ichigo lays on the white sheets covering the bed with her eyes looking up at the ceiling. "Something happen?"

"I am always this quiet." Ulquiorra replies watching the long tube snaking from her arm to the I.V. Stand filling a bag with her blood. Soon he will be forced into the same antiquated ritual by his family. He will choose a Fountain Maiden from one of the retainers and slowly assimilate her blood inside is body. Only the untainted blood of a virgin is allowed to enter the body of nobility. Purity... all this for the purest blood to ensure the strongest bloodlines.

Grimmjow killed his last Fountain Maiden and brought this wisp of a girl into the clan to their fathers disgust. He announced Ichigo like it was perfectly acceptable to bring in garbage from the streets to eat it at the dinner table. Their father's only demand was for Ulquiorra to personally watch over her until The Reaping.

"You haven't smiled once since I have known you." Ichigo says turning her head on the pillow to look at his pale face. "Are you unhappy with your life?" Her brown eyes focus on the subtle movements of his small lips as he responds."or am I that much of a pain in the ass?" She chuckles reaching out for the edge of his jacket to tug on.

"A pointless question."

"Hey, Ulquiorra. Ever been tempted to take a sip?" Ichigo swallows a knot in her throat pulling on the hem of his white suit jacket. Her amber eyes slide up his pale face to his eyes widening slightly. She knows she has surprised him again with another question.

"I am too young to feel the thirst for blood. I have yet to grow my fangs." He watches the blood flowing into the storage bag. Tracing the filled tube to her wrist and the needle buried inside his gaze moves up her tan arm to her face.

"Yo!" Grimmjow bursts into the room takes one look at the woman on the bed and marches over to disconnect her I.V. "Ten years did a lot for you eh?"

"G-Grimmjow-sama! You must not be in here! It is still a day too ear-"

"Get the fuck out!" Grimmjow barks at the small dark haired nurse. "Go before I snap your little neck."

"Making a scene again... how pathetic." Ulquiorra says narrowing his eyes putting his hands in his pockets.

"Ulquiorra, you didn't tell me she got all... sexy." Grimmjow's hands move toward Ichigo in anticipation.

"I fail to see how her appearance is relevant." Ulquiorra takes a small step toward the bed observing Ichigo's heart rate increase.

"You freak me the fuck out, Ulquiorra." The blue haired vampire yanks out Ichigo's I.V. From her wrist dropping the needle and connected tube splattering the suites clean hardwood floor with blood. "It's all about the blood." Grimmjow grabs Ichigo's still bleeding hand bringing it up to his face for a big whiff. "Mmm, she smells so ripe. Damn! I could take her now."

"Hell no!" Ichigo has had enough of Grimmjow's man handling. "The contract states tomorrow and that's when you will get me." She yanks her wrist from his slinging blood across Ulquiorra's face. "Oh, I'm sorry Ulquiorra." Rising from the bed she pulls out a handkerchief to help him clean up. Her hand is met by his, she feels disappointed inside that the white lace of the cloth blocks the contact between them. "I wonder if... he will ever notice me the way Grimmjow does?"

"Oi! I don't like it when my food talks back." Grimmjow quickly yanks her away slamming her against the wall and leaning over her with a frown. "Food should just squeal in pain as it's devoured."

Ulquiorra stares at the hanky and the sudden emptiness of his hand perplexed. It seems so strange to him how fast things were happening around him. It's not the speed at all. "Empty... why do my hands never hold anything?" Something angry is pressing at his chest. He looks at her blazing eyes of defiance astonished by her fierce expression despite one of the Ten Blades towering over her.

"We have a deal Grimmjow. Tomorrow you can do what you want with me." Ichigo's heart is pounding in her ears as she denies to submit to the large man who could crush her skull like a piece of fruit. "Until then back the fuck off!" Her eyes dart to Ulquiorra's making a brief plead for assistance.

"He won't help you Fountain Maiden." He grins at the woman struggling not to quiver from his hands sliding down her navy blue blouse. "Ulquiorra scram." His hands squeeze at her breasts, his mouth waters as he grows impatient.

"What are you doing?" He asks his brother, Ulquiorra's eyes never leaving Ichigo's. The watering of her eyes... weighs at him. The subtle reflection of his shape is in those large brown eyes makes him cringe. "Troublesome woman."

"Get off me!"

"Shut the fuck up!" Grimmjow barks at the woman fed up with her back talk. "You really have no idea?" He whirls her body around so she is pressed to the wall. "Father never told you... what we do with them?" The silence told him the answer he knew already, without waiting to hear a reply his large hand crawls across Ichigo's stomach. "What makes the blood sweeter?" His hand gathers up the fabric of her lacy white skirt. "We make them come..." With a chuckle he whispers in Ichigo's ear grinding his hips to her bottom. "over and over, then we drink them until they faint."

"Disgusting." Ulquiorra notices Ichigo's eyes tilt to the ground. "She knew..." He steps toward the door moving his eyes away from her.

"U-Ulquiorra, I'm sorry." Ichigo's shoulders go limp as he vanishes out the door. "He will hate me now."

He walks into the next room escaping the sounds of clothes ripping and Ichigo's angry voice. No one will come to her rescue, no one will even care if Grimmjow breaks the contract and takes her by force. She is only as valuable as the blood in her veins. Locking the bathroom door he leans his back against the wall pressing a hand to his forehead. "What am I doing? This is the world I live in. I have to accept it and adapt. There is no meaning..." He licks his lips and freezes in place. The drop of Ichigo's blood on his tongue is like fire in his mouth. "Blood must have splashed on my mouth when she pulled away from Grimmjow."

"Gah!" The reaction in his body is white hot. Sliding down the wall he tries to block out the sounds of her fighting, those faint murmurers as she clings to the remnants of a life she is sacrificing for a woman in a coma who can never wake. He senses her heart rate increasing faster and faster, the blood from her body surges a path through his veins to his heart. His terrible curse... his eyes that see so many painful things force him to recall the sight of Grimmjow's hands touching Ichigo's body. Then the image of her warm smile, next her arm curling around his.

"Young one..." Kyoraku puts his straw hat on covering his pale face. "the difference between love and hate is this: Relief comes from here..." He puts his hand on Ulquiorra's chest near his heart. "when you are together. And when her hand slips from your grasp, being apart is unthinkable."

"I don't dislike her at all. The things I thought I hated... are the things I..." So this is what the older vampire meant from the hospital. "I am empty without her."

"Grimmjow stop it! You are hurting me goddam it!" Ichigo's panicked voice echoes through the wall causing Ulquiorra's eyes to pop open.

"It hurts." It's painful and heavy. The emotion welling up in him is unbearable. "I don't like it." Pain in his mouth intensifies as he feels his teeth growing into two distinct points. The sounds of their fighting grows quiet and Ulquiorra's blood begins to churn. "She should be with me." He pulls himself up from the floor, his chest gasping for stale air. "Ichigo." Walking into the hallway he doesn't notice the door is now busted. His thoughts are jumbled in a dark place where he needs to see her, to see the sun. "I am to protect her until... I want to always protect her." Yanking the door to Ichigo's room off the hinges he snatches her away from Grimmjow.

"The fuck are you doing?" Grimmjow takes in Ulquiorra's changed eyes and two sharp fangs. "Your eyes are black."

"I... am... taking her from you." He takes her hand in his for the first time. "Permanently." When her fingers tighten around his the pain in his chest vanishes.

"Is that right?"

"Yes." Ulquiorra moves to lead her away when Ichigo steps toward Grimmjow with a furious expression.

"Asshole!" Ichigo punches Grimmjow in the face with all her might. "Don't ever touch me again!"

"Tch." He frowns as they walk away. Grimmjow's frown turns into a wide grin as his cell phone slides open with a chirp. "The fourth blade has awakened." He lifts up the crumpled door with his free hand trying to put it back in place. "If he had waited much longer I might have had a real dilemma. That damphyr is hot."

"Excellent news, only three more are left to stir."

"Tch, Stark will be last. That guy has been asleep since the invention of the telephone. And I'm not even sure Kuchiki has a sex drive." He walks down the hallway nodding at Matsumoto-chan in her nurses uniform. "Oh baby, you make me wanna break a leg or something." Giving her his best wink and smile he nods toward the linen closet.

"I assure you he does. I am more concerned about number three."

"Neliel? She will pop out of that form when she is ready." Shutting the door his grow wide as Matsumoto bends over seductively so he can see up her short skirt. "Ooooh."

"That's the problem... what type of man will break her seal?"

"Some do-gooder type with spiky hair and slight masochistic side. That's one nice... oh god..." Grimmjow's mouth drops open when she sits on a pile of blankets giving him the come hither with her fingertip. "I gotta go Unohana-san. I have some... inventory to break while I screw My Fountain Maiden."


Ulquiorra takes her to the only place that has nothing to do with her. He knows deep down that if Grimmjow really had a problem with him claiming Ichigo, they would have had a fight. A fight Ulquiorra would win even if it kills him. He ushers her inside his spaciously empty apartment, flips the light on then immediately dims them from the painful glare on his eyes.

"Are you alright? Your hair is longer." She glances at him out of the corner of her eye taking in the black sclera and strange yellow green irises. "The lights hurt your eyes now?"

"I am... changing into an adult vampire." He drops to the cold floor with her body in his arms. "Ichigo you should go."

"Like hell I am." Ichigo presses a hand to his forehead feeling his temperature. "You're burning up!"

"It's my fangs." He pants staring at her neck and the veins under her skin. "Get away from me. I'm dangerous to you right now."

"No way. You helped me and I'm going to help you." She struggles to lift him from the floor. "Come on! We have to get your temperature down or your brain will fry and you will go into a vampire coma." Dragging him into the bathroom she turns on the shower and sets him on a wooden bench in the center so the cool water can spray on him. "Take off your jacket and shirt." Watching his eyes grow heavy she panics and kneels down on the blue tiled floor to help him. The cold water hitting her back and neck make a chill run up her spine. "Ulquiorra stay awake!" Her hands shake as she peels off his soaked jacket. "I won't let what happened to Mom happen to him! Not Ulquiorra I need him, I have loved him since I first set eyes on him ten years ago..."


"Who is that Grimmjow?"

"My little brother Ulquiorra."

"He looks like he needs a friend." Ichigo walks over to the him despite her wariness of her new surroundings and raises a hand up to wave at him. "Hi."

Ulquiorra looks around to make sure the girl with two long carrot colored braids down her back is actually speaking to him. Humans never speak to him without shaking in their shoes from his appearance. The tiny tan girl seems at odds with everything and everyone else in the room. A quick glance to his father tells him he show make an effort, he reluctantly nods his head at the child.

"Wanna be my friend?"

"..." Ulquiorra hears Grimmjow laughing his ass off. This girl is short and smells like strawberry lip gloss. Friendship? Is this one of Grimmjow's practical jokes?

"Oh! I know!" Glaring at Grimmjow from over her shoulder she motions Ulquiorra to lean down. "Grimmjow said I can't have anything from my family, but I snuck this in my bag when he wasn't looking." She produces a tiny key chain from her plastic purse. "If I give it to you, I'm not breaking my promise." Lifting up the small daisy shaped flower, she hold it up to her mouth whispering something before handing it to him. "Whatever you do... don't pick off the petals ok?"

He is curious now. Not that the expects the small creatures logic to matter he can't help but ask. "Why not?"

"Cause daisies are stolen fairy wands duh~!" She mutters looking around to check if anyone saw her treasure. "If you pull off the petals your wish won't come true."

"I see." Ulquiorra knows this worn metal key chain has no magic but the little girls face is so warm and trusting he can't help overlook her ignorance. "Are you certain you want to give this to me?"

"Yeah, I'm positive." Ichigo closes both eyes with a wide smile. "This mean we can be best friends now!"

"I'll be damned. He is actually talkin to that walking ray of sunshine." Grimmjow and his father watch Ichigo talking to Ulquiorra. The two men exchange a knowing glance."What ya think Pop's?"

"Masaki trusted us with her. She is a dormant damphyr, an a purty lil thing." Ichimaru's thin smile grows wider taking in his son talking to his future bride. "Ulquiorra's gonna have fun wit her. If we could only get his lil heart to have an interest. It might beat just once for him."

"I got an idea." Grimmjow nods his head at his father. "Nothing makes a guy more pissed than to have his brother steal his girl. I'm gonna enjoy fucking with him until he snaps."

"Oooh, sounds like fun. Let's put him in charge of protecting her, and let time wrap him around her little tan finger."

End Flashback;

Tossing the coat to the floor her fingers move to the opaque round buttons of his drenched shirt. She fumbles with the first two getting more and more irritated. "Stupid buttons!" She yanks at the shirt popping the buttons off. They click to the floor, the sound lost in the rapid sound of the water streaming down Ichigo's back as she kneels in front of Ulquiorra. "Hope the shirt wasn't import-" Her eyes flick up to glinting of metal hanging around his neck in disbelief. "My wishing daisy?" Her hand touches the key chain made into a necklace with a small silver chain. "You kept it all these years?"

"You asked me to keep your wish safe." Ulquiorra's right hand reaches up tugging her hair lose from the plastic clip to bring it to his nose. She smells so good, her body heat is like a lighthouse calling to him on a stormy night. His throat begins to burn the closer she scoots between his legs. "Do you have any clue what you do to me?" It's so close... one touch away. That blood flowing inside her body would feel so warm and taste so delicious sliding down his throat. "You always have that fragrance on you. It distracts me." The gentle hands lightly touching his chest are blazing with heat. "So scents many on one... tempting body." His head tilts forward, the long strands of black hair falling over his face hide the black and green eyes focused on her neck. "What is the perfume called?"

"V-Viva La Juicy." She mutters as his head tilts toward the crook of her neck. Ichigo can't breathe. He is near enough to hold, to caress, to kiss, but will he want to? On reflex her hand covers his forehead to check his temperature. "Too hot." How much of this is the fever? How much is the real Ulquiorra?

"I don't care." Ulquiorra glimpses her hardened nipples through the thin material of her blouse. The small amount of control still remaining begins to fray. "It's painful, Ichigo. I-I want to lock you away from the world and feast on you forever."

"You love me. Don't you?" Ichigo slides her hands up touching his pale cheeks. "Don't keep it inside."

"I want to let it go." The rope holding him back from dropping into a sea of crimson sways his body. Lurching forward he knocks her to the wet tile floor of the shower, hands wrapping around her wrists holding her prisoner underneath his bare torso. "I can't hold onto you without hurting you." He growls biting at his lower lip drawing blood. "But I want you just the same."

"Drink me." She turns her head exposing her neck to him. "My blood will calm your fever." His grip on her wrists tightens, she clenches her jaw to keep from wincing in pain. The last thing she wants is for him to know his touch hurts. "I will be your Fountain Maiden."

"Mine..." Ulquiorra practically moans the word into her neck parting his lips to hover his fangs above her damp skin. His mind faintly registers the strange emotions her words provoke in him. Have her words always held him so tightly? Forcing his eyes to her face he stares at her pink lips, wet from the cold water sprinkling over both of them. A new sensation streaks through him lightening fast, his body hungers for her skin, craves her touch, longs for her gaze, needs her love... demands her passion for only him. He wants it all.

The groan in his throat thunders in the small shower echoing his lust off the pristine glass walls around them. Choices are always so clear to Ulquiorra. He could always see the proper path that would lead him to his goal. However, the woman with rosy cheeks and sparkling amber eyes below him presents a major flaw in his logic. He definitely wants her, he needs to feed on her soon or he will lose consciousness, but something keeps him from sinking into her. "What happens if I make you my Fountain Maiden?" That's what keeps him from moving. "You will slowly fade away while I thrive."

"I can still be near you for many years, and I-"

"It's not enough. Didn't you hear me when I said I want you for myself?" His mouth closes over hers, his head tilting over her with eagerness. Ulquiorra finds her lips so much softer than he expected. The moistness of her lower lip from the water spraying over them beckons him to draw it inside his mouth to suck on. He lifts her up from the wet tile, his hands travel her body tugging off the navy blue blouse with one hand soon. "I require everything from you that you have to offer." He doesn't know when he became so greedy. Perhaps when he tasted her sweet lips for the first time.

Ichigo understands his meaning perfectly. She leans toward him slipping her feet out of her drenched shoes. Laying her head on his shoulder struggling to gather her courage she takes a deep breath. The life of a Fountain Maiden is one of isolation and passionless service. Never once has she thought this would happen for her. Feeling his hands lift from her body she looks up at him with a curious glance. "Something wrong?"

"Tell me now if you do not want to do this. I am not the type to force my desires on a woman." His fingertip slides down her nose to her lips.

"I want to." Ichigo answers with a smile as his green eyes flick to her mouth. "I have only wanted you." Her hands move down his chest to his waist unbuttoning his black slacks. Ulquiorra's fingertips move quickly sliding the white skirt from her hips. There is no time to be shy or embarrassed. Not with knowing him for so long and the need for him to feed on her. Soon they are both naked and she feels his hand sliding up one of her bare legs nudging them to part.

"My gaze has never left you." It's unbelievable touching her warm skin. What's even more incredible to Ulquiorra is he is suddenly edging his hips between her opening thighs, holding her down, kissing her harder so she can appreciate the price of making him lose his control.

She kisses him back finding his tongue flicking across hers wet and slippery. The pleasurable sensations come at her in waves of heat. His body drifting above her, their hips connecting, the water making their skin slide against each other make her shiver in need. Her hands move around his shoulders, through his black hair, and down his neck returning to his shoulders.

Ulquiorra's head tilts up breaking the kiss from her fingertips tracing down his spine. Glancing at her apple size breasts his mouth waters for her skin. Wrapping his lips around a tiny nipple, her sigh is like a birds cry. He could suck on her breasts forever. The newborn fangs rub her taut nipple giving him a sharp jolt of pleasure. Moving to her other breast Ichigo's sounds become longer moans. Vowing to not taste her until after he claims her body as his, he shuts his eyes briefly to gather up enough control to be careful.

Ichigo moans again, her arms are outstretched to him, her hands searching out for new places to caress. She feels him... soft skin under the pad of her fingertips, on her tongue as his mouth covers hers, his manhood pressing at her thigh. Traveling lower her hands palm his bottom gently squeezing him, savoring the feeling.

Her teasing urges him forward. Sliding his aching erection up to her entrance he stops to look at her for a moment. Ichigo's flushing face hasn't a hint of fear, just that gentle warm trusting expression that makes her seem like a dream. He pushes his length inside her with ease slowing as he stretches her untouched body. The gasp from her makes him grow still halfway in. His eyes clamp shut from the warmth of her passage sinking into him. He wants to go easy on her, but the beating of her heart and the moisture of her sex is making his priorities change.

"Ah!" Ichigo gasps once more this time from him plunging deeper inside. He feels hard, but smooth, gentle, but white hot as he pulls from her tight body then returns with a mild thrust. She can smell the faint scent of his aftershave mixing with her own sweet fragrance. The twinge of pain is brief and easier than she expected. She begins to relax more and the pain is forgotten the second his chest presses to hers. Her hips start to rock meeting his slow pace.

It's hard to be gentle, but he enjoys being inside her and the sounds coming from her. Ulquiorra can feel her body quivering around his length. By the sounds of her moans and the trembling of her hips he knows she is close. He speeds up determined to give her back some of the pleasure he feels. Each time he slides out of her warmth the cool air hits his cock giving him a twinge of delirium. Returning to her snug heat is exquisite, he can't help but groan into her ear.

His breath tickles, but his words make her body tighten. "I-I love you too."

Suddenly she clamps down on him, her hips stop their rhythm. He can't stop himself, his body is pleading and her sweetness is drawing his climax from his shaft. "I-Ichigo." He can't stop himself as he empty his seed into her, his teeth sink into the soft flesh of her neck. The rush of blood is like honey down his throat.

"AH!" She screams taken off guard by the mixture of pleasure and pain. Ichigo can feel his strong lips on her neck as he sucks the blood from her body. With shaking hands she clings to his shoulders trying to push away the pain. Her body turns hot like she is roasting under her skin, her heart beat slows down, and her fingers dug into Ulquiorra's skin. Something isn't right. It's starting to burn... a horribly painful burning through her body. Opening her eyes she stares at her reflection in the glass walls of the shower room. Blinking to make sure the sight staring back at her is what she is really seeing, she taps Ulquiorra on the shoulder. "Ulquiorra something is wrong with me." Her voice comes out rough and airy.

He immediately detaches from her neck. "Ichigo..." Feeling her heartbeat slowing even more he looks at her in disbelief. His hands cupping her cheeks watch as tears fall down her face in thick ribbons. "You are... a damphyr?"

"Y-Yeah, I thought you knew?" Her breath becomes shallow the tingling feeling in her fingertips make her arms fall to the wet shower floor. "Am I dying?"

"No. You are awakening to your vampire side." He pulls out of her body with a silent groan. Lifting her up from the floor he wraps a towel around her shivering body and carries her into his bedroom. Laying her on his bed he shuts off the bedroom lights and climbs in next to her. "Your mother is a vampire?"

"Yeah. She fell into a comma after my human father died." She is suddenly yanked up from her side to face him. "Eeek! What's going on!"

"I see." Taking her chin in his hand he nudges her mouth to the crook of his neck. "My life will end when yours does. Your life will end when mine does. Drink me and we live together... forever."

Ichigo didn't need to be told anything other than that last word...

Ok! Here it is! Take a big breath... Hope you liked it!