I own nothing. New story. Will be sex in the future. Also some slash thrown in there. Enjoy!

"Logan," Carlos said jumping on my bed, "Hurry up! I want to meet the new girl!"

"Okay," I said pushing him off my bed, "Let me get dressed."

"Hurry," he said before leaving my room.

I shook my head and tugged off the shirt I fell asleep in. Carlos was excited to have another person signed to Rocque Records that he hadn't really slept last night. For me I just hoped that she wasn't as stuck up as most of the girls here. I mean, they are cute, but total bitches.

"Logan," Carlos yelled just as I pulled some pants on.

"Almost done," I said calmly.

Carlos seemed way too excited about this new girl. Maybe he knew something we didn't. No, Carlos hates keeping secrets. He told us everything about him, even things we never wanted to know. With a shrug I put on my shoes just as the door flew open.

"You've had enough time," Carlos said as he and Kendall lifted me up.

"I need my shoes," I said watching them fall from my feet.

"Got them," James said picking them up.

"Fine," I said relaxing knowing they weren't going to let me done.

As they carried me to the studio I began to think about the new girl myself. I wondered how she was going to read to us. It wasn't hard to figure out that we were a little out of the box in the way that we acted. I just hoped that she wasn't bothered by that.

"Logan!" James yelled pinching my leg.

"Ow," I said jumping, "What was that for?"

"We called you few times," Kendall said shrugging, "What were you thinking about?"

"The new girl," I said calmly.

"No more thinking," Carlos said throwing my shoes at me, "They'll be here soon."

"Too late," Gustavo yelled throwing the door open, "We're here now."

"Hey guys," Kelly said waving, "This is Maxine."

A girl stepped out from behind Kelly and gave us a shy smile. Her hair was a mix of black, dark blue, and blood red with the length slightly longer then her shoulders and bangs falling over her left eyes. Her eyes were covered by a pair of black and silver rimmed rectangular glasses.

Behind the glasses were two silvery pools showing just how nervous she really was. Her eyes were truly a sight. A lip ring placed on her bottom lip on the right side was between her teeth showing her perfectly sculptured, pearly white teeth.

Pale skin peaked out from under the sea foam green and black corset top. The top wasn't too tight, so it didn't look like she was being squeezed out of it. A pure black skirt paired with silver chains that dripped from her thin hips.

A pair of sea foam green Converse shoes with white shoelaces adorned her feet. The shoes had random words sprawled on them in a silver marker. Black and silver socks ran all the way up her pale legs to her knee. A blood red choker with a small silver star hanging on the dip between her collar bones.

She was a very skinny person, but she didn't look sickly like most girls. I would have to guess that she was that skinny naturally. Her height was about an inch or two shorter than myself. To me she seemed like she was perfect for her size. Even her breasts, which would have to be at least a b-cup looked beautiful.

"Maxine this is Big Time Rush," Kelly said pointing to us, "Kendall Knight, James Diamond, Carlos Garcia, and Logan Mitchell."

"Hello," Maxine said her voice sounding like she wasn't from America.

"Hey," Kendall said waving, "Where are you from?"

"Australia," she said smiling.

"Cool," Carlos said grinning, "What's it like there?"

"It's fun," she said happily, "The beaches are wonderful, but I personally love the music nights that my school held."

"What's a music night?" James asked curiously.

"All the people in a specific grade would go to the beach and play music that they wrote themselves," she said lovingly, "That's where Gustavo found me."

"Enough talking," Gustavo said firmly, "You guys will show her around and tell her the rules. Tomorrow all of you will be in here for practice. Now leave."

"Bye," Kendall said with a smirk, "Come on Maxine, we have to stop at our apartment first."

"Okay," she said nodding, "While we're there can you show me where my apartment is? All my stuff should be there and I want to take pictures before we go."

"That's cool," James said nodding, "Maybe you can take some head shots for me."

"Sure," she said confused, "Uhh…Logan, are you alright?"

"Y-Yeah," I said trying not to stutter.

"Okay," she said smiling again, "Let's go."

"Wait," Kendall said smirking, "I need to show Logan something."

"Yeah," James said cocking an eyebrow, "We'll meet you at the apartment."

"Yup," Kendall said grabbing my arm and pulling me away, "Okay spill, what's up?"

"I like Maxine," I said slowly.

"Tell me something I don't know," he said calmly, "Now, what are you going to do about it?"

"Nothing," I said shaking my head.

"Oh come on," he said throwing his hands up, "You were eye fucking her. You need to tell her you like her before it's too late and someone else goes after her. Anyway, she was eyeing you the same way."

"Are you sure?" I asked shyly.

"Yes," he said firmly, "Now we're going up there and when you two are alone you need to tell her about this."

"And if I don't?" I said crossing my arms, "What are you going to do then?"

"I'm going to tell her myself," he said laughing, "And I might throw in that I heard you yell her name while jacking off."

"You wouldn't," I said my eyes wide.

"I guess you'll have to find out," he said wrapping an arm around my shoulder, "Now come on. We have to go meet up with them."

"Yeah," I said softly.