"How long have you been awake Logan?" Max said looking at me sleepily.

"A few minutes," I said kissing her gently.

"Oh," she said yawning softly, "What time is it?"

"Almost ten," I said calmly.

"Wow," she said standing up.

I stared at Max as she wrapped a sheet around her naked body and smiled shyly. I stood up and walked so I was in front of her. I pushed the sheet away from her body until she let it fall.

When it was on the ground I smiled happily and pulled her into a hug. It was wonderful having her skin touching mine. It was so soft and smooth. I loved being this close to her.

Having her like this made me think that we were one person. We were just meant to be together and I knew that she felt the same way that I felt. That was the part that made me the happiest.

We stood there hugging for awhile before Max pulled away once more and smiled happily. I kissed her once more and let her go reluctantly. Once she was away from me she went to her dresser.

I laughed and went over to her. She smiled happily before pulling out a bra and panties. Smirking I went to her closet and pulled out what I thought she should wear today.

"What are you doing?" Max asked when she had her bra and panties on.

"Helping you get dressed," I said handing her a white tank top.

"Okay," she said pulling it on.

Once the tank top was on I handed her green cameo kaki pants. She slipped them on and offered a hand to the black fishnet jacket I had. Then she got hot pink converse shoes and put them on.

I laughed knowing that she did that just for the hell of it. She loved having at least one bright pop of color. Max spun around and posed for me a few times before going to the bathroom and brushing her teeth.

"You need to get dressed," Max said coming back to me.

"Let me throw clothes on," I said pulling the clothes from yesterday on.

"Come on," she said grabbing my hand.

"Why so excited?" I asked confused.

"I'm going to dress you," she said smiling.

"Should I be scared?" I asked laughing.

"Always," she said opening the door.

We laughed as Max pulled me into my room and went to my closet. No one seemed to be home which was a little weird, but I thought little of it. Turning around I saw Max had thrown my clothes all over the room.

"Max," I said laughing loudly.

"You're closet sucks," Max said shrugging.

"Sorry," I said smiling.

"Here," she said handing me clothes, "You're going to look amazing!"

"Okay," I said stripping and pulling on the clothes she had decided to put me in.

A red and black stripped shirt matched with dark wash jeans and a black sports coat. Max seemed pleased with herself once was fully dressed and she hugged me tightly to her body.

"Brushing my teeth," I said kissing her quickly.

"Okay," Max said nodding.

I went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth quickly. Everything seemed to be falling together quite well. Max and I were together and everyone else seemed to be happy too.

I had no clue what I was going to do in the future, and right now I could care less. For awhile I thought that I would only ever need the guys, but now I had Max. I never would need another person.

When I was around Max I felt loved and wanted. That was the best feeling that I had ever had. Nothing was going to make me leave her. I guess I was happy just being with her.

The guys all liked her and she liked the guys. No matter where our lives took us we would be together. That's what I loved the best about her. She wasn't trying to change things.

Everything just fell right together. Of course things were going to change some, but that couldn't be helped. If things didn't change then this wouldn't work as well as it as working.

"Logan," Max said softly, "Last night."

"What about it?" I asked slowly.

"I'm not," she said sighing, "On the pill."

"Okay," I said nodding.

"What if I get pregnant?" she asked fearfully.

"Then we do what we think is right," I said hugging her, "I'm not leaving you Max. This is something that we're going to have to figure out together."

"Yeah," she said burying her head in my shoulder, "I was hoping you were going to say that."

"I'm glad I said it," I whispered into her ear, "Come on. Let's go watch a movie."

"Okay," she said smiling, "What do you want to watch?"

"The Number 23?" I asked picking up the movie.

"I love that movie," she said sitting on the couch.

"Me too," I said putting the DVD in, "I'll get some water for us."

"Thank you," she said smiling.

I went into the kitchen and got us water before realizing I wasn't scared anymore. If Max was going to be pregnant I knew that everything would be fine. All the fear that I felt and left me once I saw her.

Max was the only girt that I ever loved and that was never going to change. I was going to love Max for a long time. I was one of the lucky ones. I found the person that I was meant to be with early.

I didn't have to look for anyone else and I didn't want to look for anyone. Max was the only girl that I would ever want. She was the person that I was going to be with for my life.

"I love you Max," I said sitting next to her.

"I love you too," Max said happily.