Entry for "Forbidden Lemon" Contest

Title:- Be My Master - Head Master?

Pen name(s):- rbsschess

Central Characters:- Edward & Bella

Disclaimer:- I do not own Twilight or any of its characters - Stephanie Meyers does.


Normally the school was my sanctuary. But since Tanya had taken the kids and gone to her mother's this weekend, home would actually be my sanctuary for the next 3 days. I guess I should give up a little background about myself. I am Edward Cullen, the Head Master of Forks Christian Academy. I am 35 years old and have a PhD in Education as well as 3 kids and a wife. A wife I can't stand and only married because she was pregnant, that was 12 years ago. I have tried to leave her twice and both it was as if she sensed it because she would become pregnant before I could do it. We were at that point again and I had learned my lesson, we haven't had sex in over 6 months and not because she wasn't trying. She was desperately, but what had worked before for her wasn't this time - I refused to drink alcohol at all until I had told her. I was ready to head home just one quick stop at my office and I was out of here.

"Head Master Cullen" I heard Mrs. Cope call to me.


"I am sorry but Dr. Banner sent Ms. Swan to the see you. I believe he said a dress code violation but her uniform looked fine to me. She is waiting in your office."

"Thank you Mrs. Cope." I took a deep breath. Isabella Swan was both the heaven and hell of this job. She was lovely and extremely intelligent but she had a body that was built for sin and was clueless about it. I pushed open my door to find my office empty but the window wide open.

"Are you sure she was in here the office is empty?" I asked Mrs. Cope.

"Oh dear. She was in there for a while sir. She must have gotten tired of waiting. I will make a note for you to speak to her on Tuesday."

"Thank you Mrs. Cope and have a nice Memorial Day weekend."

As I drove home I thought about Isabella Swan. She was the only child of one of my very good friends. She had even babysat for my kids before and while she had never done anything inappropriate I had caught her looking at me several times and I knew she liked what she saw. I just thanked god she never seen the hard-on's I constantly sported around her, like I said built for sin. But at 18 she was almost 17 years younger than me. If I was 15 years younger I would be all over that as the saying goes but rumor had it she was a virgin. She dated - a lot but I had heard all the locker room talk of how no one was able to get anywhere with her and I had to admit for some reason I was pleased by that fact. I did not want to have to hear the kind of things about her I had heard to many times about her friends. In most ways she was exactly what I had been looking for when I was in college and instead because of one drunken mistake I got a bitch of a wife who loved nothing more than trying to keep me under her thumb. The only good thing to come out of this marriage had been the kids and with the new information I had acquired about her there was no way a judge would let her take them from me. That was always her threat to get me to stay - taking the kids. I wasn't sure she even liked them so I knew she only said it to be a bitch and keep me with her - not for long now.

I pulled into the garage and entered the house. Everything was quiet and in place but something seemed off. As I approached my home office I noticed an envelope taped to the closed door addressed to Head Master Cullen. It read:

Head Master Cullen:

Dr. Banner sent me to wait in your office and I am, just not your office at school.

I have a confession to make and something I hope you can help me with.

The confession - I like you - a lot - and not in just a friendly way. I have feelings when I am around you that no other male has ever brought out in me. With the end of school less than two weeks away I decided to act on them, now or never as they say.

Now for the help- I am a virgin because I have always wanted it to be you I shared that with. Let me say I am not trying to destroy your marriage and this can be a one time thing if you like and I will never bother you again, if that is what you want. Either way I won't speak of this to anyone, not even Rose & Alice.

If you just want me to leave then knock on the door and say, "Bella I think it would be best if you left" and then give me ten minutes before you come in and I will be gone.

If you want this as much as I do then knock on the door and say, "Isabella I am coming in" then open the door and do not be shocked by what you see. There will be another note to explain things to you.

Make your choice,

Ms. Swan

Holy shit!!! Is this really happening? I should tell her to leave. This has disaster written all over it. I move to the door and raise my hand to knock to tell her to leave and then my other brain starts to take over, the one that says - you know you want this, she is 18 and won't talk, you know she won't talk and I want her bad! I knock and tell her I am coming in.

As the door opens I hear her groan and Holy Fuck I almost jizz in my pants. I have to get myself under control - I haven't had these kinds of issues since I was 14. The lighting is low and she has cleared off my desk. She is bent over it completely naked with her ankles handcuffed to the front desk legs and she is wearing fuck me heels, her ass is sticking in the air and it looks like her pussy just has a landing strip of hair. Fuckkkkkkkkkkk - I have got to get into that!! There is a note on the small of her back, I pick it up but don't open it yet. I have got to see the rest of her. As I go to walk around her I notice that the inside of her thighs look wet. I run one finger up her thigh and she moans again, I taste it and fuck she tastes good and has to be turned on to have it running down her thighs before I even enter the room. I walk around to the other side of the desk and her arms appear to be tied to the back desk legs by bungee ropes that have places to hold her hands. I sit in my chair and for the first time look at her face. She has her head on the desk; she has gagged herself and has her eyes closed. She is breathing deeply through her nose and appears to be waiting. I open the note:


I have to say I am glad this is the option you chose. I would like to say that after we are done I would like to sit down and have a discussion with you about all of this but for now I just need to tell you that I want this - badly.

I have laid out a few toys you can use if you would like - they are all things I have used before. Yes I am a virgin in the technical sense that I have never been with a man. But I have needs and I learned awhile ago how to satisfy those needs - feel free to use any of the toys on me. I am comfortable doing anything, including oral and anal sex. If at any time you do something I am uncomfortable with I will snap my fingers since I obviously can't talk. All I ask is that you occasionally check to make sure I am not too tired - this is my first time after all and besides that have fun with me.



Damn!! I almost pinch myself to make sure this isn't a dream but my erection lets me know this is very real. I look at the toys she is talking about - lube, what looks like a riding crop and 2 vibrators one of which is a double. Fuck I am in so much trouble - this is a fantasy come true.

"Isabella look at me. Are you sure this is what you want?"

She raises her head as much as she can, looks me in the eye and shakes her head yes before she lowers her eyes. I stand up and take off my shirt. Then I remove the gag from her mouth. "For I what I have planned first you are going to need your mouth free Isabella." She moves her head up but keeps her eyes down as I remove my belt and start to unzip my pants. As I lower my pants and boxers her eyes go wide as she sees my cock for the first time. She moans and I could swear she says damn. I chuckle, "Open up for me Isabella I am going to fuck that pretty mouth of yours and you will swallow everything I give you, understood?"

"Yes Sir. It will be an honor to have your cock."

Fuck, this girl will be the death of me but what a way to go. I slowly slide my cock into her mouth and damn it feels good. I can tell she is about to gag so I rub her back, "Relax Isabella, breath through your nose and relax your throat muscles as much as you can. I will go slowly to start." I start to move in and out of her hot mouth.

"Use your tongue as much as you can and your teeth every once in awhile but not to hard." I feel her start to relax more so I can go back further and she starts to suck harder. "Fuck Isabella that feels so good. You like my cock don't you?" When she doesn't answer I spank her ass. You will answer when I ask a question. Now you like my cock, don't you?" She moans and relaxes even more.

"I am going to go faster so get ready." I put my hands on her hips and start pulling her forward as I thrust. Now she is taking all of me in and fucking hell no one has ever been able to do that. I have a big cock and I can feel it slipping down her throat when suddenly she swallows. "Mother fucker!! Isabella I'm cumming - swallow everything I give you. God that feels soooo good. Shit - keep swallowing." I have never cum that hard in my life and I lay my head on her back.

As I rub her ass she whimpers so I swipe a finger through her folds and she is sopping. "Well, well what do we have here? I think sweet innocent Isabella is a closet whore. She loves sucking cock doesn't she?"

"Just yours, Sir. It is the only one I want."

"Have you thought about my cock a lot?"

She groans, "Yes sir, for years and it is even better than I thought. So thick and long, I want it."

"I am going to give it to you several times before I set you free but first, are you still OK in your bindings?"

"Yes sir."

"Good. Now I am going to see if your pussy tastes as good as it looks." She moans and pushes her ass out again. I move around behind her. "Now I am going to have my dinner and I want to hear how much you enjoy it but you are not to cum until I say it is ok. Understand." Then I pull her head back by her hair to make my point.

"Yes sir, I understand."

I take my fingers, spread her folds and plunge my tongue in as far as I can. Shit she is tight and tastes like heaven. My face is buried so far in her pussy that my nose is rubbing her clit. I start swirling my tongue and she is bucking off the desk screaming.

"Please let me cum sir I can't hold it. I need to cum. So gooooood. Please Master Cullen, I NEED TO CUM." she yells.

"Fucking cum Isabella." I tell her and go back to eating her pussy. She cums so hard I can't keep up and it runs all over my chin and down my chest. As if I wasn't hard before her cumming like that has me hard enough to cut glass. I stand up, "God you taste good. Are you on birth control?" She shakes her head yes and is still trembling from her orgasm.

"Then get ready because I am going to fuck your pussy raw." With that I slam into her and have to stop immediately to gain control. Goddamn, she is hot, wet and tight. I can feel her pussy muscles quivering. "So tell me Isabella, do you do Kegel exercises?" I instantly feel her pussy clamp down on my cock. I pick up the riding crop and swat her ass. "Stop that and answer me."

"I thought I was answering you sir."

I swat her 2 more times very hard. She whimpers, "Sorry Sir. Yes I do the exercises. I wasn't squeezing as hard as I can." Fuck I bet she could make me cum without even moving.

"Are you ready?" She shakes her head yes. I pull almost all the way out and at the same time I thrust back in forcefully I push the vibrator I had lubed in her ass. "Jesus Christ Sir I'm cumming. I am sorry I can't stop. Fuck you feel so good. Fuckkkk Sir." And cum she did, actually she ejaculated and it was running down both of our thighs but god I loved the sucking sound it made as I fucked her.

Skin slapping skin and my balls were soaked. I continued to fuck her pussy while moving the vibrator in and out of her ass. Damn she was a responsive thing. "So close, Isabella cum with me." Then I turned the vibrator on and that was it. I could feel it vibrating on my cock, "Fuck Isabella cum now!" and then we were screaming "Ahhhhhhh!" and I collapsed on her back.

After a few minutes I could control my breathing and I untied her. We sat in my office chair as I rubbed her wrists and ankles to help the soreness go away. "Are you ok Isabella?"

"Yes sir, I am better than ok - just perfect." she said with a smile.

"Good because you came without my permission and for that I am going to have to spank you little girl. Maybe then you will remember to ask before cumming. I think you can take 10 licks with crop. Bend over my knees Isabella."

Once she was bent over I ran the tip of the crop up her pussy and it came away glistening. I licked the juices off, "Mmm, we taste really good together Isabella." Then I brought the crop down on her ass. I gave her the 10 swats but not hard because I wasn't sure what she could take and after each one I ran my fingers through her pussy and she was wetter each time. When we reached 10 she was screaming for me to let her cum.

My cock was once again rock hard, how was that even possible I had never so much in my life and I was ready again - it had to be her.

"You want to cum again Isabella?" She shakes her head yes. "Are you sure you can handle it?" She shakes her head yes again. "Ok then."

I pull her up and seat her so she is facing me on my lap, I lean her back onto the desk. I pull her torso off my lap and slide her ass onto my cock. Her leg muscles are shaking.

"Do not cum Isabella." I slowly start moving her up and down on my cock. She is whimpering shaking her head side to side.

"Do you have any idea how beautiful you are? This is the most beautiful sight I have ever seen and damn you look so fucking good girl taking my cock. And as amazing as your pussy feels this is even better. Touch yourself Isabella. I want to see your fingers in your pussy but you are not to cum, I mean it."

On command she started fingering her pussy and I felt my balls start to tighten. She was a sight to see, her head thrown back, her skin flushed and her fingers in her pussy with her juices running down lubing my cock as it slid in and out of her ass. Damn she was every mans wet dream. Her whole body is starting to shake now and I am so close.

"Cum now Isabella. Cum now." and with one last hard thrust I cum in her ass and damn it feels perfect. Her cum is pouring out of her onto my crotch and balls and she collapses against me.

"I'm sorry sir but I think I am done for a little while."

I chuckle, "You were great Isabella. Let's go get a bath and clean up." I take her up to a guest bedroom and run a bath for both of us. Of course from being so close to her I get another hard on and she surprises me by giving me a blow job as I stand to get out of the tub. Once again when she moves my cock into her throat she swallows and instant orgasm for me. Damn this girl is good where did she learn all this stuff?

I pick her up and lay both of us on the bed. "Sleep Isabella, we will talk when we wake up." And we both drift off to sleep.

When I wake up the sun is just starting to come up. We slept all night? I had no idea what time we lay down but I knew it was late. I look over and Isabella isn't in bed with me. Did she leave? No she wouldn't leave I told her we would talk when we woke up.

Then it hit me, exactly what I had done. I had not only fucked a student, the daughter of a good friend but I had cheated on my wife. I could lose everything. Not just my job but my family and friends, an entire life I had built for myself and my kids. I had not only fucked her but I had essentially lived out several fantasies with her last night. I had fucked her in every way and orifice you could and damn if I didn't feel good about it too.

Yes, last night could cost me everything but I also felt as if I had gained everything too. I needed to talk to her about this before I freaked out. She has said she wouldn't talk to anyone about this and she was nothing if not loyal, so I knew I could trust her. The question now became did I want this again or should I just walk away?

Who was I trying to kid, of course I wanted this again and with her. I had been watching her grow and mature for years and she was stunning, not just her looks but her personality. She was very mature and had held the more adult role in her parental relationship for years. I suppose that is why I didn't feel like a pervert - she didn't act like a teenager.

It was time to go downstairs and face the music. I could smell coffee and bacon the second I hit the stairs. She was in my kitchen in a t-shirt and what looked to be a pair of my boxers and cue the hard on. Ok maybe I was a pervert but in a good way.

"Good morning Bella."

"Good morning Edward. I hope you like omelets, the second one is just finishing. Grab some coffee and sit I will bring the plates right over."

I grabbed my coffee and sat at the island. She brought the plates and instead on sitting next to me stood on the other side of the counter to eat.

"You didn't have to do this."

"Oh, I know but I was hungry and cooking relaxes me. I am sure you have all kinds of questions about yesterday, but I would like to explain myself and my reasons before you ask them. If that is alright with you."

I shook my head at her considering I had a mouth full of food, she is a great cook, and made a motion with my fork for her to continue.

"OK, here goes. I have been watching you for years. At first it was a crush based on your looks but when I reached high school it became much more. As I watched how the boys treated the girls and couples interacted I realized I could never be with someone my own age. I have absolutely no need to party or bed hop or play the mind games that most people my age do. So I knew if I wanted happiness on my terms it would never be with someone my own age. I started watching the college guys and they were even worse if that is possible. It was like they had a point to prove before they went out in the world and settled down - no thank you. Now I am a junior and it is obvious I would need to look for someone who was at least 25 although not to many of them seemed likely candidates. Most want to prove themselves and are very career oriented at this point - a girl is just for a good time but some are starting to look to settle down. So my very bottom age is 25. With that figured out I started looking at particular types of men. From these observations I discovered that it really boils down to a man's perception of women. Money, education, social standing none of that matters if a man feels women are beneath him he will treat them bad regardless of those factors. Are you with me so far?"

"Yes, I understand what you are saying and I have to say I am very surprised Bella. I have always believed that your maturity was beyond your years but I think I am just starting to understand how much." She was amazing and part of me started to wish I could make her mine.

"Thank you. At this point I focused on how men treat the women in their lives and that is what drew me to you. I am not sure you realize how respectful you are to women. It doesn't matter if they are 5, 25, 55 or 85 you treat them all the same, with respect and almost a reverence that I have never seen before. Even your wife, who likes to open her mouth without looking around to see who hears but that, is a different story. From hearing her talk she must treat you like shit in private but that never shows in your public actions. Her actions always seem forced but yours don't. Even though you must want to strangle her sometimes, you would never dream of embarrassing her in public by treating her with anything less than respect. That is the point I realized I would not only need but deserved someone like you in my life. That is also the point that I started comparing every man I come into contact against you, so far none have measured up."

I was shocked at what she was saying, not only the things about Tanya which I would question her about later but how she perceived me. I knew how I was raised to respect women but I never realized how those actions were seen by others. She actually made me feel proud of the way I treated women. "I do understand what you are saying Bella. But how does that translate to what happened here last night?"

"Well, this is where the story gets embarrassing for me but I will be as honest as possible.

Once I knew what I needed to look for and actually started looking, lets just say you can't look at men in that way and not be pretty much perpetually horny. Since I am not in this for the easy fuck I did quite a bit of research on sex in general and especially pleasing myself. I refuse to do all this and end up with someone who doesn't know what he is doing in bed or is unwilling to let me tell him what I want. This research is what led me to look into the BDSM lifestyle. After reading several books and taking several quizzes I found out it is not uncommon for a person, especially women, to be strong in the public world and submissive in the sexual world. That is me, I am a submissive. I am sure of it and while I am not sure I would like a Dom 24/7 I do know that I want one sexually."

I know my mouth was hanging open. "I have never in any way done anything like we did yesterday, so what made you think of me? Do you really think I get off on beating women?" Now I was getting pissed, did I come off as some kind of control freak?

"Just stop and take a breath. I didn't not say you were a control freak or that you got off on beating women. Although you whipped me yesterday and appeared to get off on that. Let me explain. When I looked into this I of course compared what I was learning to you, just as I have done at every stage. When learning about being a submissive I picked information on Dom's also. The type of Dom a person is varies greatly as does the activities that are engaged in. In the reading I did you show quite a few dominant traits and all of the big ones, especially in the areas of respect, control and caring for others. A large part of being a good Dom is being able to read your sub and respecting them. The largest duty of a Dom is taking care of their sub physically, emotionally and challenging them to be their best in and out of the playroom. If you are honest with yourself I think you will realize that this is true and describes you."

"I still do not see how this lead up to yesterday. I understand what you were thinking and I can see what you are saying about me and some of my traits but what made you act on your feelings?"

"Please let me get all of this out before you say anything?" I nodded my head. "You can not be happy in your marriage if what Tanya says is even close to the truth. I am sure you have your reasons for staying with her and I am not asking you to explain them to me. I am just as sure that one of them is not because you love her. I meant it when I said I do not want to break up you marriage and I don't feel that I am. To me a marriage is based on love and I know yours isn't so how can I break it up. Once I resigned myself to that fact it was easy to face the fact that I want you to be my Dom. I know you would be just as new to this as I am but I really think we could teach other a lot and have quite a bit of good sex in the process. I am not asking you to leave your wife and family. I am asking you to lead this alternate lifestyle on the side with me. I understand it would have to be on your terms at least in the beginning and I accept that. I can honestly say I do not love you at this point in time. I also feel it is only fair to tell you that I can see myself falling in love with you very easily."

"Bella, I have no idea what to say. You have to understand that being a cheater is not who I am and I realize how hypocritically it is to say that after yesterday but that is who I am. I wouldn't have any idea..." She cut me off.

"I know, I do. Let me tell you what I propose. This is not a whim for me, this is an informed lifestyle choice. I am a submissive and while I badly want you to be my Dom if that is not in the cards then I will find someone else to be my Dom. It was important to me that you be first because I knew how caring and careful you would be with me. As I said earlier I have done a lot of research. I would like to leave you with some books and papers I printed off to look over. I don't want you to make a decision right now. I would like for you to take the time and consider everything like I have. You may decide that you don't want this at all or maybe we do this and if you still can't leave your marriage I may need to move on but for right now I just want you to think about it. I am not trying to put pressure on you but I have actually picked my two colleges and been accepted at both. One is Washington U. in Seattle and the other is on the east coast, I have to send in the scholarship paperwork by July 4th so I need a decision by then. If you want to try this I will go to Washington and if not I plan on accepting the other one. I am going to leave everything with you to look at and I will see you in school on Tuesday. I will never tell anyone what happened here regardless of what you decide and I won't bring this up again. If you decide you want this then you need to contact me."

She went in my office and came out 10-15 minutes later wearing jeans and carrying her book bag. I still had not moved from my stool so she walked up to me, "I do want to thank you for yesterday and last night. Even if it is all I ever get I want you to know I will remember it forever. You are a good man Edward and you deserve to be happy. I also want to say the age difference doesn't matter to me. I am an old soul and I need another old soul to take care of me properly and you could do that. I see you for who you are Edward." Then she kissed me and walked out of my house.

I spent the rest of the weekend looking over the material Bella had left for me. I could see what she was talking about, I was definitely Dom material. As I remembered everything we did together I knew if I chose to do this I would need for Isabella to be my sub and truth be told the thought of another man touching her royally pissed me off. But how fair would this be to her, I was married, granted I was pretty sure I was finally going to rectify that fact but that could take a while - if at all. How would we do this long distance?

The information Bella gave me answered most of my questions but I went to a club in Seattle to observe and get all of my questions answered. The final question to answer was could I do this to Bella, the age difference was really holding me back. She said it wouldn't bother her but what about when she was 30 and I was almost 50? I didn't think she was looking at the big picture and I'd rather not have her at all then loose her when I became to old.

5 years later

The move had been hard on all of us. I had accepted a position as Head Master of the most prestigious private school in Chicago after much debate with my family. We had just finished moving in to our new house and school was due to start next week. The kids were enjoying the last bit of summer by the pool, the house in Forks had not had a pool so it was a definite selling point for this house. The unfinished attic had been a selling point also, I would have to look over the plans for that space.

I heard the shower running in the en suite bathroom so I went and locked the bedroom door. As I walked into the bathroom I could see her, my wife, through the shower glass door. I stepped in with her and she turned to look at me before she turned back to her shower without saying a word. I ran my hands down her back and groaned because I was instantly hard.

"You pushed me last night and you know it. You deserved to be punished for that stunt." She still didn't say anything. I slapped her ass and she jumped. "Don't you have anything to say for yourself? You know your time of silence is up. Tell me what you want? I need you, will you defy me again?"

"I didn't mean for things to go that far and I am sorry. I never mean to defy you and you know that. As for what I need, I need you inside me. I need to ride your cock until I explode. I need to know that you forgive me and I need you to know that you are the only man I want touching me. I knew better then to engage him but he was saying awful things about you and it pissed me off. I should have just kept my mouth shut and walked away but no I had to say something smart and that is why he grabbed me to stop me from leaving. I am sorry, truly."

"I do forgive you baby. Next time walk away I can defend myself and you won't be allowed to talk to any male, not even subs. Do you understand, Isabella?"

"Yes, Master."

"Now, show me how much you love me kitten."

As she swallowed my cock I couldn't help but think back to the beginning. Bella was true to her word and returned to school on Tuesday as if nothing had happened. Tanya returned on Monday and was a royal bitch rolled up in a petulant child when I would not have sex with her. Those two acts are what made my decision easy and had me calling Bella one week after school let out. She even surprised me in my car with a blow job before I went into the lawyer's office to file for my divorce - thank god for tinted windows and a woman who swallowed everything I gave her.

Tanya drug out the divorce for 2 years but in the end I got everything I wanted. I was free and I had full custody of my kids. Bella and I went public a year after my divorce was final and she had been wearing my collar for 3 years. It was hard and most people in Forks didn't accept us but neither of us cared. We made each other happy and the kids were ok with us, our families were starting to come around especially since the wedding. The move was to start over. Everyone here would know us as a couple, not the Head Master and student we once were.

Her tug on my balls brought me out of my memories. "Fuck little girl I'm so close." She slid me even further in her throat, her nose was jammed into my pubic bone and then she swallowed several times fast and hard. "Fuck Isabellaaaaaaaaaa, yes baby. Damn you suck my cock so goooooodddd." I had to sit on the built in shower bench to recover. I pulled her to me. "Isabella, my wife, so innocent in public and my sexed up slut in the bedroom. I love you so much Bella."

"I love you too Edward, my husband and Master."

They say forbidden fruit always tastes the sweetest and that is true but also if you are willing to risk everything for the forbidden you can also find the greatest rewards.