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Hearing the heavy door click shut behind them, Danni jumped with a start as Randy's phone began to trill incessantly. Momentarily frozen to the spot, unsure whether to hang back and wait until Randy had finished his call or to make her way towards the sound of rising voices alone, Danni chewed at her bottom lip in trepidation.

Catching Randy's eye, Danni was saved from any further agony by his simple hand gesture signalling her to stay put for the moment. Adjusting the strap of her bag across her shoulder, she leant back against the stone wall and shut her eyes, desperate for a last few moments of normality.

Even as a child she had found it incredibly hard to meet new people for the first time. With her parents both working at the top of their game as defence lawyers, Danni had spent a lot of time moving from place to place, accommodating their climb up the coveted career ladder. Inevitably, with their insistence that they worked the hours they did to be able to afford the best things for their children, Danni and her elder sister, Laine, spent a large chunk of their childhood with several au pairs – or nannies as they were referred to in England. Danni loved her parents and their drive; nonetheless she attributed these factors to her general nervousness in the presence of strangers.

Footsteps echoing through the empty corridor alerted Danni to the fact that it was time to open her eyes and pull herself together. Randy, having finished his earlier call, had somehow managed to make his way over beside her without making a sound, playing fully to his viper namesake. Passing a brief smile her way, he jerked his thumb in the direction of the approaching footsteps.

"That'll be Vince now. He had to wait for our other newbie to arrive before he could leave, hence why you got to experience my stunning skills behind the wheel"

"Other newbie?"

"New costume guy, covering Donna while she's on maternity leave. His name is Jake or Jay or something, from New York City and I don't think you'll be his type if you know what I mean honey"

"You mean he'll be in his element with you all tanned, toned and oiled up?"

"Something the two of you will have in common then? Only, it's not my toned body you're all hot under the collar about is it!"

Blushing scarlet, Danni opened her mouth to respond to Randy's gentle teasing when Vince's loud boom filtered down towards them. Lifting her hand in greeting and moving forward, Danni shook the hand of the lithe young man standing to the right of the chairman. Noting the sparkle in his eye and the glorious smile plastered across his handsome face, she could see her fellow newbie was having none of the same reservations about this meet and greet as she was. Releasing his hand so he could be introduced to Randy, Danni couldn't help but smile at the audible whimper that escaped his throat as The Viper took his hand and smiled generously his way.

"Right, I think it's time for my two newest employees to meet the rest of the crew don't you?"

With her whole body beginning to shake, Danni tried her best to look confident as Vince began to lead them all toward the room marked 'Conference' at the end of the hall. Jake, or Jay, she still hadn't ascertained that fact as yet, bounded along ahead between Randy and Vince, talking ten to the dozen about his 'sheer delight' at finally getting the chance to meet some of America's finest, while Danni could feel the colour drain from her face and the wheels begin to fall off her very own confidence train.

On approaching the door, Vince turned to smile gently at her before opening it wide and bringing the room to an instant hush. As she felt herself being moved forward into the den, Danni only had seconds to register Randy's hushed words before the door closed behind them and she found herself facing a sea of familiar faces, faces now scrutinizing the two newest additions to their WWE 'family'.

"Guys and girls, thank you for making time to be here this morning. I know this isn't part of your normal Monday schedule and I appreciate you all are busy today with various tasks. I thought that we'd all take an hour or so this morning to get to know Jack – he'll be covering for Donna while she's off on maternity….and Danni – our new on site Doctor"

Danni could barely breath, raising a weak hand in acknowledgement of the introduction; she tried desperately to locate Randy, to find a familiar face in this huge crowd. Looking across to her left, she noticed Jack had already made his way towards the assembled mob, shaking hands and smiling radiantly at superstar after superstar, no qualms about it.

"Danni, over here"

"Randy, thank God! Am I supposed to just delve in here or…?"

"Relax Dan. Come with me, I'll take you around and introduce you to a few people. Once you've met a couple of us, curiosity will get the better of most of the guys here and they'll come to you. Plus the fact you're a woman…. that'll have them intrigued"


"Yeah, as in…wow, a woman Doctor in the WWE…stuff of male fantasies that Danni"

"A female Doctor? We're not uncommon Randy!"

"Yeah but we don't normally get given such a good excuse to have a good looking woman lay their healing hands on us for free!"

The voice that held a distinctive southern twang had Danni turning around to face the owner, a kind gentle face smiled down at her. Danni was not short by any means, her 5 "8 frame was more than tall enough in ordinary circumstances, but surrounded by such solid towering frames, she was beginning to feel slightly overwhelmed.

"Sorry Ma'am, you'll have to excuse my rudeness, we're not used to minding our manners around here. Not many ladies present. I'm Ted, Ted DiBiase, the better third of Legacy"

Accepting the kiss to her knuckles with what she hoped was some grace, Danni found herself relaxing slightly. Taking a quick glance around the crowded room, she couldn't see the man she'd been hoping to avoid today. Assuming that he would have made himself known by now had he been here, she exhaled a long deep breath and decided to try her level best to integrate herself with the men and women here today despite her nerves.

"Better third my backside DiBiase, you're full of shit! Hey Cena, come introduce yourself to Danni here and bring a few mates with ya"

The next hour seemed to fly by in a whirl of handshakes, kisses and hugs. The 'divas' seemed to be happy to have another female on board, pressing her good naturedly to inflict as much pain on the 'boys' as she could if they got too fresh with her. Danni found she had common ground with a few familiar names and Cena's quick wit and good humour coupled with her English humour and hints at sarcasm meant they sparked off each other well. Danni could see Vince signalling that they were leaving in ten minutes, raising a hand to acknowledge this, she turned back to the crowd that had quickly gathered around her and Jack.

"Guys it looks like thats my cue to go. It's been a pleasure meeting you all, as petrifying as it has been. I'll catch up with you all soon I hope"

Rising from where she was perched on the table, she gathered her bag and turned to Randy with a smile.

"Thank you for today Randy, it's helped to have someone to 'show me off' as it were. I'll catch you on Wednesday for the flight out to Dallas"

"Hang on, me and some of the guys here are off out tonight for a few beers. Do you fancy joining us? Get to know everyone in a more relaxed atmosphere? You too Jack"

"That's a really nice offer but I'm not sure..."

"Oh come on Danni please? I'll stay by your side all night long if you want, we'll be newbie buddies?"

The excitement in Jack's voice was clear for all to hear, his face bursting with pleasure at the thought of spending a night in the company of his idols. Randy stood patiently waiting for an answer, a faint smile playing at his lips.

"Well, maybe just for a little while. But I warn you, I'm not as young as I used to be"

Finding herself promptly being squeezed into a breath taking hug by Jack, Danni didn't see the dark haired young man approach the assembled group, nor did she see the smile he flashed at Randy as he made his way to the hugging pair.

"I'm glad you've agreed to join us this evening, otherwise, how else would I get the chance to get to know our newest crew member?"

Danni turned her face to the sound of the silky male voice, her heart racing as her emerald eyes met with the purest blue of their owner. If the heat flooding through her body at this exact moment was anything to go by, this 'crush' of hers was going to be a bigger problem than she originally thought.