I know that I'm two weeks late on Time Warp. I'm in a little writing stump. I can't seem to get much out at all. I've tried a couple one-shots that didn't work out to get back into the mood, but none worked. Then I had to go through my computer files because there's too many documents, and I found this... and wondered why I didn't publish it.

It's a bit old, but I'm sure it was inspired by the vast number of fanfictions that feature a Snape who just can't seem to get over the fact that Harry isn't James, even after OotP. Occlumency lessons should have at least stopped that presumtion (that he's as spoiled and confident as James).

Something There

He couldn't look into those eyes and see James Potter anymore. When he did, he'd see Lily's son, and he saw somebody with a past as solemn as his own.

A dog, barking at him while his relatives strayed at the sidelines.

Cooking, cleaning, and sleeping in a little cupboard under the stairs.

"You're a wizard, Harry."

And that was what did it. It took all of his strength to keep his charade of hatred, because he just couldn't hate him anymore.

When he looked into his eyes, he'd see Lily, and he'd see himself. He couldn't see the arrogant Marauders that he'd used to see before, and he didn't know how he had seen it.

And he saw the qualities the other teachers talked about. He was meek, loving, compassionate.

And Severus would see the fear in his eyes at the thought of the one person who was family to him being tortured to death. He saw the sorrow and worry and concern and he didn't know how he missed it.

There's something there that wasn't there before.

And from then on it took all his strength to keep himself from feeling sorry for the boy. Snape couldn't like Potter's son.

Lily's son.