Title: Guilty By Association

Author: Tiny Q

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A/N Hello all! This story came to me when I was at my Oma's house and we were watching the news. This clip of the snow storm that hit eastern Canada last year came on and this just popped into my head. Well not really the whole thing, just the beginning, the rest came after I thought about it a bit. Just so you know, when I have something written like: 'Hello' that's the person's thoughts. Spoken words are: "Hello" Kay? Well anyhoo onto the legal crap: Harry Potter was created by J.K. Rowling and I think Warner Brothers own all that wonderful merchandising stuff. The idea for the investigation bureau came from the TV show Angel, but I don't know who owns that one(probably the WB) either way it's not me. Only thing that is mine is the plot, and it's not even that original. Oh well. I hope you enjoy it!

Guilty By Association

Chapter 1

The Snow

Ginny Weasley stood on Fairway Drive looking angrily at the building before her. It was the day after Christmas and time to return to work. There was no one on the streets since it was seven in the morning and all the die-hard Boxing Day shoppers were at the malls. The snow had fallen in unusually large amounts this holiday season and there was about three feet pilled atop the roof and in front of the building itself. The muggles had done a good job of clearing the streets of snow, but since she owned the building the rest was up to her.

She walked up to the door on the right hand side that led to the offices up stairs. The door to the left of the building led to the main level of the building which was being rented out to two gay guys who ran a vintage clothing store. That alone was enough of a distraction to keep the muggles away from the offices up stairs but to magic folk it was more like a beacon. She glanced up at the green sign jutting out from the building that read: Potter and Weasley Investigations. To muggles it just looked like a rusted out old sign and she grinned at her own cleverness.

Using the shovel in her hands she cleared the steps before the door and pulled out her muggle keys. She didn't know why she used them, but it just seemed right to her. Unlocking the door she headed up the stairs and unlocked a second door on the landing with her wand. Entering the main office she waved her wand, sending the door-stop under the door and tossed the shovel and her gloves on the big squishy couch beside her. With a second flick of her wand she lit all the candles through out the upper floor and looked around.

The large receptions desk was covered with packages, parchments and letters which had pilled up in the week that no one was there. She sighed knowing that it would remain like that until the packages were picked up by their respectful owners. 'We really need to get a secretary,' she thought, shifting through the pile and pulling out all that were addressed to her. She looked at them angrily realizing that they were all bills. Glancing down she grinned at the fact that most of the pile was addressed to Harry Potter. And she knew exactly how much he "enjoyed" going through the daily mountain of paper.

Ginny had long ago gotten over her crush on Harry and the two of them, along with her brother Ron and his wife Hermione, had opened a private investigation bureau. All four of them had once been Aurors but had gone private after the head of the department was killed by Death Eaters two years prior. The man who had replaced him, a very disliked man named Joe Wallski, had "let them go" for breaking to many rules in their years of service.

No one was going to show up until ten o'clock so she had until then too make sure everything was in order and to clear the snow before the roof caved in. The building was relatively old and worn down but it was perfect for their needs. Ginny had managed to get it really cheep because the previous owner claimed it was haunted and wanted to get rid of it. Samantha wasn't a disruptive ghost, but could manage to make a large amount of noise if she was ignored.

She pointed her wand at the large fire place across from the couch and got a large fire going. Grabbing the watering can on the edge of the desk she watered the large leafy plant her mother had given her as an "office warming" gift. It was a horrendously ugly thing but she didn't have the heart to throw it out. Everyone else in the office was too scared to do it for her, for fear of the Weasley temper.

She grabbed the shovel and her gloves and walked behind the desk and opened the door immediately in front of her. It was their library which spanned all the way across the back of the building. All the shelves were still covered with books and the table in the center was neat as it ever got. Satisfied with this room she closed the door and walked to the opposite end of the desk and opened the second door which led to their offices.

There weren't exactly 'offices' but rather eight large desks spread across the large room. Everyone had decided it would be more fun that way than having individual rooms. All the desks were cluttered with junk and old files. Everyone's except Remus Lupin, who always kept his work space spotless. Him and Sirius Black(whose name was cleared after the apprehension of Peter Pettigrew in her sixth year) had joined their team the year before but were working undercover in France, trying to hunt down a group of troublesome vampires. Ginny saw with amusement that Ron's in pile was ten times higher than his out pile.

She walked across the room to the door on the far end, tossing her mail onto her desk along the way. Walking through it she poked her head into the closet to the left where Samantha resided. She was startled to find that she wasn't in there until she remembered her saying that she was going to some retreat for the holidays. She shuddered at the thought and closed the door. Turning she unlocked the door on the right and headed up the stairs to the roof.

Using her wand she removed the snow before the door and walked out onto the roof. Getting right to work she began shoveling the snow from the center and pushed it towards the two foot ledge. The roof was made of asphalt and never took too long to shovel. Not that she had to do it that often. Over the summer Ginny would set up a pick-nick table and a few lawn chairs up here just too relax.

When all the snow had been pushed to the edges she glanced over the ledge to make sure she wouldn't end up throwing snow on anyone. Satisfied that the alleyway around the building was deserted, she began to heave the snow over. It took her half an hour to toss all the snow down, now all that was left was the front ledge. She once again checked to make sure there was no one down there. The streets were still void of people except for a few shop owners down the street who were shoveling their own sidewalks and roofs. She continued her work and was near the end when she when she heard a startled cry from bellow.

Dropping the shovel she quickly looked over the edge and looked down at the sidewalk in front of the building. A man in a black cloak was standing there, covered in the snow she had just heaved over the edge.

"Oh my god!" she cried and he looked up at her. He had a pointed face that struck her as oddly familiar. "Are you alright?" she called down, "Hang on!" She turned away and ran down to the front of the building as fast as she could. The man was the same height as Harry, and was standing there, waiting for her as he brushed snow off himself. She was instantly struck by how handsome he was. 'Great going Gin,' she thought.

"I am so sorry," she said as she approached him and began helping him to remove the snow from his cloak.

"I shouldn't be surprised, should I?," the man said with a nasty sneer, which made Ginny stop brushing the snow off and look up at his face. Cold blue-grey eyes looked down at her. "Only a Weasley would be dumb enough to throw snow off a roof."

"Do I know you?" Ginny asked looking at him. 'He looks so familiar . . .' she thought as she looked from his eyes to his pointed face then to his silver blond hair that was now wet from the melting snow. She took a step back as she realized who it was. "Malfoy," she gasped.

"Ah, I see you are not as stupid as I thought you were," he sneered as he crossed his arms in front of his chest.

"Well I see you haven't changed," she shot back. Though she had never really talked to him directly during her time in Hogwarts, there had been a few incidences and she had heard all the stories from Ron, Harry and Hermione. She glared at him, "So why aren't you off with your Death Eater father, killing something?"

Something passed over his features but in an instant it was replaced with a sneer. "Why?," he asked, briefly looking at the sign above her head then back at her, "Need the money?"

"No," she hissed. A strong wind came then, and she saw him shiver. Her features softened slightly. "Why don't you come inside? I have a fire going. I wouldn't want you to catch some sort of disease, since I wouldn't have enough to pay for the lawyers."

"So you're the janitor?" he sneered, "Lighting fires for Potter and his faithful side kicks?"

"No," she growled. 'I can't believe I tried to be nice!' she thought angrily, "I'm the owner."

"Oh," he said, "Well that explains a lot. Looks like it's going to fall down it's so old. Did you get it at a good price?"

"As a matter of fact, I did," she said as she turned and walked back to the door, "Now if you'll excuse me, I have work to do."

"Never a pleasure, as always," he said and turned away from the door and continued his way down the street.

"The nerve," Ginny hissed as she slammed the door behind her and stomped up the steps. The small section of snow left on the roof didn't take very long to push over. It fell with a satisfying thump, and every time Ginny envisioned Draco Malfoy standing under it, being buried alive.

The front walk did not take much time to shovel, and in ten minutes, Ginny had flopped down on the couch. Shovel forgotten against the wall, she shut her eyes. She was just about asleep when she heard the popping noise of someone Apparating. Ignoring it, she rolled over and smushed her face into the back pillows.

"Ginny?" she heard some one ask her tentatively. 'Hermione,' she thought, 'What is she doing here so early?'

"What?" she mumbled.

"I need to talk to you." Mentally Ginny sighed then she rolled over and looked at Hermione who was standing by the fire. Her face was creased with worry, and instantly she felt bad for trying to brush her off. She got up and walked over to her.

"Hermione, what's wrong?" she asked.

Hermione looked down at her feet for a moment and when she looked back up she had a crooked grin on her face. "I'm Pregnant."

"What?" Ginny gasped, "Are you sure?"

"I just got back from the doctor."

"Then the prophecy? It's true?" Ginny asked quietly.

"I think so," Hermione said with a nod, "I mean what was it? When there is an unusual amount of snow the child with powers, the likes of which the world has never seen, will be conceived?"

"Something like that," Ginny sighed. When they had first opened a few years back, an old woman had come in. She began to tell them about something that had happened but when she saw Hermione she stopped mid sentence and began to speak as though she was in a trance. Harry latter said that it had reminded him of the time old Professor Trelawney had predicted the second rise of You-Know-who. After reciting the prophecy she seemed to snap out of it and looked around like nothing had happened and left.

Ginny shook her head. "Do you really think . . ."

"I don't know, and I don't care. As long as it's healthy," Hermione said. It seemed like she had been going over this in her head for quite a while. She suddenly smiled wider than Ginny had ever seen her smile. "I'm going to have a baby!" she shrieked and flung her arms around Ginny.

"And I'm going to be an aunt!" she said happily, hugging her friend back. Then she pulled her back and asked seriously, "Does Ron know?"

"No. Not yet," she said with a sly grin, "We're going out for dinner tonight. I figure I'll tell him then." Ginny suddenly got an image of the two of them sitting at the table eating contently, when Hermione says: "Ron, Honey. I'm pregnant!" He would then promptly choke on what ever he was eating. She let out a little giggle. "You won't tell will you?"

"Of course not! I will just have to avoid him all day to make sure it doesn't slip out."

Hermione hit her arm.


"Just joking! Man, a baby," Ginny giggled, "Thought of a name yet?"

Hermione frowned slightly, "No not really. Well I don't know," she sighed and ran her hand through her brown waves, "I mean, I still can't believe it. A baby. A baby!" Then she let out a laugh, "A baby!"

Ginny let out a laugh herself, then led her friend to sit down on the couch. They still had an hour before anyone else was going too show and began talking about baby names and the few days they had spent at the Burrow. Suddenly Ginny got an idea.

"Hermione?" she asked, "Do you remember a guy named Draco Malfoy? From Hogwarts?"

"Yeah," she replied looking at her curiously, "I'll never forget him. Always trying to make our lives a living hell. Why do you ask?"

"Well I ran into him this morning," she sighed.

"He was in the office?" Hermione gasped, "What did he want?"

"He didn't come into the office. I . . well I kinda . . ." she trailed off, not sure if she should tell her.

"Ginny, what did you do?" Hermione asked suspiciously.

Ginny looked up at her sharply. "Nothing like that! I was throwing snow off the roof. And well it sort of fell on him . . ."

Hermione got a look on her face like she had just won a million Galleons and burst out into fits of laughter. "You threw snow on him?! Oh my god! That's priceless!"

"He didn't think so," Ginny sighed, "I think he was pretty pissed."

"I heard he was back in England. Didn't think he would be wandering around London though. Too many Muggles," Hermione said thoughtfully after she had surpressed her laughter to a few giggles.

"What do you mean back? Where was he?" Ginny asked. 'Why do I care?' she asked herself.

"You do know he's an Auror don't you?"


"Yeah," she said with a nod, "I heard from Neville that he's real good to. I mean who would have thought Malfoy as an Auror. Well any ways, I guess he was working over in the States but was called back by the ministry. Neville didn't know why though."

'Great going Gin!' Ginny thought, 'First you throw snow on him, then you insult him by suggesting he should work with his father. No wonder he looked so odd after I said that.' She decided to leave that part of the story out and changed the subject. "Neville still works for the Ministry?" Ginny asked.


'London,' Draco Malfoy thought with disgust, 'What am I doing back in London?' It was only his second day back and already he was beginning to regret his return. 'I should have told the Ministry of Magic exactly where to shove their "Request".' He kicked at a large snowball that was lying in his path.

After having run into the Weasley girl, he had continued to storm down the street. He had arrived yesterday by Portkey and had been met by an associate of Joe Wallski, the head of Aurors in England. Draco had not been informed as to why he had been called back but when he found out he couldn't believe his ears. Joe Wallski had told him that he was to help them to track down and imprison his father, Lucius Malfoy.

Draco had realized halfway through his fifth year at Hogwarts, that being a Death Eater like his father was not what he wanted to do with his life. He wasn't evil, no matter what his father said. So all through his last three years at school he had been collecting large sums of money into a secret account in Gringotts.

During his graduation there had been a large battle at Hogwarts between the head master, Dumbledore and the Dark Lord, Voldemort. The Death Eaters, teachers, students and later the Aurors had had a large battle as well and in the end his actions had earned him his father's scorn. As soon as he could, Draco had grabbed everything that belonged to him in his home and left the country. He had first gone to Canada where he became an Auror for their Ministry. But was latter transferred to work for the Ministry of the United States. He still grinned at the memory of his partner Anny, bitching about the "Brain Drain".

Yet no matter how horrible his father was or how wonderful Draco's life was now, he could not turn against his father. Even if he was a cold blooded killer. He had told this to Joe Wallski who had promptly told him that if he did not agree he was to resign. So having no other choice, Draco quit. And now he was off to respond to a letter his father had sent him. It was quite a surprise since he hadn't heard anything from him since he first left. He could still remember how loud that howler was. Yet here he was, rushing off to meet him at nine on the docks.

The sun was beginning to rise in the east and he could tell it was going to be a warm day despite all the snow on the ground. It was quite a bit he had to admit but he was used to snow by now and didn't give it much thought. He rounded a corner and could see the docks about three hundred meters away. They were deserted. Draco suddenly got a very bad feeling in the pit of his stomach. Why had his father owled him to arrange this meeting?

He was soon standing on the dock looking doubtfully around, wand hidden under his sleeve. 'He said to meet by the blue cannery,' he thought to himself, looking around. There was the sound of foot steps behind him and Draco whirled around. A man in a black cloak stood before him, the sun catching silver-blond hair identical to his own.

"Hello father," he said. The cloaked figure known as Lucius Malfoy nodded but did not reply. Draco frowned then heard someone shout something behind him. He didn't have time to turn around for he was hit hard in the back of the head by something and everything went black.


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