Title: Guilty By Association

Author: Tiny Q

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Guilty By Association


It is SO over

Draco Malfoy was on his way home. It had been two weeks since his father's death and he had been dealing with the repercussions ever since. His father had been so deep into the Dark Arts that most of his possessions were illegal in some way, giving Draco an insane amount of paper work to do when everything went down to him. The estate, the money, everything. He had sold almost all the property and handed the illegal items over to the ministry. Now all he had left was a very large sum of money and the manor in which he grew up.

All of this reminded him of what he had done. He had killed his father. Though everyone who was there, from the Bureau to the Aurors said that it had been done in self defense. It still did not make the fact that he had killed his own father any less real. Every time he looked in a mirror it was like looking into his father's face, reminding him, taunting him. 'You did it to avenge the woman you loved,' the little voice in his head tried to tell him. 'He took away all that matters to you and he knew it.' It still didn't make the pain go away. But he would deal, he was after all, Draco Malfoy.

The trip back to New York helped to get his mind straight. Simply because he had something to keep his mind off of things. Everything that was his over there also had been sold or sent back to London. Another large headache, but not as large as the first. There weren't many people to say goodbye to and he no longer had a job to worry about quitting. In all, it only took him about five days to get his affairs in the United States in order.

And now he was walking towards the local Portkey station. He was going back home to the woman he loved. When Ginny had died he had felt a part of him die with her. The world just seemed to be lifeless until Tabitha said those four little words: "I can fix this." Draco hoped against everything that she could, though he had a feeling that he was going to be beyond disappointed when it didn't work.

'But it did work,' he thought with relief, handing his baggage to the valet and took a seat in the waiting room. Something was reborn in him along with her. Something he feared the spiteful voice had killed a long time ago. It seemed however, that he had been mistaken for everywhere he looked he saw wonderful things that the voice never would have allowed him to see before. Not that he would admit this to anyone. He was still the Draco Malfoy he was before, just with a new outlook on life.

He sighed, thinking back a few weeks and smiled despite himself. The events after Hermione's rescue and Ginny's death came rushing back to him.

"Now if you two have finished," Seamus Finnigan's voice broke through the fireworks that were going off in Draco's head, "I would like to have a word with you." Draco smiled down at the woman in his arms, she smiled back at him, then they stepped away from each other and she took his hand.

Everyone from the Bureau had gathered around Seamus, earger to find out why they had backup when they should have been left to die. Draco looked around the circle of seven people and saw a verity of expressions on all their faces. Ron was looking at him with a mixture of hatred and loathing then his eyes would flick down to Ginny and his face would soften, then back to Draco where the hatred returned. 'If I have to put up with this for the rest of eternity, I think I will go insane,' he thought with a sigh and surveyed the rest of the people before him.

Hermione looked tired but otherwise healthy and was holding firmly onto the glowering Ron. Dudley looked a little haggled while his cousin looked exhausted but extremely happy. He kept glancing over to Ginny who was simply smiling. Seamus was standing before them all, grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

"Alright, Seamus," Harry said after a moment of silence. "How did you do it? How did you get the Aurors and the Resistance to come? And what did you mean by Wallski's out?" Seamus before them broke into a large smile and began laughing hysterically. They all looked around and waited impatiently for the man to calm down and tell them what had happened.

"I've known for a long time," he finally said after his laughter had stopped. "That he has been laundering money for a few demons down in Knockturn Alley. I had been waiting for the perfect time to exploit it, but the chance never arose. Then when you guys went off Ron here confronted Dudley about being a mole," Draco saw Harry and Ginny both look pointedly at Ron who began to turn red around the ears. "And things just didn't start to add up. The only other person, we realized, who could be a mole would have been Tabitha, and she was with you. Needless to say, we knew you would be in trouble and we needed back up."

"So you exploited the git?" Ginny asked. "But then why were you in charge?"

"Well," Seamus said, going a little pink in the face. "I showed all the evidence to the Minister of Magic and he was so pleased," he paused for a moment. Everyone looked at him curiously. "That he gave me Wallski's job."

There was a stunned silence then: "That's fantistic!" Harry whooped. "You must be the youngest person ever to be Department Head!"

Seamus nodded, "Yup, the youngest was forty six. And I'm twenty-two." He smiled even wider then turned to Draco. "And the first official act I would like to do is offer you your job back Draco. There was no reason you should have lost it in the first place." Everyone around him looked at him expectantly and Draco began to feel a little uncomfortable under all their gazes. Though it didn't show on the outside. 'Do I really want to go back to that job?' he wondered. There was nothing left for him. He no longer had anything to prove and if he took the job he couldn't go back over to the US. He would miss Ginny too much. And if-

He felt someone squeeze his hand and he looked down to see Ginny smiling up at him. He must have just been standing there lost in thought. Again he felt uncomfortable. Taking in a deep breath he turned and faced Seamus.

"As much as I would like to," he said, "I can't. It just wouldn't work out."

"I see," Seamus said with a smile. It was as though he had expected this. "Well there will always be an opening if you change your mind." He then turned and looked at the rest of them. "Same goes for all of you. Even Dudley." Dudley seemed thunderstruck by this, but the tall man said nothing.

"Sir!" a young looking Auror suddenly said to Seamus' right. He whispered something in his ear, and Seamus sighed. The man turned and walked away from their circle.

"Well I guess I must be off," he waved his hand towards the retreating Auror. "Duty calls."

"Thank you for all you help," Harry said, offering the sandy blond hared man his hand. He shook it firmly.

"Any time Harry," he said. "I'll see you all around." With that he walked off towards the Auror who had stopped a few feet from a large tree and was yelling at someone in it.

"Well," Harry said after a moment's silence. Everyone turned and looked at him. "So what are you going to do Malfoy?" he asked. Draco thought about this for a moment.

"Well I suppose I will have to find a new job," he said slowly. 'Something that doesn't have to do with the Ministry,' he thought to himself.

"Well there is an opening at the Bureau," Harry said, equally as slow. "As long as you're not a mole or some minion of darkness, I suppose the jobs yours if you want it." Draco looked up and looked into the other man's green eyes for a moment.

Finally, a smile broke out on his face. "I'd like that."

And now here he was. Sitting in a Portkey station waiting for his ride back to London. 'I suppose it was a good thing that I went back,' he thought, remembering how angry he had been at himself for going to London in the first place. 'I found the woman of my dreams, even though she came from a very unlikely place.' His thoughts then wandered to her red headed family and wondered how long it would take them to get used to his presence. 'A very long time.'

"Mr. Malfoy?" a female voice asked him, disrupting his train of thought. He looked up to see an attendant smiling down at him. "It's your turn, if you'll come this way please." He got up and followed her into a back area, which was filled with platforms on which sat pedestals in the center of them. Each pedestal had an object placed in the center. A Portkey.

He was led to one in the center of the room, where several other witches and wizards were crowded around. He took his place among them, touching the sock that was placed in the center of the pedestal and waited for the top to turn green, a sign that the Portkey was leaving. A minute latter the color changed and he felt something pull at his navel and got the sensation he always did when using a Portkey.

Now finding himself in a smaller room, he stepped away and went to gather his luggage which was at the base of the platform, sent before hand. He took it and took a deep breath. He was here again. London. What would happen now? Would he and Ginny make it? Would they live happily ever after? Or was he the wrong sort of man for her? He had been considered evil only weeks before.

As he stepped out into the waiting room he saw Ginny Weasley standing there, waiting for him. The moment she saw him, her face lit up and broke into a lovely smile. At that sight, all Draco's doubts seemed to fall way. He just knew that everything was going to work out. Everything would be alright. Sure it wouldn't always be perfect, nothing ever was, but it would be better than anything he had ever experienced before.

The End.


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