Evolution 8

I got a review on how Harry's powers are so similar to other characters. Let me tell everyone my point of view on this okay. No he is not at all related to the other mutants, and he isn't just a more powerful wolverine. He gets his healing from the phoenix tears that he got in his second year that only awakened in his deep depression from Sirius's death which cause all of his power to awaken. His powers are more related to his magic than anything else. His magic natural grabs things that it finds useful for its master, the phoenix tears and basilisk venom being examples. His blood gained its burn quality from the basilisk venom. He gained his healing from the phoenix tears. He gained his teleportation from despair and need to escape from his uncle to survive. He gained his claws from feral hatred, in truth had he been held longer he would have started to gain claws in his feet as well. His blood returns to him because his magic didn't like the ritual that Voldemort put him through. His mutation is his silver eyes and his magic adaptation. His silver eyes have many special qualities to themselves. Quite frankly Harry is an adapter, the more you try to kill or harm him, the stronger he gets. Cut him with a knife, and his skin hardens when it is done healing. Rogue is also someone I classify as an adapter because she adapts to others powers, sometimes gaining them permanently. I find it a perfect match for him.

Laura dragged Raven the hell out of the bar. She quickly retraced her claws and got his body weight on her left shoulder and started towards the truck. She was quickly stopped by a blonde that looked like she was very angry at something. Laura looked at her, and saw her glowing green eyes; Laura quickly had the claws on her right side and the left one on her foot out. She looked ready to swing. She was snarling, and looked about ready to take Luna's head off. Luna seeing her almost animal like behavior, being one with nature, approached cautiously and had her hands up so to show she wanted to help. She also, unknowingly, started producing pheromones that help calm those with sensitive senses, like Wolverine and Laura or just animals in general.

Laura feeling slightly calmer was still on edge being so close to Wolverine, even if he couldn't hurt her. She looked around. No one was in the parking lot. She grabbed the girl by the collar after sheathing her claws and said "In the truck." Before opening the back door and putting Raven in. She quickly got to the drivers seat and pointed to the small part of the back seat that wasn't covered by Raven.

Luna seeing no other choice got in and started using oils made by plants, produced by her body as well, to help Harry heal. She covered all the visible bruises with it before she then went over to Laura and said "I have done all I can to help him heal. May I ask how he got this way?" her voiced had an almost unnatural seriousness about it.

Laura looked at her and said, "He was fighting Wolverine." before concentrating on the road once more. "By the way you can call me Laura."

Luna seeing her concentrating left her to what she was doing but not before responding to her last comment. Luna said "then you can call me Luna." She then began to mediate to focus her powers and learn more about them. She had as of yet to do so because she was worried about Harry. She knew this was Harry, because she knew what his magical signature was. She also felt that his magical reserves had skyrocketed. Whatever he had been doing magically he had been doing it a lot. She saw his body healing and felt his magic going into the healing.

She then refocused on her own powers. She could control all plant life within a certain distance of herself. She felt that over time that distance would increase. She could make oils, poisons, or toxins that plants naturally produced and force them out of any part of her body. Luna then realized that she could produce pheromones. They could make those sensitive to it, like Laura, Sabretooth, or Wolverine and those like them go into a berserker rage or into a calm state like she had unknowingly done with Laura. Her powers all revolved around her mind. She had to mentally command her powers to work. It also gave her the ability to completely block out psychics, after all who could get passed the power of nature itself, no one but those that can command it that's who. She felt the world around her slow down indicating that the car was slowing. She opened her eyes to see that they had just passed the Canadian/American border. She knew because of a sign that said welcome to America that they just passed. A few hundred more miles and they would be in New York, the state not the city.

Raven would more than likely wake before then. Luna briefly wondered if he had any memory of his time before his kidnapping. She thought it over and decided that he more then likely didn't because he was going by Raven now. She wondered if he would regain his memories and thought it more then likely. She also briefly wondered if he would recognize her at all and gain memories from it. Luna hoped not because when she had acted like her father she had been a littleā€¦ crazy but it had all been a mask to hide her loneliness and pain at having no one. Luna's one friend was not even near her at all when she needed her the most. Harry had saved her from those bullies that picked on her and had helped her find her stuff.

She saw Laura slowing so that they could get food at the gas station. Luna herself didn't like vehicles like this. They after all destroyed where she gained her powers. She quickly got out of the truck and went into the station to get some things for them to eat. She knew Laura was following her because she could still feel her presence, which was more natural then others because of her increased senses and instincts. She grabbed some bacon, some vegetables, and some fruits and then made sure that they could pay for them. She understood that people needed things from nature just as creatures and even plants needed things from it (So no she not Poison Ivy insane, just Harley Quinn insane), and accepted that fact she just didn't like, and tended to destroy, cars and the such.

Luna and Laura left the small gas station with their food. They were quick to get to the truck again. Raven was still unconscious so they just waited for the gas. When it finished they got back into the car and left as quick as they could. They continued like that for a time; tell a cop saw that a girl under the age of sixteen was driving a car. Raven also woke about that time. The Cop had just pulled them over as he sat up with his eyes closed.

Raven said "Laura please remind me to never do that again. It leaves a bad ache. Anyways where are we currently, where are we going, and who the person outside of the window?"

Luna thought that she should probably stay quiet for now. Laura said "In that order, we are currently on a highway going to New York, Bayville. The person outside of the window is a police officer, and the person in the seat next to me is Luna."

Raven opened his molten silver eyes and looked to Luna then to the Police officer who was tapping on their window. He was in a bad mood, he had a massive migraine, he ached all over, and this person was tapping his window right next to his head. He looked the guy in the eyes and commanded "You think that she is of proper age, she showed you the right paper work, leave."

The police officer did just that. Raven looked back to Luna. Raven said "How come I have the feeling that I know you?"

Luna responded "Because you do know me." She promptly hugged (cough glomped cough) him, he barely stopped himself from impaling her with his claw, then she continued "We went to the same school together and during this last summer you were kidnapped and a couple of our friends got what the world at large is calling mutant powers." She said it all in breath and very quickly before she continued to hug him.

Raven said "Could you please tell me the importance, to me, of the following names. Voldemort, Pettigrew, Lestrange, Snape, Dumbledore, Lovegood, Granger, Dursley, and Weasley."

Luna looked at his face as he said the names. He had no facial reaction to them. She said "Voldemort is someone you wanted to kill the last time I heard, Pettigrew betrayed your parents and was a part of a ritual that resurrected Voldemort so I do believe he was on your, if you had one, torture and kill list, Bellatrix Lestrange killed your godfather so I believe that she is also on that list, Snape mentally tortured you every weekend for nearly ten months and was partly responsible for your godfather's death, Dumbledore didn't kill Voldemort or any of his Death Eaters and believed in giving everyone a second chance, a third and a fiftieth and has most likely been manipulating you since your birth, Lovegood is me and my father so I have no real clue as to what you think on that, Granger takes in your best friend Hermione, Dursley is your abusive relatives that Dumbledore sends you to every summer, and Weasley are mostly a bunch of traitors that will do anything to increase their own, meager, wealth."

Raven had flashes after each name. He saw a Snake-like face after the first one with horrid dried blood red eyes and that of a boy spelling his name with fire and then changing it into I Am Lord Voldemort, a rat-like coward of a man after the second cowering in a corner, an insane woman that he admitted had both seen better days and was very gorgeous laughing just as insanely, a greasy bat like man with dark eyes and a bad feeling that just permitted the air around him, an old man that looked like Merlin but was obviously weaker physically, magically, emotionally, and mentally, the next one he saw a blond girl with different eyes then the one currently hugging him that was being bullied, after the blond girl he a saw a brunette with curly hair and in a robe, after that one he saw an obese whale of a man, a rail-like woman that made him think of how she wasn't crushed under the man when making their rather obviously smaller whale, the last one brought forth the image of a lot of redheaded people only two of which looked even remotely trustworthy.

Raven looked at her and said "Very correct. The only thing that I can think of that is not is your eyes. I assume that your powers changed your eyes color. I will not inquire as to what your powers are as I suspect that we will find out very soon." He nodded his head back at the car that was following them. It had the obvious signs of Hyrda. Laura growled low in her throat. She really didn't like those guys. Raven continued "Laura and I have to get some guns or something to deal with distance like this but for now I think we will leave that to you. Please get rid of them."

Luna smiled happily before concentrating. She said "Please get off the highway, so that I can use my powers more effectively." Laura nodded her consent and got off the nearest exit that had lots of nature. Luna said "Thank you" before her eyes went a much darker green and glowed so that even they could see it despite the sun glasses that she wore. The grass then started growing much faster, the trees looked the same but Raven saw the leaves or needles become razor sharp. The grass was suddenly shot at the car and went all the way through, some popping the tires as they went well some left the other side with blood coating or having some on them. Raven saw the person who was in the driver seat be pushed out as the car started to lose control. Some of them jumped out on their own and soon the person who was trying to control the car got out as well. Raven then nodded to her again.

Luna smiled happily as some razor sharp leaves fell on the three survivors. Luna then had her plants turn back to normal. The police report that they read later said "Victims died from multiple lacerations throughout their bodies, some leaves were found around their bodies covered in blood. The leaves were a bit stiff and crumpled to the touch none were recovered. Bodies were presumed to have been placed their as well as their companion either died before by a shot through the head from a sniper rifle. Reasons for deaths unknown. Car found not far from bodies torn to pieces by an explosion possibly from the wreck." They were able to find and read the report because of the hacker skills that Doc put into Raven's head. They also grabbed a bank account and changed it all online. It was now under the name of Raven. No one from their past knew the name and the illegal gangsters that the money in the account was being transferred to was just to support them from the government so that they could look like they were protecting their people when the eventually captured and imprisoned the people in the gang.

(AN: to those that don't know I have a bit of a hatred for the American government. I mean they try to kill their people, they steal from their people, the rich are just demented and most don't know what the poor even feel like and the ones that do think that it is because we don't try to reach riches. I hate to agree with Code Geass' emperor but people are not born equally, intelligent is not something that can just be gained like being able to survive on the streets.)

Raven also looked into the reasons behind the original Neverland. He found the first ten experiments, what they did, there reasons for existence. He and his sister were made to be perfect weapons that survive everything, even time. Because of their cellular regeneration they would be able to survive damn near everything except an acid bath, being torn apart on a cellular level, or being on fire for a time. Unstoppable soldiers that didn't feel pain or anything else but to follow the commands of their masters, that was what Neverland wanted. That was the purpose behind their existence to New Neverland and Hydra. He himself was a secret to Hydra because NN wanted to use him. His sister and himself were based off of Wolverine, also known as Weapon X (oh the irony), who's real name was Logan. Logan was roughly two hundred years old give or take fifty years. He was able to get to the Doc's files since he sent all of them through the internet. Everything has an echo in the internet, even emails. The difficult thing was removing the encryptions from them. The Doc had managed to observe his body for every second for the month or so that he was there. He noted that his body had an energy that it didn't actively use until he started to heal, but because its reserves were so large the Doc thought he would survive an acid bath for some time. He also observed that it replenished it's self every time he slept. The Doc, although sadistic as all hell and other such things, was good at what he did. The Doc continually monitored what Raven's body was doing and what the energy level was at. It spiked during certain times, but the largest spike was when he had the piece of 'Metal X' forced into his leg. He would have to either break the mental encoding that the Doc put into his head or relearn everything about magic. Luna had told him what he was before his experience with New Neverland.

Raven put it out of his mind for now. He sat in the back of the truck and simply started to mediate. He would try to break his mental implants so that he could remember anything helpful. He rapped the memories that he knew to be false in a mental barrier and then started to shrink it and only let useful information out and deleting, as only the mind can, the memories that were implanted and looking for ways to find his own memories. He finally found it nearly an hour later. He opened the small hole in their work and dived into his old memories. It also unfortunately had all of his memories from the experiments that the Doc did to him which he could already have some small view into. In an instant he felt all of the pain he had for his entire lifetime. He was unconscious in seconds. His eyes flashed with silver light as well.

Luna, who had been watching him, quickly made sure that he was alright but found it was simply phantom pain, lots of phantom pain. Probably more then most people feel from a lost limb, but considering his power he could suffer that multiple times over and over again. She then noticed a flash coming from his eyes she opened them and looked into them. She was paralyzed for a few minutes before she came back to her own mind. He had apparently gained a new ability with his eyes. She looked into them again and noticed that it didn't happen again. She closed his eyes and was glad that she had gotten sun glasses so that she could hide her own eyes but now they could hide his as well. She also was very glad for her mental barriers or that would have hurt a lot more.

Raven awoke as they were arriving at the hotel that they would be staying at for the night. He would go out in the morning to get them a credit card so they didn't need to care cash around. He was quick to set up a watch so that if Hydra was still following them they weren't caught by surprise, and imprisoned and experimented on along with Luna. Raven also decide that he was going to do all he could to cast magic and make Luna learn how to cast wandlessly so that if she is separated from her wand she isn't totally helpless if they somehow are also blocking her powers, like they did with his teleportation. He was also getting back into the hang of using his teleportation. He put a bandana around his eyes so that he could use his other senses to navigate, and eventually fight but mostly for now so that he didn't use his eyes' new ability. That ability was a last resort no matter what happened.

A few days later.

They had gone through many motels and hotels but they had finally gotten to Bayville. They would be using the money that Raven had gotten them to buy a plot of land and then start building. Luna's powers were going to be helpful. She could use weeds and grass to make their basement levels as well as get them materials to make their home. Raven was getting used to walking and running with his bandana. He and his sister were doing the actual putting up the walls and such for their home well Luna made the area ready for them as well as more defendable.

Raven was still using the suit he got from NN as under clothes as well as having new clothes. Raven wore his tags on the suits but not outside of his normal clothes. He usually wore a black T-shirt with a skeletal horse head on the front and the grim reaper and his horse on the back with a band name of Martriden on both sides. He wore that shirt or a hoody along with the trench coat that New Neverland had made for him and he didn't really remove it from his attire, when clothed he had it on and people saw him with it on. He also had long baggy pants that were either military camo or just black along with the Adamantium boots that he got from NN. He now had shoulder length hair that accommodates his black bandana around his eyes and back of his head. He had a cane as well but he really didn't need it and didn't use it unless they had company that didn't know he wasn't blind. He had made sure to make their records to include that he was blind, he was glad that the Doc had included Braille in the languages that he could read and write in so that if he ever had to act blind he could do so well. Laura on the other hand had taken to wearing what people would call tomboy clothing with combat boots. She wore holey pants and a shirt that fit her well enough but she also wore her hair in a single ponytail. Luna simple wore a yellow dress most of the time with sunglasses so that her eyes stay hidden.

They would eventually join the school in town but not until after they had constructed their house and its defenses. They would probably have to go to New York to get some of the more heavy duty equipment, but with a person who could command other people by looking at them and saying the command it wouldn't be hard to complete their defenses. If they really had to they could simply go to a military base and have Raven enslave (while not really It's more of an illusion that makes the victim follow commands for near three minutes but can only really be used twice a day, only those with really good mental shields, like Jean Professor X and Magneto along with Storms who's are like a force of nature, can truly resist it but also those that mediate enough are also able to resist, although not everyone wants to resist.) all of the people on the base, remove all the evident of their existence there, and have them move/make all their defenses. Raven and Laura were with it because they simply didn't like the government or military, but Luna was the one that suggested it. The Two Ravens (Laura and Raven's registered last name) wanted a simple life and if Hydra was waiting for them at home it was a very normal life, so they made defenses. Luna also made sure to give all the plant life around their home an artificial intelligent along with upgrades to not only protect themselves but also so that they protect the home and didn't harm Raven or Laura. She gave them a hive mentality and made herself the queen so that they followed her commands.

A few more days later

Laura and Raven made Luna buy herself a gun and a knife so that if she was ever separated from nature she didn't have to rely on her wand and magic. Luna decided to go with the same pistol that Laura and Raven did, the M1-911 and got a holster for her side. They had the knife from their escape from the New Neverland and it was made out of Adamantium so that it would never break and cut through near everything. Laura and Raven were walking arsenals onto themselves though. Laura has a knife hidden in both of her boots along with her claws that she could extend at will she had two pistols on her torso along with their silencers, she has knives hidden throughout her pockets on both her shirts and her pants, she has ammunition all along her belt, and if things get really hairy she has two MP-5 hidden in two extend pouches on her hips along with enough ammo to last a while. Laura's only comment on the whole thing was "you have got to love magic, hackers, and money" Raven just found those comments amusing, well Luna just shook her head at them. Raven on the other hand had three M1-911 two on his torso one in one of his boots, all with silencers. His boots also had an extendable Adamantium blade Raven guessed it was Doc's answer to how his sister was more versatile with her foot claw. He also had blades hidden in pockets throughout his pants, shirts, hoodies and his trench coat, his belt held ammunition for his guns and he had a single P90 in an extend pouch on his hip with enough ammo to last for the next year if he was to go to a target range every day and shoot nearly half a clip every single time. He didn't bother with a silencer for that one because if he had to resort to it he didn't want to be alone. He also made sure that they used non magnet metals, for the guns and had his sister and himself grab some bullets that were non-magnet, so that if they had a run in with Magneto he couldn't stop their bullets from piercing his head if he threatened him. (Don't know if that is possible but it is in my story)

Raven, of course, was hiding all of their weaponry and making sure the government didn't find them through an account that he had under a false name that he closed shortly after buying all their weaponry through it. He also was investing in things that have profit and people that actually have the talent to do things. He did most of this under false names and moved money around near constantly. The programs that the Doc put in his head were made to break into government level or above security since he was going to be an assassin he had to be able to find out everything about his target and where he was going to kill them. It also helped in getting by computerized locks if he didn't want to make a rather obvious entrance and as an assassin that was rather stupid. He could also lock pick so that he didn't have make an entrance. True he wasn't an assassin right now but he was programmed to be one, and had all the paranoia of one. He also made sure that their defenses were able to take someone of his level of competence. He infiltrated a secret military base not far from Bayville just to see if he could without any evidence of him doing so. He succeeded and not one person died.

The security measures were mostly for Luna because it would be extremely difficult to kill either Laura or Raven. But also so neither are captured by Hydra or any other faction that might be interested in them. The fact that a siren was placed in each of their room and it activated if someone activated the security measures or opened their bedroom doors or windows helped with that. Raven and Laura would try to infiltrate their own home just to test their skills and see if there is anything to improve on as well as improve their skills, they eventually had a competion and fullout game of it going between each other to see how far they could go before setting anything off. Raven and Laura along with Luna also memory wiped themselves so that no telepath could find a way into their home; it also made Raven and Laura's game more fun for them. Luna tried to ignore the fact that them made a game out of a very lethal security system that they themselves built.

Raven also made a continual attempt at hacking into the X mansion within his limited free time. He had a computer continually on it as well as helping were he could. The rest of the security and some of the computers were off the grid and not connected to anything. He even had a power source in the lowest level of the basement. He enslaved rats and mice throughout the town so that they could run on kinetic energy to electric energy generators. They did surprisingly well. He feed them and gave them plenty of water and allowed them to mate often so that he didn't have to restock.

Raven also used his many computers to keep an eye on the situation in England. There had been no new attacks on any mundane towns, but it seemed that America wasn't the only area that was having an increase in mutants and doing something against them. The government was officially staying out of it, but the people were not. Raven was already making something similar to the X Mansion there. He agreed fully with his sister "You got to love hackers". He disconnected the computers that weren't doing anything so that no one else could hack him. He continually checked anything that looked remotely like it could hurt him. He also got damn near everything out of all of his accounts so that they didn't have a money trail at all if they were to flee. Hydra probably had a very hard time tracking them as it was after they killed their men. Raven would eventually contacted Gringotts and a number of other warders to make wards around his home. For now though he researched ways to make sure that the magic didn't kill the electricity. It would seem that electricity and magic, which he found was truly just an energy that wizard and witch bodies produced naturally like many other things, canceled each other out. So he was researching how wizards can literally conjure lightning. He was looking into the mechanics of the entire thing and things that he could understand. He was going to have to wait for wards for a while yet. He was glad for all the sciences and mathematics that the Doc put in his head or he just wouldn't understand any of this at all and end up killing all of his electrisity.

In England

Voldemort was trying his best to find the Potter brat, but so far he had no knowledge and Snape said he had disappeared off the map and that the OOTP was trying to find him as well. He was also feeling pain in his back. He called his inner circle together so that he could find out the report that they had on progress to his end goal for this country. Lucius Malfoy, Avery, Macnair, Crabbe, Goyle, Nott, the Lestranges, and Severus Snape.

Voldemort looked to Avery first. Avery spoke up "The raid of muggle town have not been going well my lord. The Order of the Phoenix have been stopping us at every turn my lord."

Voldemort simply said "Crucio" before looking to Bellatrix. Bellatrix simply said "They are not as powerful or smart on magic related ones and we still spring fear." She didn't sound nearly as loyal or insane as before, he simply pasted it off as his imagination.

Voldemort said "Crabbe Goyle you will be helping Avery along with Nott to attack more muggles. I have heard something about mutants, they are simple muggles that have gained magic recruit and use them." They all nodded.

Macnair went next "Nothing of great importance in the ministry my lord." Voldemort nodded to him.

Snape went next "I don't know how Dumbledore continues to find and then destroy muggle raiding parties. I will find it"

Voldemort gave a "You had better soon" before turning around and walking towards his throne a moment later a feeling of great love came through the connection and made Voldemort feel as through he was under a Crucio, something that he had never before experienced. Moments after he had severed the connection and looked back at his inner circle who all had their eyes wide with fear. He then noticed why. He had gray angel wings. He screamed in rage.

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