Hey! It's me, Kari! Well, duh, you already knew that! XD Anywho, this is a new SasoDei fic that I came up with. It takes place in modern time and I use supernatural powers and stuff. Don't worry thought-

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Saso: And I still love my puppets.

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A small blonde boy was walking through a large mansion. The five year old was wearing a suit, unusual for a child his age. "Mother, must I wear this suit?" he asked his tone full of annoyance, though his sapphire blue eyes held a blank look in them. The woman walking alongside him smoothed his long, blonde locks with a sigh. "Yes, my darling. I', sorry but your father has very important guest tonight.

The boy pouts, his fair skin white against his black suit. "But, that's no fun. That means I have to sit around quietly while father and his guest talk about business." The woman smiled at her son's innocence. "Now, now, behave. It'll be over before you know it." She said as she led him through a door…

The boy was staring at a blank wall. Why you ask? Because he had nothing else to do. He hears his father laugh at a complicated joke the guest had made and sighs. If only he could do as he pleased. If only he wasn't tied to this life of aristocracy. Then, instead of sitting hear all bored, he could be sculpting or creating art. If only these adults that he called mother and father weren't around…

The boy was brought out of his thoughts by the family butler walking in. "Sir," he said, addressing the boy's father, "a package has been brought to you." The boy watched as his father grinned, cruel and cold. "Excellent. Bring it forth." The butler bows in respect and goes to fetch the package.

He returns with a long, black sword.

The boy stares at it in curiosity. The hilt was ink black with rubies embedded into it. The blade was black as well, with the words Explosive and Artist engraved on each side. The father took the blade and turned to his guest. "Magnificent, isn't it?" he asked. The guest nodded in agreement. "Quit a lovely sword." The father laughed, "Yes, it is the perfect weapon. The last item you shall ever see!" As he raised the sword to strike, the boy's mother jumps in front of the guest, "NO!" she shrieked as her husband slices her in half. As she crumpled to the ground, the guest tried to flee. The father threw the blade and it went through the guest's head.

The room fell silent.

After a few minutes, the boy gets to his feet and goes to his father. "Why?" he asked. The father turned to his son. The boy's face was full of curiosity, not a hint of fear anywhere. "Well my boy, I wish that I could tell you. Unfortunately, you are now a liability." He said as he grabbed him by the throat. The boy's vision goes black…

~The Gated of hell~

The blonde boy opens his eyes to find that he is no longer in his home. He now stands in a dimly lit cave in front of a large gated entrance. The boy examined the gates. "Not bad. Pretty artistic for such a dull place" he said to no one on particular. A shadow appeared on the other side of the gates. The man that emerged from the shadow had raven colored hair and eyes as dark and deep as a void. He wore all black and the boy noticed that he had a pair of black angel wings folded on his back.

"Hello little one." He said in a dark, smooth voice. The boy tilted his head, curiosity filling his eyes. "Who are you?" The man smiles at him, his smile soft and kind. "I am Lucifer, an angel fallen from the heavens. And I am here to give you life."

The boy moved closer to the gates, "Life? Did father take mine?" he asked. Lucifer nodded, "Yes. This doesn't surprise you?" The boy shrugged, his eyes going blank as they examined Lucifer. Lucifer observed the boy. Never had he seen such a child. He showed no emotion, only curiosity. "I shall grant you life and endless power. Power unmatched by any other. But in return, you must assist me. I will have you-~

"YO SASORI!" Sasori's head shot up, his fellow officer's cry ripping him from the story he had been reading. "Get your nose outta that journal and come on. We got a lead on The Arms Dealer!" Sasori glared at Kisame. The red head ran a hand through his hair and said, "Don't get your balls in a knot Fish Boy." Kisame sweat dropped and Led the way to the car.

"Any luck with that journal? That's the one you found when we were in what used to be The Arms Dealer's apartment when we found it empty right?" asked the blue man. Sasori nodded. "Yeah. But nothing yet. Just a story about a boy and Lucifer and stuff. Pretty interesting stuff." He replied as they drove away.

The Arms Dealer. A kid really, but he was selling illegal arms to humans and Creatures alike. Sasori and Kisame were a part of the IFBI, International FBI. They dealt with supernatural crimes. Their assignment was to catch and contain the underage Arms Dealer and see where he got his weapons.

The problem? Every time they got a lead, it was completely bogus. Sasori hoped this wasn't the same…


"Hand me that tool un!" yelled Deidara across the room. Hidan tossed the object at him and resumed watching Deidara work. "How long before it's done Dei?" asked the silver haired man. Deidara rolled his eyes, "Almost Hidan. Damn you can be fucking impatient for a Grim Reaper." He said. He painted the last line of red on his project and smirked, "Done. Your scythe is all finished un."

Hidan grabbed it and smirked. "Nice tune up Dei! Definitely the art of The Arms Dealer." Deidara smirked at Hidan's words. "Come on. The Devil's Arms is opening now un." He said as he walked across the room…