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Sasori really wanted to leave the room at the moment. He looked at the door to see Hidan blocking it with a sadistic smirk. If he got out of this alive, Hidan was going to be buried in Peru. Lucifer glared at the redhead and got to his feet. Deidara appeared next to Sasori with a look that said Touch-him-you-die.

"Stand aside Deidara. I need to have a word with Sasori." "No. Sit down Luci cause you're not touching Sasori-no-danna un." "He turned you into a vampire." "To save my life."

That got Lucifer to shut up. "You were out cold, I had gotten seriously injured, Sasori just wanted to help un." Sasori felt relieved. At least Lucifer wasn't gonna make his life a living hell now. "Fine. I won't do anything to Sasori." Said Lucifer. Hidan's jaw dropped, ""You're just gonna let him off the fucking hook?"

Sasori appeared in front of Hidan. "If you make it that Lucifer makes my life miserable, I will do the same to you for the rest of your immortal days." He said, his eyes glowing red. Hidan nodded slowly as he backed away slowly. Deidara and the twins laughed.

"Well, I'm headed upstairs un. Got a lot of work to do." Said Deidara as his eyes dilated and his clothes changed. "We could help Deidara-nii-san!' exclaimed the twins. "And I find this place too interesting to leave." Said Sasori.

Deidara chuckled, "I guess I found myself a staff un! Sure why not. Let's go." The twins giggled and ran up the stairs. Sasori grabbed the warlock and kissed him, "Just had to do it." He said as he headed up. Deidara laughed and followed.

Lucifer chuckled as he watched the four leave. "Things sure have gotten interesting around here." He said…

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