Summary: Charlie Cowell and the other salesmen are angry that Marian persuaded the town of River City to free Harold Hill after they finally exposed him as the con man that he is/was. They want revenge on her. Who will be there to save her.

Author's Note Read This! The characters in this are the original characters, but I kind of based them off the people playing them in my school production, as it says in my other story. So, think of Marian as anywhere from age 21-24 and Harold anywhere from 22-25. The others you could probably figure out on you own. The Ladies will be younger, say 26-30, and Mayor Shinn will be about 29-33. Thanks. Please review. Enjoy!

"Marcellus, don't call me Greg," Harold Hill said as he turned back to Winthrop Paroo. "Now remember, keep practicing Winthrop, and the band may perform and the Madison Fourth of July festivities. Got it?"

"Yeth, Profethor," Winthrop said. Eulalie Shinn, the mayor's wife, was standing nearby.

"Oh, Winthrop, you and…" Eulalie began. Harold quickly cut her off and said,

"Oh, hello Mrs. Shinn, how are you today? Good- bye for now." He sighed in relief as she walked down the street. He had avoided talking about Winthrop's lisp. "Good, Winthrop. Now, before you go, where is your sister?"

"Thither was with a group of thalesmen by Dunlop's thore. They looked mean and Marian looked thared. I don't know why though. Good –bye Profethor! Bye Mr. Washburn!" Winthrop said as he ran down the street. Harold abruptly turned to Marcellus.

"Marcellus, I think Charlie Cowell and his gang of salesmen have something to do with this. Go tell the police to be ready. I have my phone," Harold said as he started to hurry away.

"Sure thing Greg," Marcellus called as he ran off.

"Don't call me Greg!" Harold said, but Marcellus was already out of earshot. He shook his head as he ran toward Ewart Dunlop's store.