The Gwevin Prophet is back! My fans convinced me to not retire, and I saw their reasoning. There is still much Gwevin that still hasn't occurred yet! So, why should I leave ya'll without my predictions? One thing is gonna change though: I'm moving from Oneshots to Twoshots. Emerald and Onyx is probably the best Gwevin work I've ever written. Why? I had lots of stuff and it wasn't compacted into one Chapter. Two seems to be the magic number here. With oneshots, they can easily end up being too rushed or too short. Chapter stories, at least with me, end up having super short chapters and I get bored of them after awhile. Twoshots seem to fit the bill perfectly. In this story, Darkstar comes back and he wants revenge! He comes to Kevin with an offer and a threat. Now, since Kevin and Gwen are already together, this isn't a story that gets them together. Rather, it amplifies their relationship. There's also some cute Brotherly Bevin! Enjoy! NOTE: This takes place between AF and UA.

Kevin sighed as he wandered through the streets. He wasn't in the mood to put up with Ben's driving. Ever since his car had been totaled again, he had taken to walking aimlessly in his spare time. 'I really gotta get my ride fixed...' He thought sadly to himself, checking his watch. 'I got that tech deal to make at midnight...I wonder who the guy is...' He shrugged his shoulders. 'No matter. He offers good money. More dough to pay for my car.' He glanced at his watch again. 'I suppose I could make it to Gwen's house and hang there for awhile. Ben's gonna sleep over, so I can just slip out once they fall asleep.' He nodded to himself and started walking toward Gwen's house.

Ben answered the door. "Hey, Kevin! What kept you?"

"Car's at the auto shop. Still recovering from a certain someone THROWING it." Kevin muttered, raising an eyebrow.

"Heh...right..." Ben grinned nervously as he let Kevin in.

"Hi, Kevin!" Gwen came out of the living room and kissed his cheek.

Kevin's expression softened almost immediately. "Hey, Gwen..." He murmured, blushing slightly. He was about to kiss her lips when Ben walked between them, shoving them both to the side.

"'Scuse me! Coming through! Need popcorn!" He grabbed Kevin's wrist. "Come on. You can help me!"

"Kay..." 'I am so gonna kill you!' Kevin followed Ben reluctantly to the kitchen. As Ben pulled out a bag of microwave popcorn, he started to talk.

"Kev, you know I'm cool with you dating Gwen. Heck, I say it's about time you two got serious!" He put the bag into the microwave. "But, quite frankly, watching 'The Fluff Hour Live with Kevin and Gwen' 24/7 gets rather sickening!"

"I don't know what you're talking about!" Kevin huffed, folding his arms.

"Oh, please! You two are always blushing, giggling, hugging, making goo-goo eyes at each other, and a bunch of other junk that I don't wish to go into. The point is, I feel like a third-wheel! Do you realize that our conversations these days are two insults from you and a bit of whining from me? What happened to our football nights?" Ben pulled the finished bag out of the microwave. "Just don't cut me out completely, okay?"

Kevin's eyes widened slightly. "My goodness! You're right! I have been neglectful!" He placed a hand on Ben's shoulder and spoke very seriously. "It won't happen again, Ben. From now on, I will make sure to insult you ten times a day and beat you up at least four times."

Ben rolled his eyes. "Shoulda figured..." He muttered. "Fair enough..." He started to walk away before throwing a piece of popcorn at Kevin's face.

"Hey! C'mere, Tennyson! I'll show you how to throw popcorn!"

"Yikes!" Ben quickly bolted out of the room.

"Boys!" Gwen called from the sofa. "Don't make me come over there!"

"Okay, Gwen..." They both muttered at the same time. Kevin quickly elbowed Ben before flopping down next to Gwen on the couch.

Ben sat on the loveseat while mouthing to Kevin, "You are so dead!"

Kevin merely grinned and stuck out his tongue, wrapping his arm around Gwen's shoulders.

Kevin smiled at Gwen, who had fallen asleep snuggled against him. Ben was curled up in the loveseat, snoring softly. Kevin let out a soft chuckle. 'He's never quiet...even when he's asleep...' He glanced at his watch and sighed. 'Dang...gotta go meet that guy about that tech...' Slowly, he began to get up from the sofa. Gwen started to slump over and Kevin quickly caught her, gently easing her into a lying down position, resting her head on one of the pillows. He carefully pulled her legs up onto the couch and slipped her shoes off of her feet. She shivered a little. ' is kinda cold...' He pulled the blanket off of the back of the sofa and draped it over her. He knelt down and tucked the corners of the blanket softly around her shoulders. "Goodnight, Gwen." He whispered, allowing his lips to linger on her cheek for a moment before drawing back. He glanced at Ben, who was twitching and mumbling something, his hand flicking back and forth. 'Dreaming about fighting aliens no doubt.' Kevin grinned as he walked over and pulled Ben's shoes off. Ben swatted agitatedly at some dream opponent and Kevin suppressed a laugh. 'Knucklehead...' He thought affectionately, wrapping a blanket around Ben's shuddering shoulders. Almost immediately, Ben calmed down and his head sank into the pillow. The slightest smile spread across his face. 'Guess he got whoever he was fighting...' Kevin gently ruffled his hair and planted a very quick, brotherly kiss on top of the younger boy's head. "Goodnight, Ben." With that, he turned and walked quietly out of the house.

Ben groaned and opened his eyes just in time to hear the door close. "Huh...?" He looked around. "Hey, Gwen? You awake?"

"Hmm?" Gwen looked up, blinking her eyes blearily.

"Where'd Kevin go?"

"He said something about making a deal with someone for some alien tech tonight..." She buried her face in the pillow and closed her eyes again.

"Did your mom tuck us in?"

"Don't think so. Mom and Dad are out all night..." Gwen closed her eyes. "Maybe it was Kevin..."

"Kevin?!" Ben snorted and started to drift off again. "Not a chance..."

'Where is he?' Kevin paced back and forth, drumming his hand impatiently against the brick wall of the abandoned alley. 'I can only stand the smell of garbage for so long!' He checked his watch and groaned. 'Two AM?! Come on already!'

"Hello, Kevin..." A voice drawled from the darkness.

Kevin spun around. "Hello? Who's there?"

"I'm glad you showed predictable...always ready to make a quick dollar..."

Kevin was starting to get annoyed. "Look, I've been waiting around here for two hours! I could be doing something else, you know! Either come out where I can see you or I'll just take my merchandise and leave."

"Very well..." The voice chuckled a little. "How impatient..." The sound of metal footsteps could be heard. Then, a familiar mask became familiar in the darkness.

"Darkstar!" Kevin absorbed the brick of the wall and got into a fighting position. "Maybe it was worth coming here! I've been wanting to beat you down so much!"

"Now, now. Let us not be hasty, Kevin." Darkstar held up a metal-gloved hand calmly. "I have proposition for you."

"You mean like the last one? No thanks! In case you haven't noticed, I'm human again!" Kevin smirked a little and took a step forward, brandishing his fists. "I'll make you a deal: Hold still and I'll make this as quick as possible!" A beam of dark energy pinned him against a wall. Kevin scrunched his eyes shut as he felt that all-too-familiar sensation of having his life drained from his body.

"I'll do the talking here." Darkstar snarled before dropping Kevin. "I believe that this deal will be one of interest for you. It concerns your friends."

"What about them?" Kevin growled, immediately defensive.

"Well, I assumed that you wouldn't want anything...unfortunate happening to them." He traced a hand casually along the brick wall. His mask hid a grin of pure glee.

Kevin took a step forward and grabbed the front of Darkstar's suit. "You touch them, and you'll wish you've never been born!" He was pinned to the wall by another burst of draining darkness. 'Ugh...'

"I think we both know that you have no chance of defeating me." Darkstar lowered his hand and let Kevin collapse onto the ground. "I could easily kill you right now. However, that wouldn't be any fun. Would it?" He knelt down next to Kevin and regarded him with disgust. "You've caused me a lot of grief, Kevin. You made it possible for Gwen to escape me the first time and you took away my humanity the second time. I would like nothing more than to make you suffer as I have suffered." He picked up Kevin by the neck and pressed him against the wall. "That is the merchandise I seek: Your slow and painful death."

"That won't come easy..." Kevin managed to choke through Darkstar's strong hand.

"Hey!" Darkstar took a step back and held up his hands in a false appeasing gesture. "I'm willing to pay full price! Allow me to slowly absorb your energy until you die, and I promise to leave Ben and Gwen alone!"

"What?!" Kevin's eyes grew wide. "You've gotta be kidding me! I'm not making any deals with you! One, only a complete idiot would allow someone to slowly kill him! Two, you can't hurt Gwen and Ben. Three, even if you could, and I agreed, I don't trust you to keep your word! No deal!" He folded his arms stubbornly.

"You need to look at things from a different point of view, you naïve child." Darkstar spat, folding his arms as well. "One, I could kill you quickly right now. I know you know this. Letting me kill you slowly will give you a few days to get your affairs in order. Two, I can hurt Ben and Gwen. If you said no to the deal and I killed you now, there would be no one to put them on their guard. I know where they live and could drain them to the death at any time. Three, if you don't agree, I'll kill you and then I'll definitely kill Ben and Gwen." He smirked from under his mask. "How does the deal sound now?"

Kevin started to pant fearfully. Darkstar had a point. He could kill Kevin right quite easily. 'I can't help Ben and Gwen dead...' And he was going to be putting Gwen and Ben at risk by just giving up here and now. 'Besides...' He thought sadly. 'I do have some issues to settle...' He bowed his head and allowed the brick outer coat to fade. "Alright, have a deal..." He closed his eyes and braced himself.

Darkstar smiled evilly. "Excellent..." He took a step forward. "Well? Don't you want to shake on it?"

Kevin looked up and, trying not to look too terrified, held out his hand. Immediately, Darkstar caught his hand in a tight grip and black energy surrounded them both. "ARGH!" Kevin felt all of his strength rapidly fading. He was becoming withered...empty... He felt his soul fighting to burst out. Every fluid within his body was boiling. He was going...going... Then, he saw a light. He opened his eyes to see Darkstar taking off his mask, revealing the blonde, overly sparkly Michael Morningstar.

"My, my! Looks like you have more energy than I had originally thought..." He gazed thoughtfully at Kevin. "Meet me here every day at midnight." He started to walk away before pausing and turning back. "Oh, and if you tell anyone about our deal, you, Ben, Gwen, and your mother will suffer the consequences."

Kevin normally would have stood up to pound his stupid Edward Cullen face in. Unfortunately, he felt his vision going black and, the next thing he knew, he was knocked out completely.

'Ugh...' Kevin blinked a few times blearily.

"Bout time you woke up!" A familiar voice chuckled.

"Uh...Grandpa Max...?" Kevin mumbled, trying to sit up. He was in the Rustbucket, on one of the old recliner beds. "H-How'd you find me?" He moaned and collapsed back into the pillows. Grandpa Max put a hand on his chest.

"Easy, son. Don't move too quickly. You're in pretty bad shape." He put a pack of ice on Kevin's forehead and walked back toward the stove where some unidentified soup was boiling. "Can you remember what happened? Who did this to you?"

"It was-" Kevin cut himself off. If anyone could handle Morningstar, Max could. 'But still...can I really take that chance with Gwen and Ben on the line?' "I...I didn't see them. I was waiting for someone I was selling tech to and...someone knocked me out from behind."

Grandpa Max raised an eyebrow in a slightly disbelieving gesture. "'re never one to be taken by surprise, Kevin."

"I...I was tired. I...can't react as well if I'm tired..." Kevin lied quickly.

"Hmmm... Well, you still had your Plumber's badge on you when I found you. That's actually how I found you. Do you have everything that you had before?"

Kevin felt his pockets. He wouldn't put it past Morningstar to snatch the tech while he was down, simply out of spite. Shockingly, he still had it. 'Good thing too...' He ran a finger across the small metal orb. 'I woulda hated Morningstar to have stolen this...' It was a tiny but powerful bomb that remolded itself and returned to the owner's hand after each explosion. Grandpa Max was quick to snatch it out of Kevin's hand.

"How bout I hold on to this for you?" Grandpa Max muttered, pocketing it. "Wouldn't want it being sold to just anybody." He gave Kevin a significant look.

Kevin grinned sheepishly. "Fair enough."

"Get some sleep, son. You're gonna need it."

Kevin nodded, which caused his head to start pounding once more. He scrunched his eyes shut and fell into a restless sleep.

"Ben, I'm worried about Kevin." Gwen sighed as Ben drove toward Kevin's house. "He's been sick for over a week now and he gets worse and worse every time we visit!"

"I know..." Ben was gripping the wheel tightly. "Yesterday, he was as pale as a ghost. He hardly said anything. He just...stared at us." He shook his head slowly. "He just has the weirdest look on his face when he looks at us..."

"I know..." Gwen unbuckled her seatbelt as the car stopped. "I wish I knew what we can do."

Kevin's mom was waiting at the front door for them. "I'm sorry, you two." She said, her eyes red and moist. "He's...gotten much worse. He hasn't moved a muscle since you left yesterday and the doctors still don't know what's wrong." She took a shuddering breath before continuing. "Just...brace yourself, okay? He doesn't look like himself..." She turned and lead them into the house. "I'll bring up some soup later." She called after them as they rushed upstairs.

Gwen opened the door and walked in very quietly. She couldn't hear Kevin's labored breathing. Only the slightest disturbance in the air told her that Kevin was even breathing at all. "It's okay, Ben." She said, catching her cousin's terrified expression. "He's still alive." She knelt on one side of the bed and placed a hand on his cheek. "He's still burning up. His mom has been trying to bring his temperature down ever since he got sick and it isn't doing any good."

"Yeah...she only ever leaves his side when we come. She hasn't slept at all..." Ben eyed the sweat drenched sheets.

"Uh..." Kevin could hear voices...very far away... "Er..." He could hear them getting louder, more eager. He could faintly recognize them... "Ben..." His voice didn't sound like his own. "Gwen..."

Gwen placed a hand on Kevin's clammy hand. "Yes, Kevin. It's us." His speech had been so slurred, her name had sounded like "Gwuhennnuhn" but, she could still tell. "We're here."

"Hey, Kev! You'd better get better soon, okay?" Ben said, trying to sound upbeat and hopeful. 'He talked...that's something!'

Kevin gazed sadly at the blurred forms of his best friend and his girlfriend. He knew deep down that this would be the last time he'd see them. He could tell. Morningstar could tell. Tonight would be the night that the last of his life would be drained. Either that, or he'd die on the way back home. "I...I'm...sorry..." He tried to say, though it came out as "Ah...Aiyum....sssssohrrruh..." He tried again. "S-S-Sorryuh..." He wheezed.

"Don't apologize, you idiot." Ben muttered putting a comforting hand on Kevin's shoulder. "You'll get better soon."

"Nuh...Nuh...Nowuh..." Kevin tried to shake his head but it just lolled uselessly to one side. "Wuh..wuhont....buhtuh..."

"Of course you'll get better." Gwen whispered, feeling tears come to her eyes at Kevin's helplessness. "Don't talk like that. Just keep fighting!"

He could feel himself blacking out. He had to tell them! "Ah...Ahiyah...Aiyuh...luh...luhvuh...luh..." The blackness closed in around him and he couldn't speak anymore. 'I love you guys...'

Mrs. Levin was waiting for Ben and Gwen at the bottom of the stairs. "Listen...there's something that I found out last night. You see, I was asleep in the living room when I heard the sound of a door opening. Then, I heard Kevin's door open and close. I went upstairs and saw him sprawled across the bed, paler than I had ever seen him." She looked toward the upstairs. "It's only a hunch but I think he goes out every night and that's why he keeps getting worse. I'm planning on staying up late tonight to see if I can catch him before he leaves again."

Ben scratched his chin thoughtfully. "It may be more productive to follow him and see what keeps making him worse. I mean, if he's leaving the house in his condition, something must be going on. If we find out what..."

"We can stop him from getting worse!" Gwen finished. "Great idea, Ben!" She turned toward Mrs. Levin. "We'll get permission from our parents to stay the night, if it's okay with you."

"Oh of course!" Mrs. Levin's mouth turned upwards in a tired smile. "It would be nice to have help from you. He's also more likely to listen to you than me..." Her eyes glinted happily. "Kevin thinks the world of you two." She started to walk up the stairs.

"Let us, Mrs. Levin." Gwen said quickly. "You need to get some sleep for tonight. We'll take care of Kevin."

"Thank you, Gwen." Mrs. Levin's voice held clear relief. "Some sleep would be...very nice..." She walked toward the couch.

"Let's go back up, Ben." Gwen beckoned to her cousin as she ran upstairs.

Ben trudged slowly behind, laughing to himself. "Boy...if Kevin finds out that we played nanny for him...I'll never hear the end of it!"

I'll try to get Part 2 up ASAP. I saw the preview for the next Ultimate Alien episode could either be REALLY good or VERY terrible. I mean, THREE Bens?! One is already a mouthful! Aw well... One thing I'm happy about is that Ben didn't become Mr. Ego in the first episode like how he was in Season 3 of AF. THAT would be annoying! I loved in the preview when "Honest-Touchy-Feely Ben" was talking to Kevin in the car and was all: "We've never honestly talked about our feelings." OMG I NEARLY FELL ON THE FLOOR AND DIED RIGHT THERE!!! LOL!!! ^_^ Poor Kevin! I'm sure that'll make all Romantic Bevin fans happy! ROFL!!! One thing I'm worried about: The first episode had Ben coping with new fame. The second is going to be him trying to be in three places at once. Two of which are normal human places. I'm starting to get a vibe that Man Of Action is gonna make this a Teen Drama With a Sprinkle of Alien Fighting series... I REALLY hope not! That would completely ruin it! Anyway, see you all later! Solora out!