||Wonders of the Heart||

{.o1} {Beginnings :ღ: Julius Monrey}

In the beginning, Julius Monrey seemed like a very frightening man. He was always locked up in his Clock Tower, refusing to see anyone.

After he allowed her to stay as a guest, she began to view him in a different light. Every time she watched him fix clocks, it was like a magic being performed before her eyes.

The magic never wore off… as well as her omnipresent fear.

"Julius… am I a burden?" The cobalt haired man froze in his place, turning to face his stormy blue eyes towards her, goading her to elaborate. "It's just… I feel like I'm just in the way…"

"No, you're not a burden. I enjoy the company," Julius said with a kind smile. She gasped, taken aback by such words from the solitary man's mouth. She then couldn't help, but smile at him.

Seeing such a thing appear from her lips, Julius coughed once and told her to be quiet while he was working. She happily obeyed, watching in quiet wonder as he began his magic once again. In the beginning, she thought was a mere thorn to his side.

Like the clocks he works so hard to fix, there seemed to be a new beginning available to her - one she hoped that started and ended with Julius.

A/N Notes: Yep, I decided to do a mini drabble series.

Quite obviously they are not very long (hence drabble), but yeah, I wanted to try something different. Not sure how long I'll make it (or if any of them would be any good), but I'll try to post every HnKnA character at least once. Kay. ;]

Now who will come next? ...only I know!

Thanks for reading~