||Wonders of the Heart||

{.15} {Wonderful :: Card Soldier #5}

'The heart is a wondrous thing…'

"You know, the prime minister changed a lot." The maid's faceless companion – card soldier number five – turned his head towards her, his expression genuinely curious. The maid sighed and gestured towards the scene before them.

"Alice! Alice!" Peter cried as he spastically rushed into the queen's garden, rotating his head in all sorts of directions.

The soldier then gasped in realization. "Oh! Yes, Peter is more agreeable nowadays. I've never seen that rabbit smile so much."

"I wonder what caused such a dramatic transformation…" The question itself was superfluous. Of course, the two faceless servants knew the answer, the answer as to why everyone in Heart changed.


Once Peter had darted forward to continue his frantic search elsewhere, Alice appeared from within the rose bush, dusting off her dress and sighing in relief.

The young maid turned her head towards her companion. His whole body lay completely frozen, staring at the foreigner with eyes no one could see – the eyes she knew would be filled with longing.

"Go on." The soldier jumped at the sound of her voice, snapping himself out of his daze and turning towards the maid. "That outsider needs someone to protect her from Peter, doesn't she? Well, go on! Be her knight already."

The soldier's face suddenly lit up. He embraced the maid in gratitude and ran off towards the fair-haired maiden.

The young maid then found herself all alone. She watched the shy faceless soldier spoke to Alice, the light crimson painting his cheeks.

She laughed at herself and her behavior, unable to stop smiling despite the ache in her heart.

'The heart is a wondrous thing,' she thought absently.

It could go through so much pain just to be with the one that it truly loves… or just to see them happy.

It has the power to transform a person completely or be whoever the object of their affection want them to be – even if it kills the person inside.

It makes the most sensible do the insane, make one feel things that they shouldn't be feeling, do things they won't normally do - all for the one they love. It didn't even matter if they weren't the ones making their loved one smile or laugh. All that mattered was one thing – their happiness.

Her lips widened into a genuine smile, her clock heart ticking a little lighter when the card soldier grinned and began to walk out of her line of vision.

'Yep. The heart can be rather wonderful sometimes.'

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