Oh, what a wonderful day this has turned out to be, Allen thought smiling. It was just going to get better though. For the first time Allen had a terrible case of the butterflies in his stomach. This Christmas he had bought a person that he unconditionally loved a present.

I hope Lavi will like it, He though nervously. Lavi needed a new phone because the last Innocence mission they had Lavi was a little to careless with his hammer… again. Allen didn't think buying a new phone for him was a big deal. No amount of minutes or texts could ever amount to the love Allen had for Lavi.

Allen looked quickly to the door as everyone Lavi. He entered with that perfectly composed half smile that Allen too ,too much. His heart raced when he spotted him and smoothly, yet hastily, walked over to him. "Merry Christmas, Allen!" Lavi said when he got over to him.

"Merry Ch-Christmas." Allen replied shyly. Lavi gave him a confused look. "Something the matter?" "No, of course not! Here!" Allen said quickly. He shoved the perfectly wrapped box at the surprised Lavi. "Allen you didn't have to get me anything." "I know… I wanted to." Allen said as he awkwardly scratched his right cheek with one finger. Lavi opened it. His face in awe.

"Allen… a phone?" "Yeah, you said you needed one right?" Allen asked giving a sheepish grin. "Thanks!" Lavi hugged Allen, who nervously laughed. "I should repay you." Lavi said. "No, no it's-" "Hey look a mistletoe!" Lavi exclaimed pointing above them. "What!?"

Allen felt his feet lift off the ground. He was being held tight against Lavi. He was shocked. Lavi kissed him for a long moment as the room watched. Everyone was shocked. Lavi let go and put the flustered and blushed Allen back down. Lavi smiled. "Merry Christmas… Allen." He said and walked out of the room with more than just Allen's one original present.

"What was that about?" Lenalee asked in shock. "L-Lavi… m-mistletoe." Allen pointed up. Lenalee looked confused. "What mistletoe Allen?" Allen's head shot up to find not even the slightest tiny green decoration hanging above… only silver and gold streamers.

His mouth hung open in shock.