Leonard's New Pet

or Sheldon's New Roommate. ;)

AN: Nicole's fault. Plain and simple. :P

"Oh, no." Sheldon froze two steps into the apartment. "Leonard?"

"Yeah?" Leonard said, not looking up. He was crouched down in front of a small furry animal, waving a length of yarn in front of it's face.

"Please tell me you didn't get a cat," Sheldon said, staring in horror.

"I didn't!" Leonard replied.

"Then what is that creature on our floor?"

"It's a kitten!" Leonard said with a grin, glancing over his shoulder at Sheldon.

"A kitten is the infant form of a cat," Sheldon stated.

"But it's so cute!" Leonard stood up, holding the kitten, and held it out for Sheldon to see. Sheldon wrinkled his nose in disdain and leaned away from it.

"I named it Annie's Boobs," Leonard proclaimed, proudly. Sheldon reached an all new level of horror.

"Leonard, I really think it's time for you to start visiting some sort of specialist if you're naming cats after female anatomy. Perhaps you should speak with your mother."

"No! It's a joke. From that Community episode. Troy named his monkey Annie's Boobs. I thought it was funny."

"Mmm, yes. Hilarious," Sheldon said, dryly. "Now about this cat."

"Annie's Boobs."

Sheldon frowned. "Fine, Annie's Boobs. You can't keep it."

"Why not?" Leonard pouted.

"Because I'm not having a cat in this apartment!"

"It's a kitten!"

"It's still a Felis domestica, and it doesn't belong in here!"

Leonard stared at Sheldon for a few moments. Then he stuck up his nose and spun on his heel.

"Come on, Annie's Boobs. We're going to go play in my room where mean old Sheldon can't bother you." Sheldon glared after his retreating form. He quickly ran through the pros and cons of simply killing the cat when Leonard was asleep versus getting Leonard and Penny back together.

"Penny!" Sheldon yelled, spinning around and heading across the hall.