William Evans walked into the city saloon, wrinkling his nose slightly at the strong smell of sweat and spirits.

His father followed him, keeping a close eye on the fourteen-year old boy.

Dan took Will's shoulder and whispered quickly in his ear.

"I've got business in the corner, you get yourself only a shot of whiskey, don't want your mother to see you come home drunk"

"Yes pa"

Will sat down at the bar and ordered his whiskey, feeling proud that his father trusted him enough to let him drink, even if it was only a shot.

He chanced a look to the corner, where his father was in deep conversation with two dark men.

His shot arrived, and he gulped down the burning drink, relishing the stinging in his throat.

He smiled, looking at the tiny glass.

His first whiskey.

Will felt a hand on his shoulder, and saw his father's amused face.

"You like your first shot, son?"

He smiled at his father.


I know it's short, but I just wanted a cute one-shot :)