AN: Okay I know I said I wouldn't write Twilight anymore. But this may be my last fic. I can't leave a 'Saga' with only two fics. I don't have it in me. So just for you guys who love the Blood Saga, you are! The Blood Saga: Shift Moon!

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It was in all the papers. Well, all the major papers. And some small clippings in things like school newspapers.

'Crazy Teens Pretend to be Hero's'

Carlisle was reading the paper when Alice and I walked by and saw it on the front page. Josh was sitting eating his breakfast, reading it quietly.

"Ella you see this?" He mumbled with a mouthful of food.

I stopped on my way out and turned back to see.

Carlisle lowered the paper and turned to see before I could. "Oh yes this group. They've been on the news a lot lately." He mumbled.

Alice hopped over to my side, wrapping her arms around my waist, I slipped my right arm around her shoulders. "Who?"

"A group of kids. There's one older one, a slightly younger one, and two children. They could just been thirteen, the two young ones I mean." Carlisle answered.

My brow furrowed. "Hmm, I'll have to look around for them." My curiosity had been peaked. Emmett, he loved computers. He must have some ideas on who they are.

Kristoffer and Emmett sat before one of the computers in the study. Alice's twin brother laughed as he searched through the sites, Emmett handing out ideas.

Alice was at my side when I looked around, I had been standing outside. "Why are you so interested in these guys Bella?" She asked curiously.

"I dunno." I shrugged. But since I heard more and more about them, I honestly wanted to know. They weren't normal kids, I knew that much.

"Can you see anything if you concentrate?" I asked suddenly.

She closed her eyes for a moment. Then shook her head. "No. It hurts to try."

"I'm sorry." I mumbled and kissed her forehead. She giggled and hugged me around the waist.

"Hey Bella! I think we found them!" Kris called out to us.

It had been at least three months since we killed the rest of the stray's, since we let the tigers into the pack, Since Alice almost killed Pam,….twice.

Pam,…she was still technically after me. Took every chance to talk to me when Ali wasn't around. Wasn't brave enough when she was around.

Adam and Ollie were inseparable, and usually always around Alice or I. They were outside playing with Esme and Rosalie. I didn't know Rose had a soft spot for kids.

Speaking of Rose, she was getting more and more comfortable with me.

I entered the study with Alice at my side. "Who are they?" I asked quietly.

Kris turned, grinning at me with his pearly whites. "Meet Team Kick-Ass!" He chuckled, turning back around.

I looked over their heads to see a myspace page. "They made their own myspace page?"

"Oh yeah. They find pictures people take of them and upload them." Emmett grinned as he took the mouse and scrolled through the page.

"Names?" Alice asked in her silver bell voice.

"Captain Something, The Wolfman, and Little Deaths." Emmett read off.

"Captain Something?" Alice and I questioned together.

Kris and Emmett howled with laughter.

I leaned in for a better look.

Captain Something, wore a bandit mask with the small screens over the eyes. He wore a long necked black sweater with no sleeves, two swords strapped to his back. His hair was dark brown and curly. In an action picture of himself he wore black army cargo pants with black military boots.

The Wolfman, wore a wolf shaped helmet that covered the top of his head. He wore a blue shirt with no sleeves, fur covering out to the shoulders. He had one sword strapped to his back. In his action pictures he also wore black cargo pants and black boots. His arms were covered in silver gauntlets.

The Little Deaths, wore half a skull mask covering their upper face. They looked to be two young twin boys. They wore black long sleeved shirts with skeleton hand gloves. They wore black mono converse in their action pictures with what looked to be small silver poles at their waist's. They wore black shorts.

The picture above their profile was Captain Something standing at the front, arms crossed, Wolfman to his right and the Little Deaths to his left.

Hmm,…Meet Team Kick-Ass.

"Bella come on! We have a wedding to plan, remember?" Alice whined.

"Alice calm down. How could I forget. It was me who asked you to be my wife in the first place." I laughed and hugged her, kissing her cool cheek.

We were in our room, Alice had pages and pages of dresses from magazines spread across the room. I already knew what I wanted to wear so I wasn't stressed. It's traditional for the 'man' to wear black after all isn't it?

"You're as obsessed with those kids as everyone else." She pouted, she was so cute.

"No I'm not." I assured her. Something just felt odd about them. I would find them somehow and figure it out. I wanted answers.

Who can just slap on some clothes and masks and fight people off that easily?

Not anyone human.

I was sure of that.