Chapter 1: Snape's Absence

Severus woke up in his bed, his clothes thrown about on the floor. He couldn't remember what had happened last night, but he had a feeling that it wasn't good at all. He looked on his right shoulder and found that he had gotten a tattoo of a circular tribal. He didn't even like the look of the tattoo; however, he did notice some changes in his physical appearance. He noticed that he was more buff, and that his body was very warm. He didn't even want to put on a shirt, for he was so hot. He walked into the bathroom and took a cold shower.

He came out, put on a new pair of boxers and a pair of black sweat pants. Then he made his way down to his kitchen and conjured up some breakfast. He sat down and ate quietly. After he finished his breakfast, he started to do the dishes when he felt something in his heart. He looked outside and saw 5 men approach his house far away. He couldn't understand why but he ran out to greet them.

"Snape, how did you sleep?" The one in front asked.

"I guess ok. I can't remember what happened last night." Severus answered hazily scratching his head.

"That is because you are one of us." Another spoke out.

"One of what..?" Severus trailed off.

"You are one with our pack. You can come to call on us at anytime you please. Just remember one thing, to not lose your anger or you will change."

"Change?" Severus repeated bewildered.

The 3 others started to chuckle and Severus started to growl at them.

"Calm down, Severus. Remember, you are one of us now. You have our abilities to transform, immortality, invincibility, you will constantly be warm, and you will have a very short temper. Also, you will become more of a romantic type of person where you will want to protect a woman that is most appealing to you. You are of an ancient form of mystical creature that is much more powerful that the ordinary one that are portrayed in your world. We have granted you these gifts because we want you to have them, and to have someone from every part of the mystical world in our clan. Do you accept these terms?" The first one asked.

"Yes, I accept them." Severus told him.

"I accept you as m brother, and I want you to go back to your world." The first one instructed.

Severus didn't say a word, but he gave a curt bow and then he apparated to Hogwarts.


Severus appeared at the gate of his world that he knew best. He then went straight to his quarters and collapsed on his bed. He was going to start his day fresh tomorrow, for he woke up very late in the afternoon.