Woo, my first NaLu series!! Though I wrote this a couple weeks ago and just decided to put this up now... It's unfortunate, because I'm sort of stuck with spring fever, you see... XD I can't stand doing one thing for more than five minutes, so I honestly haven't gotten much writing done lately. Oh well, I guess... I just have to wait for it to pass.

He had to admit, those damned eyelashes did make his face heat up incredulously. The way she'd go to brush her nose by his cheeks, and just the angle made her ridiculously long lashes flutter against his skin. It was an innocent act, but he felt like it was so dangerously seductive.

"Lucy, stop..." Natsu told her in a low voice, a shiver resounding through his body. She froze and backed away, looking confused and slightly hurt.

"W-What? Did I do something wrong?" She would inquire in that absolutely sweet, sugary voice that made candy look bitter in comparison. He shook his head and closed his hands into a tight fist. She didn't do anything wrong, oh no. In fact, it was quite the opposite. Raising her brows, she shrugged. "Then what is it, Natsu?"

The fire mage could only glance at her out of the corner of his eye, that stupid blush rising up his cheeks again. A moment later his lips connected with her temple, his own lashes fluttering closed himself. It wasn't meant to be intense like usual, but just something sweet and simple, one that could still get the point across.

Pulling away slightly, his lips hovered over her fair skin and he was pretty sure she was embarrassed, due to the slighted irritated garble spilling from her mouth. But as he sported a small, arrogant grin, he laced a hand through her blond locks.

"Stop tempting me with your eyelashes, and I'll stop tempting you with my lips," he told her, offering a deal. Lucy remained quiet, trying not to fidget too much while so close to him.

"And... If I refuse this deal?" She asked, her curiosity apparent in her voice. Cocking an eyebrow, Natsu started to massage her head lightly with his hand, knowing very well his carefully heated ministrations was one of her weaknesses. A small moan came from her lips at his action, making him smirk in success.

"You're going to be dealing with a world of trouble."

Opening her eyes slowly, Lucy revealed half-lidded brown eyes full of dulled desire. Smirking as well, she gave him a small wink.

"Bring it."