Phish Boy

Chronicles of PB and J: PB&J Issue D-0

"What did you just say?" Jason was tired and in no mood for translating Spinelli speak.

"I said how little it takes to transmogrify one's self, wouldn't you agree, Stone Cold?" Spinelli hadn't even bothered to look up from his computer screen.

"Yeah, whatever," Jason started up the stairs to take a shower and go to bed.

"Hmmh," Spinelli muttered to himself as he again watched the clip. "Maybe if I just…"

"Spinelli," Jason came running down the stairs the following morning. He needed the hacker's help to find Franco. "Let's get started…" He froze at the foot of the stairs staring in morbid fascination at the…thing sitting morosely on his sofa. "What the hell," he sputtered already turning toward the closet to get his gun. "So help me you'll pay if you've hurt Spinelli!"

"Stone Cold," the voice was rough and guttural, the creature had moved quickly and silently to stand right behind Jason, "Tis I, your loyal grasshopper."

"Spinelli?" Jason croaked, the gun hanging disregarded in his hand. He stared incredulously up at the seven foot tall, green, scaly monster with yellow reptilian eyes and flippers for hands and feet. 'What…happened to you?"

Spinelli nodded his huge head ponderously as his dermis, slimy with mucous, glistened in the light "It would appear that the Jackal acted precipitously. He was indeed right about his theories of transmogrification. Yet, in my haste to prove my hypothesis, I overlooked one vital aspect of the process."

Jason swallowed nervously not wanting an answer to his question, "What's that?" Cautiously he stepped away from Spinelli knowing it would hurt his feelings but he smelled so vile.

Somehow Spinelli's features managed to transmit his familiar hangdog expression, "How to reverse the procedure," he whispered embarrassed.

"You mean you're stuck like this?" Jason asked aghast, receiving in response a slight sad inclination of the giant fish head.