Hello everybody! Well, this is kinda weird what I'm trying to do now. I think I would've gone insane if I didn't do this. But here it is.

Behold, the first blog fanfic of Touhou! Really!

The downside is...the host is Raim itself...

*sigh* Yeah, I know. He can be a prick sometimes, and the fact that Glid is inside his mind doesn't help.

Well, you gotta deal with him. Then, let's start shall we?

(WARNING: This part of the fic will break the fourth wall and it's barely, but BARELY connected to "Human of the Other Side". Safe to say, some stuff said will be canon while others won't. Don't worry, I'll manage to put the cast of Touhou here too. Also, some stuff that Raim will say are NOT part of my persona. He's...an inverse part of myself...which I torture in the original fic. So yeah. Let's begin.)

*sigh* Why am I even doing this again? Oh right...somehow the guy upstairs decided to pull some strings and...well, here I am. Against my will.

Goddamnit Heraklinios. Can I have a little time for myself?

Well, since I'm not going anywhere, I think I should just start this...

Now, if you're asking where the heck am I, I'll tell you. Since Kyoji moved here, he brought an HP laptop with Wi-fi connection and a really good rate of speed. And somehow, Internet signals can pass through magical borders made by " a certain manipulative bitch". Or did she just made this intentionally? Does she have a computer? I dunno. I'm just here because of him. So yeah. I got Internet connection here at Kyoji's house. For better of for worse, I hope Reimu doesn't find out what I'm going to write here...

Anyways, I was forc-... I mean, I chose to made this stupid blog that I didn't even want to , I don't even know I managed to made one in such a short time! Anyways, the guy upstairs ordered me to build this blog to answer his...loyal viewers questions. *chuckle* Like that ever happen...

And yes, the guy was so lazy that he ordered me to build this in his stead! Thank god neither Glid not Kraid are hearing this. Glid would just mock me how stupid I look and Kraid...well honestly I don't know what he would say.

So let's see...Here in this site, getting attention for a Touhou fic is hard. Really. People like WillieG.R. have written so long fics and yet, he doesn't get as many reviews as he should get. Seriously, can we get a little attention? That's when he decided to make me do this, to attact some sort of attention to us.

Well, enough of my ranting. Time for the rules. Although I prefer to screw them...LittleKuriboh, you are a god for creating that catchphrase.

If you have any question about myself, the guy upstairs, what do I think about everyone around me or if I dislike what has happened to me so far, just send a PM or send your question via review. The bastard upstairs would love that...*mutter* *mutter*

Well, I'm off. Reimu will get pissed if I don't return with the groceries that she was supposed to buy...I think I'm the reason she's getting this lazy...

Well, as Raim has said, feel free to ask. And maybe you could share something about yourselves too. Like I said (or wrote) a moment ago, don't be shy.

Ask to your heart's content!