Oh, hello there.

No, I'm not Hanta. Not Lemat either.

And this has gotten quite desolate, am I right? *sigh* It was doomed to end, after all.

Quoting Highlander, "There can only be one". I'm still surprised this place still stands, even after Hanta crashed Gensokyo into reality. It should be gone by now.

Oh, I'm sorry. I'm not explaining myself correctly. This space...this Q&A realm, if you wanted to call it that, is not meant to be. In fact, it is fake, only born to satisfy the ego of the now deceased author, may his, I have no contempt for humans of his caliber.

Anyways, where was I? Ah yes.

This place will be gone for good. Its purpose, meaningless. But, I guess I could...humor the ones that were last. Consider it the last supper of this page.

Let us see...

...Left 4 Dead? Hm, ah yes, you young humans love video games these days? Well, I'm not sure if Hanta likes that genre. As far as the flies tell me, the only games he became involved with were fighting games, like Street Fighter.

Surprised I know about Street Fighter? Please, human, everyone knows about Street Fighter. Even gods. I mean, its cultural influence is, from my point of view, one of the few savageable cultural things that Japan should be proud of.

What else is here?

...Feng Shui? I apologize if I'm not getting your name right. But let me be clear:

I don't think he won't have insane time anymore. More irritable, yes, but not to that extend. But how should I know? I'm not god.

If you are interested, "Lemat" has actually more meaning that "Glid". "Lemat" could be pronounced as "Le Mat" as in "The Fool" in French. Ah, I miss the renaissance. An era where that ethnic group flourished in art.

...Human, he is dead. I don't think there's more to say about that.

And with that...I'm done humoring you.

"Lucifer-sama, may I ask if you are done?"

Why yes. We should go now, Beelze.

And with that, may this place...become non-existent...