Espionage, a Harry Potter FanFiction Set in Early DH, before Bill & Fleur's Wedding

ESPIONAGE: an individual obtaining information that is considered secret or confidential without the permission of the holder of the information.


The Order Of The Phoenix Faculty Roster


SPY #: 09

Name: Jennifer (Jenny) Quinty Status: Muggle

Recruited: 8/31/10 Recruiter: Nymphadora Tonks

Characteristics: Long blond hair, usually in a ponytail, green/blue eyes, very fit. Likes to cook, splatter paint and rock climb, all of the listed activities above are Muggle hobbies. Partakes in some kind of Muggle physical fighting, called Karate. These practices have made her dangerous without a weapon. Height: 5'6'', Weight: 110 pounds, Age: 15.5 years. CANNOT USE ANY TYPE OF MAGIC. Further investigation may be needed to understand Ms. Quinty because her way of life is different than ours. Detailed Medical File can be found in the Medical Records of The Order Of the Phoenix Faculty Division.

Mission Log: To Be Updated…



8/24/09 (past flashback)

6:30 p.m.

Summer going into Hermione's 6th year

"It was really nice meeting you, Hermione." I told her earnestly as we sat in plastic lawn chairs in her parent's back yard, watching fireflies twinkle randomly into the growing darkness. The heat was making the air muggy, and I could hear mosquitoes whining out in the tall grass. My parents were supposedly friends of her parents from Dental School. I thought that I was going to be stuck with a kid wearing headgear 24/7 when my parents told me that we were going to have a three day get together, but Hermione had been really fun to be with. We had spent the past three days that my parents had been in town going to markets and touring the town, talking. We would compare what our teachers were like, what the boys at our schools were like, minor and very vague details that somehow made us closer. I felt like I had known her forever.

I taught her how to cook, (somehow, she had no idea how to even make soup) splatter paint and I even taught her some basic self defense. Her eyes would get huge when I would show her new moves I had learned at karate classes on the days we didn't spend together. She hadn't even known what a black belt in karate was, so her reaction was hilarious.

"You too. I really don't meet many interesting people at my school, it was nice to talk to you. I hadn't realized all the cool stuff I was missing out on." She smiled over at me, and I rolled my eyes.

"Hermione, you go to a private school in the boondocks, you don't need all the junky little hobbies I have. Most kids who go to private schools are really smart, like you. With smarts comes a personality." Hermione laughed.

"That is so not true, and you know it." I shrugged, and she laughed again as we watched the stars slowly appear for awhile. A cricket chirped loudly, and an owl replied. "I'm really going to miss you. It gets lonely and really intense at my school." She said abruptly, and I looked over at her. Hermione was watching the stars with a fixed gaze.

"You can always write, I'm just a postman away." I said, but she just sighed, looking down, yet incredibly torn, like she had a bigger responsibility that didn't suit her resting on her shoulders. I instantly felt slightly protective of her.

"I don't mean to sound…creepy, but I'm going to worry about you." Hermione said slowly, and I laughed.

"Hermione, it's not like I can't protect myself against the boogeyman under my bed. You know I can kick any scumbag's arse that I need to, and that includes bastards you run into as well. You get word to me and I'll make sure that they sod off." I said lightly, but Hermione didn't laugh. Instead, she sat up and turned crosslegged to face me. She looked like she was choosing her words carefully.

"I need you to take what I'm about to say without question, and just promise to do what I ask." She said quickly, and I frowned but nodded. Was she going to try to convert me or something? "I'm different, if you haven't noticed. Odd. Our 'worlds' aren't the same, and there are bigger threats rising in my 'world' than you can imagine. So please, please, if you ever need any kind of help, help with something you can't manage on your own, please just say Pidgewedgon." She looked at me expectantly, and I couldn't help but chuckle.

"Pidgewedgon? I've never heard such a…interesting name before. But I promise you that if I can pronounce it right, I'll say it if I ever need help, no matter how…odd it may seem." My curiosity was fully spiked, but I squashed it the best I could. I didn't know if Hermione was going to get a laugh off of this later, because there was no possible way she could hear me say that word if I was in trouble anyway, but I didn't care. I doubted I would ever need to even use it. If I could body slam a full grown man, I could take care of my self. Hermione looked realistically relieved, so maybe she was actually serious. I tucked the name into my memory and promptly forgot it.

"You just eased some of my worries. There is a really bad, evil man gaining power in my 'world' you could call it, and he has many followers that may look normal in your 'world', but they are bad, very bad. If you see a black skull tattoo on their left forearm or they are carrying what look like sticks, get away as fast as you can." Hermione looked so worried that it started to worry me. She was either a really good actress, or she was serious. Was this some sort of Death/Eco cult? Killing people with sticks as in clubs? My mind whirled with questions, but I simply nodded, leaned back and examined the sky.

"But you have to promise to write me if you need a professional body guard, or someone to kick some arse. Don't forget to practice the moves I showed you." I said, and she smiled again, like she knew some sort of joke that I didn't.

"If I ever need to use those moves, I will execute them perfectly." She said firmly, almost determinedly, watching the sky with me.

"Will I see you next summer?" I asked her, and she shook her head, looking saddened.

"I honestly can't say. But if I randomly show up at your door, I'll expect to learn how to cook some more; and that splatter painting stuff was fun." She said earnestly, getting out of her chair. "Take care of yourself." Hermione said seriously after giving me a hug. "Don't forget what I told you. Pidgewedgon is the word." I laughed and nodded, and waved before walking through two backyards to get to my house. "Write!" I called, and she smiled and waved back.


Hermione never wrote, and early in the summer of 2010, her parents disappeared. I wondered if it had something to do with that cult she told me about, especially because they were escorted from their house by a tall African American man with a stick, but if I wanted to investigate, there was nowhere to turn. It was like they had vanished off the face of the Earth.

A basic introduction into how Jenny met Hermione. It's hard finding a way to explain wizarding stuff as if I was restricted in what I could tell a Muggle, but I'm trying my best. The next chapter will be better, and hopefully longer, I promise.