Not In Blood, But In Bond



2:09 p.m.


My little brother, Teddy Lupin, was currently nestled comfortably in my arms as I sat on the cliffs, watching the ocean and listening to his quiet breathing. I hadn't felt the true and fierce need to protect someone in a while, but Teddy was now the top of my list. He was a Metamorphagus, and it was adorable to see him changing all the time, even though subtle hints of Tonks and Lupin still showed in his appearance.

Considering I wasn't truly related to Lupin and Tonks, not technically, they made me one of the family for good; they made me Teddy's godmother. For some reason, he loved me as much as I loved him, and Teddy was only a baby. If he was fussy, I could always calm him down. That's why we were outside, I had taken him for a walk to stop his fussing, and as soon as we got away from the house he quieted down. I just didn't have the heart to go back inside. Lupin was overjoyed, almost stupefied, like he hadn't grasped it yet. He was also brooding, even though he tried not to show it. I knew why, everyone did. Lupin was so worried that his son was going to be a werewolf. Thinking about it made me shudder, picturing a little wolf puppy and knowing it was Teddy. I didn't want that for anyone, and if it were to happen to Teddy…

Speaking of, Teddy himself gurgled in my arms, and I shifted him slightly, then picked him up and held him against me facing out, so he could see the ocean. He was such a new baby, only two days old, but he would love to stare at things, like he was analyzing them. His hair turned the color of the water, and I chuckled, kissing the top of his head. It was like his little brain couldn't hold onto the color of the water, and it floated up into his hair. Teddy nestled into my stomach and kicked his little legs gleefully.

"Jenny!" Some shouted from the house, and they sounded panicked, desperate. I turned away from the ocean and walked off the cliff to see Draco dashing over, wand drawn. He passed through the gate, out of the protective spells to join me. He immediately took my arm and started to pull me back to the house. I shifted Teddy around and held him close, pulling out of Draco's grasp.

"Draco, what's wrong?" I asked, and power-walked when he started to, putting a hand on my back to usher me along. He didn't answer, even when we were back inside the Fidelius Charm. "Draco, stop." I planted my feet and with some effort, stopped us. Teddy let out a tiny whimper of distress, so I patted and rubbed his back as Draco hesitated, his face full of indecision.

"I-" He started, but Lupin dashed out the front door and came over to us.

"Jenny, thank Merlin-" he abruptly stopped and hesitated again, as Draco had. I handed him Teddy, then looked at both of them for a moment.

"What's wrong, don't tell me nothing is wrong, because both of you are freaking out, and it's really starting to worry me." I insisted, and when Draco stepped cautiously forward and put a hand on my shoulder, it sent anxiety flying through me.

"Jenny…I have some bad news…really-bad-news. I'm so sorry," He said slowly, and I shuddered, quickly closing my eyes. Ever since I had returned to Shell Cottage, I had been paranoid, along with my other problems. I couldn't help but picture all the things that had gone wrong. Why was so many bad things happening to me? "Jenny?" I heard him ask, so I looked at him, taking a deep breath.

"Just tell me," I said quietly, steeling myself as Draco seemed to take a deep breath too. "It can't be that bad, it can't be any worse than what I just went through." I tried to sound convincing, but the look on his face after I said it made my stomach twist.

"Jenny…they were having a memorial service for your death, your parents, your old friends and family, your old boyfriend." He swallowed as I looked at him, unsure of what to say. "Death Eaters showed up…and they killed everyone except for Brian…and he's missing. I'm sorry Jenny, I'm sorry." He ended painfully, and I just kept staring at him with a blank stare, my mind screeching to a halt. He had just said that…my family…was dead? All of my friends?

Death Eaters killed everyone I ever loved when I was a normal Muggle.

The thought slammed into my brain, making me gasp and stumble back a step. Draco slowly stepped forward and put his hand back on my shoulder. His silver eyes were full of nothing but sympathy. "I—wha-what?" I couldn't even get the words out. Draco cautiously and slowly took me in his arms. I didn't move, just stood there, eyes closed against Draco's chest. He was trembling just a little, I could tell because I was perfectly still; like I had been petrified.

Then I started to envision what would have happened…My parents would have insisted that it would have taken place outside; they would always complain how I spent more time outside then I did indoors. It probably would have happened around my…my grave, and I could just picture a grassy hilltop, the sun beaming down strongly, a slight breeze, and everyone I had ever cared about standing around, remembering. Then they would come from nowhere, Apparating and…and-

I shoved Draco away and walked stiffly toward the ocean, then shuddered to a halt. I looked up at the sky, picturing the flashes of green light, the screams…and what about Brian? Draco said they didn't find a body…

Rage made my vision flash for a moment, harsh uncontrollable rage erupted from deep inside, all the rage and anger I had felt in my month being prisoner, and new rage, a fury that sprung from nowhere. My family: dead. My friends: dead. I had told Hermione this once before, but just in passing: my parent's weren't my own, I was adopted, handed over as a baby. I wasn't related in blood to anyone, anyone that I knew. All the bonds I had forged were broken forever.

But this was my fault. It was my fault for getting caught, for telling the Death Eaters anything they wanted to know. It was my fault for being drugged, for telling them about my past life. Now that I had escaped, of course they would go after my loved ones. I had done nothing to protect them. One thought entered my mind.

Revenge. Everyone had to be avenged. Everyone else left had to be kept safe. Without a word, I turned back around and went into the house, up to my room. Once I was there, I grabbed a bag, grabbed clothing-anything I would need, traveling around the house, ignoring questions, until a train of people followed me out of the door, and I balked, finding myself face to face with Lupin. "Jenny," he started in a low voice, but I brushed past him and back out onto the lawn. "Jenny, stop, stop and think-"

"Think about what I'm doing? Damn it, Lupin, don't you understand?" I shouted, turning sharply on my heel as his words fanned the flames of anger. "They want me, and everyone," I closed my eyes for a second, "everyone who's even heard of me is dead. He went for the easiest targets, but damn it, I'm going to hunt down every single Death Eater, and I'm going to kill every last one with my bare hands."

"Jenny, your anger I understand, but you aren't strong enough. It's barely been 2 weeks since you got back, you can't repeal a month's worth of damage in half the time!" Lupin handed Teddy to Fleur, who gave him to Tonks. He watched our exchange sleepily, it was about his nap-time. Just for the briefest moment, I pictured a Death Eater with his wand pointed at him, and I snapped.

"Not-not strong enough, Lupin? Not strong enough? Was I not strong enough to stay in that cellar and be force fed Veritasereum and be beaten, Lupin? Was I not strong enough to completely change my life because of Death Eaters? Did I lack strength when I finally let go of my past life to agree to be your daughter, and Teddy's godmother? Sod off, Lupin, you can't tell me one bloody word about strength." I said this all softly, dangerously, taking deliberately slow steps forward, until we were right in front of each other again.

"You can't leave here alone, not without a wizard. You need magic to keep you safe in transformations, to provide for you, and to protect you." Bill spoke up bravely as Lupin just looked at me in shock. This was the first time I had sworn in his face ever. Usually I kept my cool, composure was my thing.

"I'll go; I wouldn't let her leave without me anyway." Draco said, putting a light hand on my shoulder when I went to step forward to punch in Bill's face. I jerked my shoulder away from him and turned around, meeting his gaze coldly. He lifted his hands, almost in surrender, even though his wand was in his hand. I realized I was in what he had called 'survival mode', I had almost kicked his ass without another thought.

"I'm going to kill them no matter who comes with." I said fiercely.

"Jenny, zat ees so…strong of you, no? Perhaps-" Fleur's tone made my sensitive temper explode again, making her take a step back, and Bill put an arm around her and glare at me.

"Strong? Everyone I used to know is dead. Imagine, Fleur, your parents, all of your friends, from France and from here, everyone you ever loved is gone, murdered for no reason only to hurt you. Can you imagine that? I didn't think so." I snarled at her from behind Draco's arm, then turned and stalked towards the gate. After a few tense minutes of me glaring at the surrounding ocean, Draco came over, a bag over his shoulder, wand in one hand, a cauldron in the other. I raised an eyebrow as he handed me a bag, but I took it, and then let him take my arm. We Apparated, and appeared on a non-descript hill in the middle of nowhere. "I'll need to go into a Muggle town eventually." I told him coldly, and he frowned.

"What for?" He asked, and then looked like he regretted asking. I must have still looked furious.

"I'll need some weapons. You wizards have a wand, poison maybe. Muggle's have guns, knives…" Draco looked at me for a long moment. He looked torn, like he wanted to say something, but didn't have the balls.

"So you are going to be a murder now, just like that?" He asked softly after awhile. I looked at him, and for the first time, felt sadness. I closed my eyes as they smarted and tears started to fall. I hated the feeling on my face, I had cried enough.

"Not just a murderer. An assassin." I opened my eyes and stared at him fully for a minute before striding away, too emotionally damaged to convey anything more.

Espionage is now…finite. However, there will be a sequel…so look around for it, please! Jenny will for sure get some 'Muggle Tools' and do what she currently thinks is right: go assassinate some Death Eaters to avenge the deaths of all of her Muggle friends and family. Assassin (what the sequel will be called) will for sure take us into the second war, and will show you all just how strong a Muggle can be.