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Chapter 1 A new body a new name

Ayanami the Chief of Staff for the Black Hawlks is a feared man by all who are alive and heard of his name. Today he was alone on a stroll because of a forced day off by a chairman. Mummbling swear words in all languges he made his way through the city surounding the military school. He knew he needed the day off but hated it at the same time. Thats when he stopped and saw a small child running. Her shoes where worn and her clothes worn as well. She was looking behind her small shoulder when she ran right into his leg falling backwards.

Girl: I'm so sorry!

She got up and looked over her shoulders for what had been chasing her. Ayanami saw that look in her eyes that look of scard and sadness. the memory came back of a small girl with a bright silver soul. She had the same color. He came back and felt something not right in the air. He pushed the child behind him. Two men came up sly grins on their faces showing they had evil entinions for the girl.

Girl: Please,sir. Don't let them hurt me or take me away.

She had tears in her eyes. He sighs and looks at the men who stiff apon feeling his glare. They turn around to see the girl clinging on to his uniform. They run away knowing the battle was lost and that they would be dead if they try to harm her now. He turned to her making her let go and asked.

Ayanami: Whats your name?

Girl: Tsuki.

He looked at her and was heading back to the fort when he said

Ayanami: fallow me Tsuki.

She fallowed with no complaint. She keep up with his long strides. Her face was calm and showed no emotion as he brought her into the military string hold before the fort that was his unit's. He took her abord and was greeted by maid and servents at his room. he pushed her forward a bit and sgave to order.

Ayanami: give her a bath wash her clothes and dress her.

She was taken away by the maids as he sat down at his desk and closed his eyes to rest in the darkness of the room. He sletp for hours when a maid woke him up.

Maid: She is dressed Ayanami-sama.

He woke and saw her in a dark purple dress her hair tied in a silk ribbion and her eyes looked gental. He nodded and put his cap back on and took her to the comand room. Where only 5 men waited, Hyuuga, Kuroyuri, Haruse, Katsurugi and Yukikaze. She hid behind his coat and looked shy. He almost smirked when she keep her little hand curled into fist on his coat. She peeked from behind his coat to see a black haired man with shades eating a lollypop bend down to meet her hiegth. She just went back to hiding.

Hyuuga: Cute she is shy.

Ayanami: Her name is Tsuki.

Kuroyuri glared at her from the comfort of Haruse's arms. He did'nt look of this girl. HAruse just blinked at the chibi who was hlding on to Ayanami. Some how Haruse knew this wasn't going to be good. Hyuuga made a mental note to ask ayanami why he brought her on board. but that could wait till night.