Spencer Hastings And The Fantastical Host Club

Chapter One:


I had one question. Why? Why had my air headed step-sister forgotten her key this morning? Why did Harry have to go on a date today, when he was the only staff who was suppose to be working? Why did that air headed step-sister I had mentioned earlier have to be obsessed with the Ouran Host Club? Why? Okay. Maybe it wasn't just one question. Maybe it was a few. But they were all along the same line so it didn't matter. Why? I think angels up in heaven were messing with me. Do you see me even though you're in heaven father? Do you see who mom decided to marry? Do you? If so, can you strike him dead or something? I know, I know; it isn't nice to ask people to strike someone dead. But this guy? Really? I guess mom was lonely. I just wish she had married that nice guy from her work instead of the idiot she did marry. Yeah, yeah; it isn't nice to call people idiots. Sorry. But Japan? He had to move us to Japan? Right. I haven't introduced myself.

Last name; Hastings, like that one character from Pretty Little Liars. First name; Spencer, like that store in America. Where I no longer live. I guess I should explain myself or something. I'm 15 years old and a freshmen. My father was diagnosed with leukemia when I was three, and battled until I was 13 when he lost. I still talk to him. I like to think that he can hear me even though he's so very faraway. Last year my mom married a guy named Takenaga Horomshikai. Long last name? Yeah that's what I thought. This guy had a daughter prior to his marriage with my mom. Shansho Horomshikai. She was only a year older than me and was a sophomore. Or second year, according to the Japanese. Shansho's mom was half Spaniard or something, so Shansho had long silky black hair, almond shaped dark brown eyes, perfectly tanned skin, and a heart shaped face. I was a wallflower compared to Shansho. My hair was blond, like my dad's, I had my mothers blue eyes, and my fathers snow white skin. I was full fledged American. I was actually really shy and I didn't like talking to people I didn't know. Which was part of the reason I didn't like the Ouran Host Club. They scare me. Really. With the way they flirted with every girl they saw. Shansho loved them. So did most of my group of friends. Emi loved someone named Honey. Keiko loved someone named Mori. The other girls I didn't listen to because they fawned over them too much. Kimeiko was different. She didn't care. She had never been to the Host Club and as far as I knew, she never wanted to. Kimeiko was obsessed with anything from America. So naturally she befriended me. She loved pelting me with questions about America. She also forced people to call her Kim. She thought it sounded more American. I was the only one allowed to call her Kimmie. She had thin black hair and almond shaped golden eyes that almost always looked passive.

At the present moment I was pacing outside of Music room 3#, where the club was held. My hands were sweating and I was starting to hyperventilate. I didn't do well with people in general. The girls in my classroom said that I didn't understand how they felt because I had never been to the Host Club. I never denied it and I never confirmed it. To be honest I had been there before. And like I said it freaked me out. I was already nervous and sweating in un-lady-like places, and I was starting to seriously hate this stupid schools stupid uniform. I know. It sounds petty. But it was a dress. Back in Fresno, California, at my old school we didn't have to wear uniforms. This school's uniform was an ugly yellow frilly little thing that rich girls would probably like. I was not raised a spoiled little rich girl. I was one of the kids who ragged on the rich kids and scoffed at how much they got to spend each day. My step-father was rich. Loaded. He usually tries to win me over with money. Giving me his golden credit card and telling me I can buy whatever I want. Except, I'm one of those people who hate spending money unless absolutely necessary. That was the way I was brought up. Apparently My step-dad noticed this. Which is why he ended up giving me the gold card more than his own daughter. Mostly because he knew that I wouldn't blow it all on, 'that like, juicy, totally in, like, hot pair of Gucci stilettos.' This was not how Shansho saw it. She thought that her dad was picking me over her. Which was why she hated me so much. She tried to avoid me as much as possible, glared at me all the time, and faked older sister stuff only when my mom or her dad were looking. I was fine with it though. We had a mutual agreement. After 20 minutes of gathering my courage, I reached for the handle of the door. It hovered right above it indecisive.

"Is there something that I can do for you Miss?" A voice called from behind me. I jumped at least 7 inches in the air, and spun around, clutching at my heart. My eyes landed on a boy about my height, with short brown hair, big brown eyes, and delicate looking hands. Actually the boy himself looked as delicate as a girl. I squinted at him. He seemed familiar…Then it hit me. He was in my class. And he was apart of the Host Club. Haruhi Fujioka. Crap.

"Um...Actually yes." I smiled at him in relief, though I knew I seemed weird. I extended my hand with the key in it, "You're in the Host Club. Please, give this to Shansho Horomshikai." I smiled pleasantly at him. He gave me a questioning look.

"Why give it to me when it would be so much easier to give it to her yourself?" He asked his eyes probing. My eye twitched and I was about to explain why I couldn't go into the room of death when we were interrupted. By one of the Host Club members. I wanted to scream. Too many new people.

"Oh Haruhi! There you are! Daddy was so worried about you! Where'd you go?!" The too-pretty blond haired boy asked Haruhi as he squeezed the younger boy to death.

"Get off. I was just studying. Some of us need to do that remember?" Haruhi said as he pushed the blond haired boy off.

"Haruhi! We missed you so much!" Two voices cried in unison. The bodies that went with said voices were two twins. They were also in my class. Double crap. They both had spiky gold hair, and half closed yellow eyes. Quick Spencer! While you have a chance! Get out! Get out! Abandon mission! I was about to make my escape when I ran into someone's chest. Lovely.

Smooth Spencer. Real smooth.

Shut up.

Have you ever had your inner voice permanently tuned into the U-Suck channel? Yeah. It's not pleasant. Not at all.

"Well well, who do we have here? Are you here for the Club?" The boy I had run into asked loudly. I had the feeling that he wanted everyone to know I was there. He had dark hair and glasses. He reminded me of a cold hearted tax collector. Sorry dad. I didn't mean to judge someone by their appearance.

The blond boy looked at me and smiled. I felt my eye twitch again. Why Kimmie? I wouldn't feel so intimidated had she agreed to come. But when I asked her she just snorted and walked the other way.

"Hello my darling." He took my hand and seemingly made a rose appear out of thin air. He handed it to me. "Now come and behold all of our dazzling club." I swallowed.

I looked to Haruhi for help, "Earlier you asked me why I wouldn't do it? Do you see why now?"

"Oh Tamaki! Where'd you go? We were talking and then you just disappeared!" A horribly familiar voice sing-songed as the door opened. "Oh there you are! I thought we could-" She cut herself off as she saw him holding another girls hand. Then her gaze traveled up and she saw me. Her sugary sweet smile melted off of her face and was replaced by first shock, then anger. Man. Why me? Why'd I always have to get into these kind of situations. I dropped his hand as quick as if it had burned me. "Why are you here?" She asked in a cold voice. I knew that voice. It was the you-ruined-my-life-now-I'm-gonna-try-to-screw-your-life-up-too, voice. Triple crap. Is that even possible?

"I wasn't…I mean…I didn't come here to…But I…" Failed attempts at an explanation. I hung my head. "Here." My fist was clenched so tight around the key that my skin was straining against the bone.

Her cold dark eyes looked at my hand, and then came back to my eyes, "What is it?"

"Um…Your key. You left it on the hook this morning, and when I got home, well Harry told me he was, uh, taking a personal day, and I'm visiting with someone and I wouldn't have been back until 8:00, and you would have been stranded outside the house and I didn't want that and-" She cut me off.

"I've heard enough. Thanks." Her tone was too cold to even suggest that she was sincerely thanking me. She gave me a look that said I was going to pay later. Oh man, oh man, oh man.

Spencer, you are so totally screwed.


I shuffled my feet. "You can go now." Shansho said as she waved her hand dismissively. I heard a snort sound from behind me. I paused that sounded oddly like…I turned around. And there she was leaning against the wall in the shadows. She wasn't wearing her school uniform anymore. She was wearing a pair of black skinny jeans, a black Anarbor concert T-shirt, and a pair of All-Stars which had words on them I was sure no one could actually read. Her hair was down and completely straight. She was smoking a cigarette. She blew out a few smoke rings. Shansho looked at her and her expression turned dangerous. "Who are you?" She asked. Kimmie coolly stayed calm as she watched Shansho.

"The question is"- she paused to take another drag of her cigarette-"who are you?" She asked while blowing more smoke rings out. My step-sisters eyes narrowed. "Where do you get off treating her like she's your servant? She's your equal."

Shansho glared at her coldly, "The way I treat her does not concern you." She said in a low voice. I saw my best friend smirk.

"Oh, but it does. You see"-here she pushed off the wall and slowly strolled towards us-"Spencer is a good person. She deserves to be treated with respect." Kimmie finally reached us. She stood at my right shoulder and blew out more smoke.

Shansho's eyes narrowed, "How old are you?"


"You're so not allowed to smoke here"

"Your point is?"

"I could get you expelled."

Kimmie chuckled, "Don't think you'll get anywhere by threatening me."

"You don't care if you're expelled?" Shansho asked.

"Frankly? I couldn't give a damn."

"You have a dirty mouth."

"And you have a dirty personality."

"Do you even know who I am?!" My step-sister growled. Kimmie smirked.

"Of course." She took a long drag again, "You're that one transfer student right? The Hag form Hell?" Shansho sputtered.

"You-You…I can destroy you! Your reputation!" She nearly shouted.

Kimmie scoffed, "You can take your threats and stick 'em where the sun don't shine." Kimmie grinned at her. She was having fun.

"I can get you kicked out!"

"Yes. You do that. Because as a black belt I can just kick your ass."

"You insolent little-"

"Ooh, big words. Extending our vocabulary are we?" My sister's eyes were dangerous.

"Whatever then." She said to Kimmie and then turned her cold gaze on me. "And you. Good-Bye." She then reached in to give me a hug, which I didn't return because I was in shock. She put her lips to my ear and whispered in a low voice, "Just wait till we get home." She then pulled away and started to stalk down the hall. My shoulders slumped. I knew she'd make good on her threat. Kimmie turned towards me.

"You're coming with me for Semester break."

"Best friend say what?"

"You're coming with me. Whether you like it or not."

I furrowed my eyebrows, "But I was going to just stay holed up in my room."

" 'Zackly." My eye twitched.

"Your eye just twitched."

"I know."

"Why?" She asked even though I was fairly sure that she already knew. I stared off in the direction that Shansho had made her grand exit in and sighed.

"Why are you looking so worried?"

"I'm afraid her feelings were hurt."

"Why? If it had been you she wouldn't have thought about it twice."

"I know that…"

"Then why?"

"She's still my sister." I answered in a small voice. "And family is family no matter how horrible they are to you." Kimmie shook her head at me.

"That is always what I've admired about you." Kimmie said as she gazed at me in wonder.

"What?" I asked in confusion. Admirable? Me?

"Your ability to just forgive people no matter how bad they wronged you. You're very good at it…Although by being so forgiving, it also makes you hurt a lot more than you have to." Kimmie shook her head at me. As she was about to take another drag from her cigarette I gave her a disapproving look. She paused. "What?" I looked pointedly at the cigarette. She sighed as she dropped it to the ground and squished it out. "There are you happy now?" She asked as she glanced at the cigarette longingly.

"Very." I gave her a bright smile.

"Yeah. Whatever. Come on lets go before I end up lighting another one and then being guilt tripped into putting it out again." She grabbed my hand and started to pull me away.

"Wait!" A voice called and I paused. "Don't you two want to see the Host Club?" The blond boy-Tamaki?-asked as he pleaded with us with his eyes.

"Oh, uh, well, I… You see…" I trailed off as I tried to think of a good excuse to get out of whatever he was thinking.

"Okay Blondie. Listen up: She doesn't want anything to do with you." Kimmie said bluntly. Tamaki's eyes widened.

I furrowed my eyebrows, "Kimmie…" I gave her a look.

"What? Come on. You know that's what you were thinking." I pressed my lips together.

"You didn't have to be so blunt."

"Whatever. Tamaki right?" She asked. Tamaki nodded. "She won't tell you to shove off because that's the kind of person she is. But I'm not. So go back to your little Host club, with all of your annoying, insane, Fan Girls." Kimmie paused to shudder in horror, "And leave us alone." She started to leave again dragging me with her. I furrowed my eyebrows. I looked over my shoulder.

"Thank you Haruhi!" I called. Haruhi's eyes looked surprise. He nodded.

"No problem!" He called back. I turned to Tamaki.

"Sorry for Kim's behavior Tamaki! If it makes you feel any better she treats everyone like that when she first meets them!" Kimmie tugged me harder and we were about to round the corner when someone called out to me.

"Don't think you got out of seeing the rest of the Host Club! We'll get you next time!" Twin voices chorused. My eye twitched again. What? Well we only had one more day left until semester break so if I just laid low then I'd be fine. Right? I wasn't so sure. They seemed diabolical.

Like I said Spencer; you are so totally screwed.

And like I said; SHUT UP U-SUCK CHANNEL!!!!

My internal arguments were giving me a migraine. And the night had just started. I still had to deal with Shansho when I got home.

Oh joy.


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