Dark Truth, Unexpected Puppeteer

Prologue: A Secret Meeting

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Sakura Kaede walked into her hotel room. With a sigh, the brown haired beauty flopped down on the bed, reflecting on the day she'd had. It had started out okay: she'd gained control of Natsuru, managed to make her take on her female form (sooo much better than her natural male one), and trapped those three rebellious Kampfers: Mishima Akane, Kondo Mikoto, and her "best friend" Sango Shizuku. Sure, her white Kampfer had been slightly disappointing, losing so easily, but it hadn't really been surprising. Idiots they may have been, those red and blue Kampfers were tough. Still, everything had been going so well! That is, until Natsuru had caught sight of that stupid cell phone charm and broke free from her! God, when she got a hold of Shizuku…

"Thinking of vengeful thoughts, Kaede-chan?" a voice suddenly asked from nowhere, startling Sakura out of her thought. Faster than the human eye could see, she bolted upright, got off the bed, and whirled to face the intruder. There! Leaning against the window was an outline; it was too dark to see any kind of detail. But that voice… Sakura would never forget that voice, not if she lived a thousand years.

"Master!" she cried happily. Quickly kneeling, she suppressed the urge to glomp her master, knowing that touching was forbidden. Still, just being in the presence of her master was enough. Unfortunately, she knew that this wasn't a social visit; it never was. And she knew exactly what it was about, too.

"Well, well, well. It looks like you lost, Kaede-chan. Not to surprising, though. Those white Kampfers of yours are of such low quality. I'm surprised they even managed to stall them." Her master said, amused.

"I'm sorry, Master. I tried." Sakura said, chagrined.

"Oh, I know. But all is forgiven. You see, I never planed on your scheme succeeding."

"What!?" Sakura cried, confused. What did her Master mean, 'Never planed on her winning'?

"Silly little girl. It was all bait. Something to make them let their guard down. Your plan would only have affected Shizuku. But this way, all of them are. Understand?" said the figure. Abruptly, understanding washed through Sakura. Oh, how clever! As expected of Master!

"Yes Master. I understand."

"Do you now? I doubt that." Sakura frowned at the lack of trust. "Anyway, that's not what important right now. What is important is that you keep following the Plan. Clear?"

"Yes Master."

"Good. I'll take my leave now. Don't let me down now, Kaede-chan." With that, the figure vanished.

"Yes, Master." Sakura said to the empty room. With that, she stood up and sent a longing glance toward the bed. Shaking off the feeling, she went to the next room to wake her white Kampfers. They had work to do.