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Elena and Damon were alone now. Stefan had escaped from the basement cellar and had attacked Elena, driven mad with his bloodlust. He had come close to sinking his fangs into her while she kicked and screamed and tried to pull away from him, but Damon had pulled him off of her and fought his deranged brother.

Elena had screamed for Stefan to stop what he was doing, but he had beaten Damon into unconsciousness, his madness rivaling Damon's normally superior strength. She'd been sure that Stefan was going to kill her, but something inside of him had seemed to click - just for a moment - and he gripped his head, howling in pain. When he looked back up he appeared to realize what he had done. Stefan had taken off, leaving a crying Elena to wonder if and when he would ever return.

When Elena regained her composure well enough to move, she crawled over to Damon, who was bleeding and still unconscious. "Damon!" she called out, gripping under his shoulders and pulling until she had his upper half leaned against her kneeling body. "Damon, wake up!" she urged, her own body shaking.

Over the last few days she and Damon had grown closer together, had developed and rhythm and began to appreciate each other. She didn't want to lose him when she was finally getting to know him.

"Come on, Damon, please," she pleaded, shaking him a little.

After a moment he began convulsing, coughing up blood and gripping her shoulder with his hand around behind him. "Where is he?" Damon rasped, trying to gather himself together.

Elena was filled with such relief that she started crying again. "I don't know," she answered, shaking her head and gripping his shirt where she held him against her. "He took off after he ... hurt you."

Damon nodded, struggling to sit up. "He might be back."

Elena sniffled, worried but trying to be strong for Damon. "You won't be able to fight him again."

Damon shook his head, trying to control his coughing. "I need blood."

Elena glanced down at her wrist, feeling it twitch of its own accord. "I -"

Damon cut her off. "No. Not yours," he told her. "There's some in the basement."

Elena shook her head. "I don't wanna leave you! He could come right back," she reasoned.

Damon struggled to get up, but she made him lie back down. "I'm not going to do that to you Elena, but I need the blood. It's in the fridge in the basement, it's the stash that Stefan stole. I need you to get me a few packets."

Elena wanted to argue, but she also knew she wasn't ready to have her blood drank again, so she steeled herself and carefully slid out from under the weak vampire. "I'll hurry," she promised.

She literally ran the entire way to the basement, rushing towards the fridge and tossing items out of the way so she could open it. She gasped at the amount blood in the fridge, realizing just how far Stefan had "fallen off the wagon" without her knowing.

If you loved him as much as you said, you would have noticed, a little voice in her head told her. She pushed the thought away for the moment, ignoring the pit in her stomach and grabbing four packets of blood. She didn't know if it was too much or not enough, but she didn't want to spend another second away from him until she knew he was alright, so she slammed the fridge closed and ran back out of the basement, rushing back towards where she'd left him.

She rounded the corner and expected to see him lying on the floor, but he wasn't there. "Damon!" she called out, her body feeling numb as she stumbled into the room. She noticed a small blood trail leading away from where she'd left him, and followed it, her heart pounding, filling with dread. "Damon?"

Elena heard a groan and found him propped against the couch by the fireplace. She breathed a ragged sigh of relief, stomping over to him in a rush. "What are you doing?" she asked him, kneeling beside him and placing the blood packets on the couch by his head.

Damon opened his mouth to answer but his eyes rolled back and he couldn't hold his head up anymore. His body slackened against the couch, the light from the fire casting dancing shadows across his pale face.

"No," Elena whispered, clambering on top of him and shaking him lightly, not wanting to do him any further damage, but needing him to regain consciousness. "Damon, wake up!"

He didn't respond, so she grabbed the first packet of blood, struggling to work the spout part. Her trembling fingers worked against her, but she finally managed to get it working and grabbed the vampire's jaw, easing it open and placing the tip inside. She didn't know if he would be able to swallow, but she began to pour the blood into his mouth anyway.

A few seconds passed, and his mouth filled with blood, but it wouldn't go down. Elena panicked, but remembered reading about a boy who had fed his sick dog water by massaging his throat muscles, and after a moment's consideration she brought her fingers up to Damon's throat, rubbing awkwardly.

"Come on, please let it work," she willed, massaging his throat a little harder.

She felt the liquid beginning to move down his throat, and paused her movements, shocked and happy that it was working. "Oh, oops!" she spoke stupidly, realizing that she had stopped aiding him in drinking and immediately set back to work, rubbing his throat muscles even after her fingers ached.

The first packet emptied and she quickly opened the next one, getting ready to repeat her actions but as she placed her hands on Damon's throat she felt it twitch, and his mouth leaned towards the blood, hungry for more. She thrilled internally that he had re-awakened and simply held the blood up for him while he swallowed. He made a few attempts to take the bag from her to do it himself, but his limbs were too weak; he needed more blood, and she was feeding him the only acceptable way.

She fed him three of the packets before he had regained enough strength to hold the bag up himself. She busied herself with checking his wounds while he finished the last bag, turning his face this way and that and gently sliding the buttons of his shirt apart to check his chest.

Damon hissed when she opened his shirt and Elena forced herself to concentrate on the wounds Stefan had inflicted, and not on how inhumanly gorgeous he was, even as battered and bruised as he currently was.

"They'll heal," Damon grunted, finishing off the last bag and heaving a little.

"Are you sure?" Elena asked, her concern for him pouring off of him in waves.

Damon nodded. "They always do."

Elena breathed heavily, her head dipping forward. "I thought ... for a moment, I thought you'd ... gone and left me."

Damon looked at her, knowing that she was being completely sincere. It unnerved him, but no more than the fact that she was currently straddling his lap. That peaked his interest even through his pain and hunger. He cleared his throat, coughing a little. "I'll need more blood in a bit, but I think for now I'm good. Just need rest."

Elena nodded. "What's going to happen ... if Stefan comes back? Will he be just as ... will he still be like that?"

Damon shrugged. "I don't know. He's gone so long without human blood, it's changing him ... well, changing him back, really. There's no telling what he'll do." Damon looked steadily at Elena. "But I honestly never thought he'd hurt you, Elena."

Elena nodded, looking back at him. "You saved me."

Damon looked away. "Yeah, well ... any chance to pick a fight with the little brother."

Elena shook her head. "Don't do that."

"Do what?"

"Pretend like you didn't do a good thing," Elena explained. "I don't expect you to start walking little old ladies across the street and handing out food to homeless people, but it wouldn't kill you to admit that you didn't want anything bad to happen to me. What you did was good ... don't try to take away from that, please."

Damon looked at the fire for a long time - it felt like minutes - before he finally sighed and nodded slowly. "Fine."

Elena blinked, happy to have won that one. "Do you think you can move?"

Damon considered it for a moment before he answered, "Not just yet."

She was visibly concerned, her hand moving to rest on his shoulder. "Why? What's wrong?"

Damon spoke as earnestly as he could. "I'm having a little difficulty moving my legs."

Elena grew more worried. "Oh no. What could have caused it? Did Stefan do something? Is it 'cause I had to force-feed you the blood?"

Damon couldn't help the twinkle in his eyes as he informed her. "No ... I seem to have a growth on them ... in the shape of an Elena Gilbert."

Elena realized what he was saying and blushed. "Oh ... sorry."

She moved to get off of him but Damon's hands slid up to her hips, halting her movements. "Hey, now ... I might need your body heat. You know, to speed up the healing process."

Elena rolled her eyes, the inappropriate humor taking her mind off the severity of their situation for the moment. "That might work on other girls, Damon Salvatore, but I know all about you," she reminded him. "Including the fact that you don't need body heat."

Damon wiggled his eyebrows. "No, it's just a perk."

Elena heaved herself off of him, wondering if he would have tried to keep her there if he was at his full strength. "Come on, you should get up and move around ... get the blood pumping, so to speak."

Damon nodded, holding out his hand pathetically for her to take.

She did, but only because he looked so realistically pathetic. Elena glanced around at the room, noticing for the first time the damage that Stefan had done when he'd attacked Elena and fought Damon. They had a lot of cleaning up to do.

It had been two weeks, and still no sign of Stefan. Damon had made a habit of sneaking in Elena's window after she'd gone home and waiting for her to go to sleep. She hadn't felt safe staying at her home alone, and worried about Jenna and Jeremy, so Damon had offered to keep an eye on her, make sure she was safe.

Elena hadn't realized he'd meant it so literally.

Even when she wasn't facing him, she could tell his eyes were trained on her. He would watch her whether she was awake or asleep, invading her thoughts so much that she'd begun dreaming about him. She had grown accustomed to Stefan not being there, had realized that her feelings for him weren't as strong as she'd believed. If he ever did come back to Mystic Falls, she knew that he wouldn't become such a central part of her life again.

That place had already been filled, and she'd only then begun to realize it.

One night she rolled over to face Damon, not realizing that he'd slipped into the bed - he usually leaned against the windowsill or the wall. Her heart had almost literally skipped a beat, and she had to stop for a moment and just breathe. Finally she was able to speak. "What are you doing?"

Damon shrugged, glancing at her from where he had his head on a pillow, his hands linked behind his head and his feet crossed at the foot of the bed. "Counting the dots on your ceiling."

Elena glanced up, chuckling a little before looking back at him. "And that's entertaining?"

Damon shook his head. "Not really."

"Then why do it?" she wondered.

Damon sighed through his nose. "Because it keeps me busy, keeps me preoccupied."

Elena quirked an eyebrow, propping herself up and regarding him thoughtfully. "Preoccupied from doing what?"

Damon grinned wickedly.

Elena scoffed, rolling her eyes.

There was a moment of silence before Damon spoke again. "Actually, I'm not joking Elena ... for once."

She looked back up at him, confusion and hope in her eyes. "What?"

He shrugged, bringing his hands out from behind his head to drape over his stomach, his fingers still crossed together. "It's nothing."

Elena shook her head, moving an inch closer to him on the soft bed. "No, no," she told him. "You started saying something ... I want to know what you meant."

Damon turned his head to look at her with lidded eyes. "You know what I meant, Elena."

Another long silence passed before Elena could breathe properly. She wanted to believe that he was just teasing her again, pointless flirting or something ... but this time felt different. If she didn't know any better, she'd almost say he looked sincere.

"Despite everything that's happened, I think -"

Elena didn't wait for him to finish. She didn't want to spend another moment thinking about what could happen, and then later regretting not taking the chance. She leaned over and pressed her lips against Damon's moving mouth, stopping him mid-sound.

Damon didn't take long to respond, bringing his arms up to splay out across her back and pull her closer to him. He'd thought of this moment for so long, it was almost surreal to find it was actually happening. And the best part was, the only person he thought of while he was kissing her was Elena. Not the ghost of a girlfriend past, not the tainted love he'd clung onto for so long ... just Elena. Just beautiful, sexy, human Elena.

After a while Elena pulled back, her lips read and puffy and her eyes a bit glazed over. Damon looked similar, but had a better time collecting his thoughts and recovering from the feeling of her pressed all against him.

Elena stated, "I don't want a one-night stand, Damon. If we do this, we do it right."

Damon considered it, and though he didn't say it, he couldn't think of anyone else he'd want to do that with. He simply nodded his head, capturing her in another kiss before rolling them over so he was on top. When he pulled away to let her breathe, he couldn't stop himself from asking what would happen if Stefan came back.

He hadn't meant for it to come out sounding needy, and he hoped she didn't notice. He'd have to pull some other asshole stunt if she did ... he didn't want her thinking he'd suddenly gone soft.

Elena replied, "I'd be lying if I said I knew what was going to happen, but I know what isn't going to happen. If Stefan comes back, good or bad, I'm not getting back together with him. He lied to me."

Damon reasoned, "I lie too."

Elena nodded. "Yes, but I know when and why you lie. I can work around that."

Damon eyed her, wondering if she really knew him that well. He had plenty of time to figure that out, and since she'd declared she wouldn't be getting back with his little brother again, he dove in for another kiss, exploring every part of her body that she would allow him to that first night.

Let there be many more to come, their inner voices told them, though the only sounds that could be heard were ragged breathing and the occasional muffled giggle when Damon hit a particularly sensitive spot.

The End.

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