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Chapter Two.


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It had been nearly three months since Stefan had disappeared. Three months of looking over her shoulder, three months of explaining to Jenna and her friends what had happened - a considerably censored version of the events, of course. Three months of wondering it things would ever die down, or f the relentless questions would ever end, because she was also going on three months of being with Damon.

She was happy, and for the most part people respected that, but no one could understand what she saw in Damon, particularly Alaric and Bonnie.

She had only needed to ask herself that question once. Yes, he'd done horrible things in the past; no, he wasn't the nicest guy in the world; yeah, he drank human blood ... but Elena also knew that there was so much more to him than that.

It wasn't as though being in a relationship with her had suddenly turned him into a whole new person - which only made her respect him more - but she saw more sides of him now. She almost preferred the fact that he didn't go to school with her; it was nice to be away from him during the day, so it was much more satisfying when she saw him afterwards. Sometimes he picked her up from school to bring her right back to the boarding house, other times he picked her up at home to take her out for the evening. Her favorite nights were when he took her dancing.

He would find the most amazing places for them to go, the most hilariously themed bars or clubs, and when needed he would compel the bouncers to let her into the club, though she rarely drank enough to get drunk ... that night in Georgia had been enough.

Last night they'd gone to a cowboy-style bar two towns over, and she'd laughed harder than she had in a long time - Damon's outfit being the source of most of her laughter. Spurs, really?

Jenna had accepted Elena's relationship with Damon, as she wasn't exactly one to preach about falling for the "bad boys", but she had put her foot down about Elena staying the night at the boarding house. That didn't stop Damon from climbing in her window every night, of course.

Life was going pretty good for Elena Gilbert.

Maybe if it hadn't she would have been more prepared for what happened when she rounded the corner on her way to History one average day at school.

"Elena," he greeted, standing directly in her way.

Her heart paused momentarily, and then started pounding furiously. "Stefan."

He smiled a little weakly. "I'm back."

Elena began stepping away.

Stefan followed her, confusion in his eyes. "What are you doing?"

Elena answered, "Stefan, the last time I saw you, you tried to feed off me, and nearly killed your brother. Forgive me for being a little on-edge."

Stefan sighed. "I know, I'm so sorry about that, Elena. I wasn't myself. I never would have hurt you if I hadn't been on the human blood."

Elena remained wary. "And you're telling me you're off of it now?"

Stefan nodded. "Completely. I put myself into seclusion until the cravings stopped, and I waited until I was completely under control to come back. Elena, I'm sorry that I hurt you, and I'll apologize to Damon too. I just need to know that you still care about me."

Elena looked at the ground, feeling awkward. "Look, Stefan, if you've come back to try and get me back ... you should know I'm with someone else now."

Stefan furrowed his brow. "You're back with Matt?"

Elena shook her head. "No, not him."

Stefan ran through the list of guys that Elena knew, unable to decipher which of them Elena would start dating after he'd left. "Okay, who then?"

Elena looked away. "I'm not really comfortable discussing this with you."

Stefan nodded slowly. "Okay, well whoever it is ... I just hope they're treating you right."

Elena nodded, still wary in his presence. "Yeah, he is."

Stefan shuffled his books in his hands, motioning towards the classroom up ahead. "Well, I guess we'd better get to class."

Elena asked, "You're coming back to school? Just like that?"

Stefan nodded. "I want to pick up the pieces of my life, Elena. I want things to go back to the way they were."

They'll never be the way they were, Elena thought, but said nothing, sidetracking the classroom for the bathroom. "I'll, uh, be there in a minute."

Stefan watched her leave, wanting to follow her, but controlled the urge, deciding that he would have to use a more subtle approach to get Elena to take him back. It was all worthless if he didn't have her.


"He's back," Elena spoke into the phone in the bathroom after turning on all of the taps and moving into the stall furthest away from the door so that Stefan wouldn't hear her conversation.

She could hear Damon sit up from where he'd been lounging when she'd called him. "Stefan?"

Elena nodded, saying into the phone, "I don't know when he got back, but he's here now, at school ... he says he's cured. Says he's off the human blood."

Damon scoffed, switching hands and tossing a shirt on. "Do you believe him?"

Elena hesitated a moment, thinking. "No ... I don't know."

"Do you need me to come get you?" Damon asked her.

Elena thought about it and after a moment made her decision. "Yeah. I'll tell the office I'm going home sick for the day. I don't know if I believe him, and I don't really want to be sitting next to him right now when I'm worried about him freaking out on everyone."

Damon couldn't agree more. "I'll be there in ten."


Elena went to the office, convinced them she had a stomach ache and a migraine, told them she would come back tomorrow if she was feeling better, and grabbed her stuff out of her locker, making her way outside to wait for Damon.

He arrived in 7 minutes, hopping out of the car after he parked and meeting her halfway across the quad. "Have you seen him since you called me?"

Elena shook her head. "No, I left right after."

Damon nodded, leading her towards his car with a hand on her lower back.

Elena paused when the reached the car, turning around to face him. "He, um ... wanted to get back together with me."

Damon attempted to hide his jealousy and uneasiness, looking around before asking her, "And what did you say?"

"I told him that I was with someone else," Elena told him honestly.

Damon nodded, feeling a little better. "Did you tell him who?"

She shook her head. "No, I didn't know how he would react."

Damon nodded again, rubbing her hip with his hand. "Probably smart."

Elena thought she could hear a little antagonism in his voice, so she added, "I'm not ashamed to be with you, Damon. I'd march in there right now and tell him about us if it would make you feel more secure."

Damon scoffed, rolling his eyes. "I'm plenty secure."

"Right," Elena teased. "If you say so."

Damon walked forward, pressing her against the side of the car before devouring her mouth. A few minutes later he pulled back, smiling at her dazed expression. "As I said: plenty secure."

The two of them got into the car and drove away, oblivious to the eyes watching them from the around the corner of the furthest wall of the school.


Damon waited in the living room of the boarding house, sipping a glass of scotch. He knew his brother would eventually come back to the boarding house, and hoped it would be that night. He had Alaric on alert at Elena's house, and had even enlisted Anna's help in the matter. She was to protect Jeremy and Elena if Stefan should go there that night instead of home. It was a win-win plan, because Anna was itching to kill someone since her mother's death, and had only been holding back because of Jeremy. Now Damon had given her something to focus on.

Damon was counting on his brother confronting him. He didn't think it would take too long for the younger vampire to realize exactly who had wormed their way into Elena's heart, and when he finally did, Damon didn't expect Stefan would take it lying down. He was actually itching for a rematch.

"Hello, brother," Stefan commented from somewhere behind him, and Damon turned, actually surprised. Stefan hadn't been able to sneak up on him in decades. Almost a century.

"Well, well, well," Damon commented, sipping his scotch. "Look what the cat dragged in."

Stefan grinned, stepping into the room and eyeing Damon. "So, how long was I gone before you forced yourself into Elena's pants?"

Damon's eyebrows rose at that. "Excuse me?"

Stefan continued, "Well, obviously she didn't go to you willingly. Elena's smarter that that."

Damon shook his head with a dry chuckle, setting his now empty glass on the table beside him. "You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about."

The younger Salvatore pressed on. "I mean, I know you're desperate to get Katherine back and all, but fucking her carbon copy is a bit much, isn't it? I mean, at least I had actual feelings for her."

Damon was in Stefan's face before he could blink, gripping his neck. "You can shut up right about now."

Stefan laughed. "Oh, I'm sorry ... did I hurt your sensitive feelings?"

Damon narrowed his eyes at his brother and inhaled through his nose, sniffing the "vibes" coming off of Stefan. "You lied," Damon commented, tightening his grip. "You're not off the human blood."

Stefan grinned. "Come on ... did you really think I would be?"

"Right, silly me ... thinking you'd actually tell the truth to someone you were trying to win back," Damon retorted.

Stefan held his brother's stare, bringing his own hands up to fight him off. "Oh, I won't have to win her back, Damon. After I kill you, she'll have no other choice but to come back to me."

Damon hissed, his fangs descending, and the two began throwing each other around the room. The release of energy he felt and pounding his fists into his brother was definitely cathartic. I should do this more often, he told himself.

Stefan was stronger with human blood in his system than he usually was with the animal blood, but Damon was prepared this time, and not worried about protecting Elena while he was fighting Stefan. She was safe at home, with a vampire and a vampire hunter protecting her.

He planned on giving him the beating of his life, then shoving his ass in the cellar again - shackled up this time. Eventually he would be forced to detox from the human blood, and he would be back to his old, miserable, self-pitying, gloomy ways.

Apparently, though, Stefan had other ideas. As Damon loomed over him he shot his legs out, knocking him down and immediately jumping back up and attacking Damon.

Damon growled in response, turning to shove his fist into his brother's gut but Stefan was ready for that, and he caught Damon under the jaw with his own fist. Damon flew across the room, cracking his back into the mantle above the fireplace. He could feel his bones crack from the contact and he lay still where he had fallen, incapacitated for the moment. He would heal well enough to move in a few minutes, but he doubted that Stefan would give him the chance.

"You know, it was bad enough for you, knowing that you weren't enough for Katherine ... that she wasn't happy only having you for all eternity," Stefan taunted, sliding up beside Damon and crouching over him. "But it's gotta sting knowing that Elena only wanted to be with you after I left. I mean, you were basically a placeholder, brother."

Damon growled, glaring daggers with his eyes at his brother.

Stefan snickered, grabbing Damon's open jacket and picking him up, tossing him as though he were a rag doll.

He hit the top of the couch, knocking it back with him as he fell. Damon groaned in pain, but as he looked over he saw a piece of wood poking out from the couch. Right ... one of the stakes I hid in case this very thing happened. Awesome remembering, Damon.

He was sore, and his body groaned in protest, but he shifted towards the couch, gripping the stake in his hand and pulling it free, waiting for his brother to approach him again. He hid the stake by his side, feeling his body healing, slowly but surely.

Stefan was up and over the couch in a single jump, leaning forward on all fours so that he was hovering over Damon menacingly. "You know, you preach and you preach about how carefree you are, and about how weak I am ... who's weak now, brother?" He punched Damon in the face, rearing his fist back immediately after.

Damon took the hit, allowing his body to heal enough so that he would be able to fight back.

"What, don't tell me you're tapped out?" Stefan taunted.

Damon forced a grin onto his face, meeting his brother's eyes. "Not even close," he replied, moving his arm up and shoving the stake into Stefan's chest, almost hitting his heart. It wouldn't kill him with that ring on his finger, but it hurt like hell.

Stefan gasped in pain, glancing down at the object imbedded in his chest in shock.

Damon shoved Stefan off of him, getting up slowly and watching his brother writhe in pain.

"Yeah ... I soaked the tip in vervain," Damon informed him. "How's that feel?" Knowing that his brother would be unable to move for a while, he walked across the room, grabbing a box that had been hidden behind several books. He pulled out a syringe and stalked back towards Stefan. "You know, as much as I would love to kill you and be done with it ... I think you deserve to suffer just a little bit longer. Not only for what you thought you were going to do to Elena ... but for everything." Damon stabbed the needle a little too forcefully into Stefan's neck, filling him with vervain. Once he was completely unconscious he pulled the stake out of his chest and tossed it aside. He dragged him to the basement cellar by his feet, smirking to himself as he accidentally bumped his head on the stairs they went down. Once he had Stefan sufficiently shackled he gripped his hand and tore the ring off of his finger, pocketing it to hide it later.

With a final look at his brother he walked out of the room, shutting and locking the door behind him. He fished his phone out of his pocket, pressing his speed dial and calling Elena.


After finally coming off the human blood - for real this time - Stefan had to face everything he had done. He could barely face Elena, knowing what he had planned on doing to her, and he couldn't believe that it had been Damon to be the one step up and save her.

He made the decision himself to leave Mystic Falls, promising not to come back. Before he left, however, he asked Elena to talk with him in private.

They met at the Grill - Elena's choice, because it was crowded and even if he tried to do something, Damon was hovering around out of Stefan's sight.

"I promise I'll never bother you again, Elena, but before I leave, I feel like I should give you this warning," Stefan told her.

Elena figured she knew what he was talking about, but let him continue.

"Damon is not who you think he is," Stefan told her, looking into her eyes soulfully. "I know that he seems as though he has good intentions, and I know that he's made you trust him, but I need you to understand how dangerous he is. He's only using you, Elena. He has some ulterior motive, I know it, and I don't want you to get hurt."

Elena shook her head, crossing her arms. "Okay, you can stop there."

Stefan sighed. "I know you don't want to hear this, but -"

Elena cut him off. "You're right, I don't. I'm not stupid, Stefan, nor am I naive. Not anymore. See, I trusted a vampire, and he hurt me. But it wasn't Damon, it was you," she reminded him. "You can't understand that Damon's feelings for me are real - as are mine for him - and I'm not going to try and make you understand. He didn't make me trust him, I gave him my trust, and he hasn't spoiled it. I don't need you to look out for me, Stefan, I'm a big girl, and I can take care of myself. And when I can't, Damon will."

Stefan looked away, hurt.

Elena took a breath, knowing that Damon could hear her, wherever he was. "Damon and I understand each other, we don't have anything to hide. I've fallen in love with him ... so you need to leave, and stop lecturing me on how he's using me. I don't have any interest in hearing it, Stefan. Goodbye."

Stefan didn't want to accept it, but he didn't want to hurt her anymore, so he nodded and stood from the table. When he turned he saw Damon watching them with a poorly concealed expression of shock on his face and sighed before nodding to his brother and leaving the restaurant, and then leaving Mystic Falls.

Elena waited for Damon to slide into the booth across from her, looking down at the table.

"You mean that?" he asked her, surprising her by sitting next to her on the cushioned seat.

Elena slowly brought her eyes up to look at him, nodding her head. "You're all I need, Damon. I don't know when it happened ... but I fell in love with you." She looked sad as she said the words.

Damon brushed his fingers across her cheek before his fingers turned her face to look at him. "Why are you crying?"

Her eyes had begun to water, though she tried her hardest to keep the tears in. "Because I don't know if you can ever love me, too. After everything Katherine did ... I don't know how you could ever feel something that strong for me."

Damon shook his head, slowly bringing his lips to hers. This only made Elena cry harder, and the tears slid down her cheeks. "Don't cry, Elena," he whispered softly. "You're wrong. What I feel for you ... I've never felt this before, not even with Katherine. Maybe I am in love with you, I'm not sure. But I wanna find out, if you'll let me."

Elena looked at him in surprise, and after a moment she nodded.

Damon waited for her to wipe her tears away before he took her hand in his and slid out of the booth. "Come on, let's get out of this dump, it's depressing."

Elena chuckled, rolling her eyes and feeling the mood lighten considerably. "Well, what did you have in mind?"

"Well, I thought maybe you could help me rearrange some furniture in my room ... now that Stefan's out of here, I get the bigger room," he told her.

Elena considered that for a moment. "I don't know ... I've always liked your room."

Damon quirked an eyebrow at her. "Really?"

Elena smiled. "Although, to be fair, I haven't spent a lot of time in there. I can't really make an informed decision."

He grinned wolfishly, making his way out of the Grill with her at his side. "Well, we'll just have to see what we can do to fix that."

They were already clawing at each other's clothing when they finally made it back to the boarding house, and ended up spending the entire day in his bedroom. Neither of them complained when Damon decided to leave his room as is, with one notable exception: he cleared away space in his closet and drawers for Elena to move some of her stuff in. It only took a little convincing get Elena to allow Damon to compel Jenna into letting her spend nights at the boarding house with Damon.


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