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"Light-Kun," he whispers softly and I feel his hot breathe coo down my neck. I can't say anything, trapped in his predatory gaze as I am. Every touch he gives me overwhelms my strung out senses.
I can barely manage to see his alabaster skin shining in the darkness and his inviting grey-black eyes daring, simply
daring me to make a move.

My breathing spikes and I begin to whimper as he attacks my neck with licks, kisses, sucks and soft bites. "Oh God," I moan shamelessly but there's no way to stop it, L is doing everything right, he knows my every weakness. His hands are latched into my sweaty hair preventing me to move away, as if I'd ever want to!
I take the opportunity while his hands are busy to run my own over his lightly muscled chest. That smooth stomach arches into my awaiting hands where I can feel the subtle movements of his inner chaos.
need him.

Some of my digits slide to one of his nipples and start to twist and pull. The sounds he gives off, mewls, are so delicious. They only make me want him more. L's lips suddenly embrace my own in a crushing kiss, a battle of tongues, some of his lust oozing into me. I don't want him anymore, I

"L, please." I mentally cringe at the sound of my submissive voice.
"You only had to ask my Light-Kun."

Without hesitation L begins to grind against me, creating a delicious friction. "Mmm ohhh L more!!" Everything is pure ecstasy; white begins to cloud my vision and my hands fist in his silky ebony hair. Just a little more, a little more to push me over the edge. S-so close.

Then the rocking begins and I commence to lose my grip on this pleasurable alternate reality.

"Liiiight wake up."

"Mmm what-do-ya-want L?" Those wide obsidian eyes were locked on Light with too much intensity for him to feel comfortable with.

"If Light doesn't get up now and hurry to organise himself I'm certain that we will miss the bus and our first lectures at To'oh University."

"Kay, I'm up, I'm up." Sometimes it's handy to have a roommate I guess. Well I'd better go have my shower. As Light stood up and the sheets slipped off of his form a certain... situation made itself known. Light stared in shock, this wasn't a usual occurrence, Light Yagami was in charge of his own bodily functions thank you very much. His problem wasn't helped by the fact that he swore he heard L's ghostly chuckle as he made his way to the bathroom.

What on earth did I dream about to get this? Light thought as he gestured to the sizeable tent in his dark blue boxer. Not to mention that L, his new flatmate that had paid for the other half of the apartment, had seen it. Plus he was going to be late for his first ever lecture at university if he didn't speed up.

Not that the lecture is all that important, I just hate being late...or too early. I might be able to doze in the middle of the classes remember that dream, it must have been good to get that reaction from me.

In half an hour L and Light were sitting at the bus stop waiting for the 509 charter to take them to campus. Light was blatantly staring at L, scrutinising his appearance, not that he was very happy with his own that morning. He had only taken twenty minutes to get ready, that was less than half the time he usually required, Lord a strand of his auburn hair might be misplaced or a button on his crimson shirt undone!! At least in comparison to L I'll look like a god. Seriously who wears the same pair of clothes every day? Long, baggy, white shirt with jeans that are just as baggy. His hair is a wild nest. He even carries his shoes around and don't even get me started on how he sits! Although his skin is so flawless it would make any teenage girl cry... Back up I did not just think that!?!

On the bus trip Light began wondering how such an eccentric had earned the money to pay for his half of the apartment. The place wasn't cheap and had two small bedrooms, a contemporary bathroom, toilet, study and living area. L was as intelligent as Light himself, both scoring perfect on the entrance exam, an unheard of circumstance, so maybe he acquired money using his intellect? Oh well doesn't matter, his life doesn't concern me one little bit.

The bus trip came to an abrupt end as it parked next to the curb. Light immediately stepped off thanking the driver as he went. He felt more than heard L shuffling along behind him in his ratty old tennis shoes, probably chewing his thumb as usual- another irritating habit.

The cherry blossom trees were in full bloom and some of the flowers were fluttering down around him as he stopped to say goodbye to L, they had different classes. Of course he was only saying goodbye out of courtesy, not because he cared.

He turned to face the scruffiest of the pair but stopped immediately in his tracks as L reached up and ran his spindly fingers through Light's perfectly groomed hair. What...the hell? Light felt his cheeks heat up, out of anger... because there was no other plausible reason. No one touched his hair! L continued staring at him as if nothing had happened, except that his lips hinted at a contained smile. "I apologise Light but I thought you would appreciate going to class without cherry blossoms in your hair."

"Oh uh thanks L. I guess I'll see you later then," he murmured sheepishly before rushing off to Criminal Psychology B. A quick glance over his shoulder revealed L to be standing underneath the cherry blossom trees, on the cobble stone path looking completely unhurried and without a care in the world. He stood in his characteristic hunch, the wind swirling the petals playfully around him and blowing out his already messy hair.

Light: 0.o Why are you making it look like I like L?
Me: Pfft because you so obviously do!
Light: I DO NOT LI- Oh umm hi L, I didn't see you there *blushes furiously*
L: Light-kun wanna go to the beach with me?
Me: Oooo sounds like a date!
L & Light: SHUT UP!
Me: Righto *fades into the background*

Are L and Light really going to go to the beach? You tell me
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