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The café wasn't too far away so Light opted to walk rather than catch some form of public transport or another. Besides it would give him the extra time necessary to work out his mood, plus he really should work off some of those calories. It's all L's fault! Turns out being somewhat emotionally stable and the whole forgive and forget deal weren't any of the teen's strong points. The auburn haired man took no notice of his counterpart; one might even say he was ignoring him. A tell-tale shuffling kept the boy aware of his company though. As the pair reached the curb out the front of their apartment complex Light realised he should probably text Matsuda back so that he knew to expect more company.

No problem Matsuda, L and I should be there in 10 minutes or so. Looking forward to it!

The teen had added that exclamation mark '!' at the end of the message so that he would seem more upbeat and enthusiastic… that's socially correct right? He needed to put up a front, a façade, so that no one would notice the underlying tension between himself and L. Not to make him look good, no, so that they don't dampen the other's mood, yes that sounds good.

The brooding taking place within Light's head took up the entire journey to the café. He was a little stunned when his methodical walking was subconsciously stopped by arriving at his destination. Time to man up. The teenager turned to L, sulky little pout gracing his normally pretty face with eyes downcast. His dress shoes scuffed along the pavement. "So you think we could put this behind us for the next few hours?"

"I will not lie to the others unnecessarily but nor will I bring it up Light-kun," L replied, brushing a few fingertips along the younger man's jaw. Damn it he's shaking my angry resolve, what a bastard. Tawny eyes did soften though and he responded with a jilted head nod.

The soft tinkle of a bell sounded as Light opened to door into the café. It was quite a quaint little place; somewhere you expect to meet young people with horn rimmed glasses reading philosophy or adamant that they're creating the next masterpiece at this precise moment, be it artistic or literary. Mellow tones reverberated across the space only to clash with harsh splashes of colour. A sharp mind categorised the setting and most of its inhabitants quickly… which was why the teen was more than a little startled when he was glomped side on.

"Matsuda?" Well Light was hoping so the moment he saw shaggy black hair tucked up by his shoulder.

"Light! Glad you could make it. Are you okay? You're text had an aura about it that I didn't like," the man prattled a thousand miles a minute in response. I should have used another exclamation mark! Before the poor glomped man could defend himself Matsuda had moved onto hugging L. It was a ridiculously comical sight. L had never looked so tense and terrified, his eye's desperately pleading for an immediate respite.

"…Hello Matsuda, you seem… well." Said man dropped his arms from L who looked visibly relieved.

"I am! How are you?"

"Currently I a-

"You should come and meet the others! We've been waiting for a while. I don't think the waitress likes us sitting in here without buying," he nervously chuckled. The pair was tugged around the corner by firm hands. Both were a little taken aback at such forward enthusiasm, not to mention the whole touching thing. That was an odd experience.

Rounding the corner the trio spotted a booth partially full. At this point Light could see Mikami picking at a napkin and two heads opposite him, one had striking red hair, the other blonde. Something was niggling at his memory but he couldn't place it… "What did you say your friend's names were again?" he asked instead.

"Mello and Matt," Matsuda replied in that chipper tone of his. As the cogs in Light's brain had been turning, trying to figure out that stupid niggle (it can't be paranoia) all three of them had arrived at the booth. Ahh… that explains it, bakery guy.

Low and behold, sitting directly across from Mikami, who was sending out a decidedly slimy smile, was the man who served L at the bakery yesterday. His green eyes sparkled with amusement as per usual and a pair of orange tinted goggles sat atop his head. An arm was casually strewn across the shoulders of a blonde bombshell decked out in leather with a scar covering half of their face. This was some funky shades of weird.

"L! Light! Fancy seeing you here."

"I could say the same Matt. How exactly did this happen?" L replied, apparently the least surprised by this strange turn of events and the redhead revealing that they knew each other.

"You know people, we know people. People like dragging their gay couple friends to cafés and now here we are. Isn't this cosy?" Matt explained with a lazy grin spread across his face. His blonde friend… boyfriend, Mello, Light assumed, didn't seem to share the enthusiasm. He just sat there with a pinched expression containing his bored cerulean eyes.

Mikami finally interjected, "Why don't you all sit down first before you start explaining how you know each other?" Matsuda quickly ushered Light in to sit between himself and Mikami while L opted to crouch next to Mello. That gained some stares. I sometimes forget crouching/squatting isn't how normal people sit. Why are we out in public? His livelier neighbour broke the awkwardness L had inadvertently brought up by gushing, "So?"

"So what?" L said back, not realising he sounded like a ten year old.

"How do you know each other?"

Thankfully Matt leapt in to tell the story, making it more charismatic and less deadpan than what the teen or his counterpart would of. Honestly how interesting can 'he sells me food at the bakery' really become? Quite, apparently. Once the story was told Mikami sidled back into the conversation, playing the part of host, "Well then some introductions need to be made. L, Light this is Mello. Mello, L and Light."

The blonde, still not making eye contact uttered a gruff, "Hi." His voice was deeper than what Light was expecting but after that the teen zoned out. Matsuda was chatting everyone's ear off and truth be told he was spurred on by the most minimal responses.

Glancing around Light noticed a number of tables gawking their way. In that moment the auburn haired man felt that to an outsider this would look like a miniature gay convention. He wondered half-assed to himself whether he should have brought rainbow confetti to liven things up.

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