So this is my new story, I have two others and I really hope you enjoy reading it as much as I love to write it. Yes Rose's attack in the first part is a little weird, I saw it on bones and my friend dared me to put it in.

I know it might be a little boring at first, but please stick with it! I wrote this ages ago and I don't know if it's to tacky :/ Comments are helpful!

I was all too familiar with my morning routine although that still didn't make it any easier to get out of bed. I hated the mornings and there was no point in denying it, I hit my alarm clock groaning in frustration I didn't want to get out of bed. I got out of bed like a zombie and moved throughout my room with my eyes still practically closed that was obviously a mistake that I regrated instantly. I had run into the wall well; if I wasn't awake before I'd definitely awake now.

After my shower I got into workout clothes and when I looked at the clock for once I was actually running on time. I walked into the gym to start yet another practice, when I made my way into the gym I saw Dimitri sitting on the far back wall of the gym. He sat on a mat completely still and completely unaware that I had entered, well actually he probably knew I came in but just couldn't tie him away from the novel he was reading. I smiled at him it was most likely another one of his western novels.

I let out a not so subtle noise from the back of my throat and he looked up and nodded in acknowledgement. He got up in one swift moment without even using his hands "Today we will be doing more basic combat." He spoke formally.
It automatically made me think that there was something wrong but Dimitri immediately moved into action so I couldn't ask.

I was getting more and more frustrated by the minute I still hadn't managed to knock him down or even land a blow on him that would at least make him flinch. I grunted and tried my attack again but he continued to deflect it. But I still thought I was doing fairly well thinking I hadn't been knocked down… more than five times. I had watched this show the other night that made me think of what I could do to distract Dimitri to at least give me enough time to knock him down. He was about to leap at me it was my window of opportunity, come on I'm Rose Hathaway!

I got out of my attack stance and stood up straight and still as he leap at me I could tell that had already shocked him a little but not enough to stop from leaping at me "Stop or I'll kick you in the testicles!" I yelled at him.
He stopped mid attack to look up at me as he raised his eyebrow; I really had to learn how to do that!
"Stop or I'll kick you in the testicles?" I looked confused.
"Well, it worked didn't it?" I asked
I cut him off as I lunged at him and actually managed to pin him down.

He started to struggle to get out of my grasp I had to keep him down and due to my small size I could barely keep him down myself I managed to keep him down a few seconds longer as I lightly pushed my hands over his heart. I got closer to him I could feel his heart beat growling more rapid as I got closer.
"Gotcha." I whispered, my mouth was close to his ear.
I got straight back up again knowing that if I tried to help him up he would take advantage of it.
"How is that supposed to distract a real strigoi?" he asked
He was being a thunder stealer I just grunted looking at him.

Was now the time to ask him why he was in such a strange mood? I shrugged it off the whole confronting people thing was his approach I usually just left things to boil over. We just continued silently again and I had noticed that he was now holding back.
"Dimitri," I groaned "stop holding back!"
I wanted him to stop taking it easy on me if he kept on treating me like a feather how was I supposed to learn anything, without a word he continued fighting but this time there was more energy and force to it until finally we both fell down as Dimitri landed on me with his full body weight.

My eyes met his with shock and I just wanted to reach up and touch him but he was holding my arms down either side of me. "Still don't want me to hold back?!" he asked not breaking the intense eye contact with me we were both panting; I could see a mixture of emotions running through his eyes.
"Don't hold back." I felt as though I had lost my voice and couldn't speak properly.

He knew that I wasn't speaking about practice anymore, he was so close that I could smell that intoxicating scent that he was surrounded in. he groaned and stood up letting me go completely as if I was suddenly some virus, what had I done?
"Rose, we need to talk," Dimitri left the sentence hanging between us.
Hearing those words come out of his mouth could never mean anything good. He opened his mouth as if to say something but nothing came out. "We can't be together anymore." He spoke
"I didn't think we ever were together?" I snapped,
this is how I would protect myself I just began to shut down.

I knew what he was saying was the logical thing to do, I knew that it wasn't safe for us to be together and I knew that he could lose his job and I suddenly began to feel silly at how much I felt towards him.
"Well then we can't continue this," he said gesturing in between us "whatever it is."
His voice sounded so blunt and it hurt but I didn't want to show him that, this was the perfect opportunity to practice my guardian poker face.
"You've said that before as well, it's never stopped us, it's never stopped you."
I was choosing to be difficult now I was hiding behind an emotionless cold exterior that didn't even feel like me I felt a sense of darkness that I couldn't control I was angry and didn't want to stop.

He just flinched but looked at me in the eyes again, he seemed sincere "this time I mean it, we can't do this." He said
I didn't understand how he could be so calm about everything meanwhile everything he was saying just hurt me there was just something about the way he was saying it, like he'd just given up.
"I have said no to Tasha and now I am saying no to you."
He was about to say something else but for once I didn't want to listen anymore; I didn't want to be in his presence even. I couldn't handle any more of what he was going to say so I just ran.

I ran and ran more until I felt as though I was far enough and I slowed down, I still had to walk to class. I think the fact that he made sense as to why we had to end this now hurt the most a part of me wanted him to stop being so sensible but his duty meant more to him, obviously. The worst part was that I knew that I had to get over this because eventually I would have to guard Lissa with him alongside me. Maybe I had to think of this as a good thing, this meant that I could start acting like my old self again, before he came along and dictated my life.

I finally made it to class and when Eddie walked up to me I just smiled finally this was an escape out of my thoughts "Hey Rose!"
He seemed really excited and was smiling like a fool.
"Hey, why are you smiling?" I mean I knew that I might have been miserable at the moment but how could someone be that happy?
"Because there are two new dhampir's coming," he said "they're transferring from another academy." I looked at him funny
"Why would you care?" I asked in confusion
"Well, I don't know more dhampir's is a good thing!"
I grinned understanding what Eddie may have been hinting at, he wasn't the sleazy type in fact he was one of those rare adorably sweet gentlemanly type of guys that the world seemed to be lacking.

Our conversation was cut short by two people I had never seen before coming through the door. I took a guess that it was the two new Dhampir's. One of them was tall, very muscular, and I could see a six pack coming through his tight shit with a leather jacket over it and a dark grey denim jeans when I got to his face wow his face he had like a greyish blue and he had a very dark brown almost black straight hair that hung near his eyes and he was tan very tan but all of it together went perfectly.

The other guy was also very good looking he had black straight hair with bits of blue sparkle?, bright green beautiful eyes that were even brighter than Adrian's also very tan, muscular but probably not as much as the other guy, dressed in all black but it still managed to look stylish. Everyone was staring sat them guys with envy even though they wouldn't admit it and girls with amazement and worship, these guys beat Moroi any day. Hell they look like sex gods.

I looked at Eddie his face was so funny "Still happy that we have new Dhampir's in the school?" I giggled.
Eddie was putting me in a better mood, that and I partly was trying to shove this morning's events out of my head as well. "With looks like that they'll probably take over the schools population of girls." I smirked.
He looked at me, giving me a look that said he wasn't amused by what I had just said.
"Hey I wouldn't be too picky. I think or a few guys that would turn gay for that." I laughed at his comment
"Do you include yourself on that list Edison Castile?" I laughed teasing.
He tried to blush at the joke I made toward him, he and I both knew he wasn't gay he nothing against them but he was embarrassed by how scandalous the thought was.

The two new students were at the door talking to the teacher.
"Ah, no." he finally spoke up
We were both laughing again, laughing like this morning had never happened it hurt to remember him I had to forget and if I couldn't I'd make myself. I shook all thoughts Dimitri out of my head and resumed looking everywhere but at the new boys.

One of the guardian teachers finally motioned them to sit down. I could see Meredith and the other minimal group of girls that had spaces next to them try to put on charm so that these mysterious guys would sit next to them. But they both walked straight past them and to where Eddie and I were sitting trying to avoid attention and then they just sat down. Everyone turned and stared I wasn't intimated but this would drag attention to me that wasn't made by me, I didn't like that not one bit.

"Hey I'm Jace." The first one with the visible six pack spoke up. He looked better up close which should be impossible.
"Rose and this is Eddie." I said briefly
I pointed to him with my pen and he just waved and went back to concentrating on the teacher.
"This is-" Jace was cut short.
"I'm Jake." The other boy said.

Taking in both their looks I noticed that apart from their eyes they looked similar.
"Are you guys brothers?"
Jake had a hint of a smile and Jace laughed. The teacher looked up at the sound and gave Jace a scolding look, he was instantly quiet again as the teacher let out a sigh and continued.
"I see you've met Rose already, great."
She said the last part with sarcasm.
"Try not be like her she can be a very, very bad influence." She elaborated the word very
"You say it like it's a bad thing." I said pulling my best innocent smile which didn't really work.

Jace looked at me to resume the conversation.
"No! We're not related, just look alike."
Jace smiled at me great every girl in this school would probably hate me now.

When I was walking down the halls to the next class I could hear the news had already made it around. Everyone was staring at me but I realized that it wasn't me they were staring at when I heard a very newly distinct sexy voice. They were all staring at the person towering over me.
"It looks like we have all our classes together Rose."
It was Jace. He was still smiling. But it wasn't that sleazy smile either it was a nice smile.
"So do you guys have, like a million girlfriends yet, like totally all at the same time?" I said mocking some crazy posh girl and laughing any girl would kill for this kind of attention I seemed to be lucky enough to get.

He looked at me, I mean really looked at me
"No, call me old fashioned. But I still want to find the right girl, besides we're not that kind of guy."
"Since when has there been the right kind of girl?" I asked.
I snorted thinking about it. I seemed to still be in a cynical mood. I had never found the right guy, even Dimitri didn't count as the right kind I mean maybe if he didn't push me away I'm sure he would have been perfect. Thinking about him made it all hurt all over again.

"I don't know. But you always hear about them, so I trust I'll find someone."
Looking at him I didn't think he was just messing around with me. Not a lot of guys at this school thought like that. They just wanted to get whoever they could into their beds. Although that wasn't totally fair, there were still some genuine guys.
"What about you Jake?" I smiled at him; I was teasing him just a little bit he looked at me funny.

His eyes went wide. "I'm not."
He seemed to not like the question or the attention.
"Don't worry, forget it it's fine, I get it." He looked at me wide eyed.
"You do?" I looked at him a little longer processing everything his reaction, and then it all clicked. He was gay,
"Whoa I do now. You're gay?" I said it quietly he blushed majorly.
I wished I could help in some way but I didn't know how then I laughed Eddie was right maybe some guys would turn gay for him.

He suddenly looked at me mad.
"Just because," I cut him off before it went too far.
"Oh no, no! I wasn't laughing at you, hell I don't mind that!" I said "it's just that my friend Eddie was joking that some guys at this school would turn gay when they saw you guys."
"Oh, sorry for that it's just that, well you know what people are like?" But he smiled like he was on the verge of laughter while Jace was already laughing.
"I understand. Fingers crossed right." I spoke, getting to know these guys wouldn't be too bad, and they did seem genuine.

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