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There was no way I could put this off; he had said my name people would be asking why. I tried to keep up my guardian fa├žade while the lady was standing there staring at me, staring at her. We were waiting just outside his door now and I was trying to waste as much time as possible but like I thought she was just looking at me expectantly I sighed and slowly twisted the door handle to the side then just looked at her before thinking about entering. If I was going to have to see him again I wanted to be able to do it alone.
"I will give the two of you privacy." She spoke walking away cheerily
I still hadn't told her how he knew my name and for now I didn't really want to either, of course I wouldn't tell her the long dramatic story of our relationship but I would eventually have to tell her something.

I didn't even bother poking my head in first, I wanted to just rip the Band-Aid off and walk straight in. Dimitri didn't look as peaceful as he had in his sleep but the second he's eyes saw me they became gentle and his stiffened posture relaxed a little "You're one hard person to find when you want to be Rose." Hearing his voice made me freeze. I had been expecting all these feelings to come back, I had never gotten rid of them I had just drowned them with work. Hearing his voice and looking at him again made me think of the last time I had actually seen Dimitri. And that was the last night I had spent at the court on my birthday the night I had kissed him and told him I still loved him after three years when he had said he didn't feel the same.

I didn't answer Dimitri what he had said wasn't a question and to be honest I didn't even know what to say. I was terrified why he was here; it couldn't have been a good reason as far as I knew he was still siding with Lissa's opinions. That brief thought that he had done nothing, had no opinion about younger dhampirs made me slightly sick. I didn't know how he could stand by that, he has a younger sister himself why would he want that for her?
"What are you doing here?" I asked. My curiosity was getting the better of me.
There was no beating around the bush with the question I asked it straight out hoping more and more that I could escape this confined room with this gorgeous man staring at me.

I couldn't read him, he seemed to be using his guardian mask now much like myself when I had walked in.
"Other guardians brought me here." He spoke not allowing much information. I looked at him and sighed, I almost felt defeated.
"No Dimitri. I mean here, away from court, alone in a city?" I asked.
He knew what I meant the first time I asked and now he was trying to beat around the bush. He looked at me for a long moment
"I was looking for you." He stated simply looking down and picking at the blanket that covered him.

Those five simple words had dropped down on me like giant weights, why was he looking for me? Surely if he was here because of Lissa then there would be more guardians, or maybe Lissa thought Dimitri alone was the perfect trap I thought to myself sourly. "Look, I don't know what you're doing here and I don't particularly care. As you can see this place is very busy at the moment and I don't have time for any of this so if it's Lissa that has sent you just spit it out." I was getting annoyed know, what could I do to a giant 6 foot something Russian man if he was working for Lissa. It wasn't like I could hide a man that size, not to mention the fact he is one of the best guardians I know.

Dimitri looked at me in admiration "I haven't seen you snap that quickly in a long time, I haven't really seen any spark of emotion in a long time. No, I'm not here under the queens."
That was my mistake, I shouldn't have shown emotion like that but Dimitri can truly bring out any emotion in my and he knows it. But I was still getting frustrated at the lack of information in his answers.
"Well then why? It's not like you've come here to holiday Belikov! And I swear another short answer and you'll see a bigger reaction then this!" my voice was firm and I had surprisingly suppressed the urge to scream at him.

Then there was a knock at the door and I really did want to scream. A different medical staff member walked in this time "Sorry, but we have to do some tests and check-ups before he is to be released."
I gave a small curt nod and briskly turned to leave; someone would most likely send him to me because he wouldn't be allowed to leave without my permission.

I hated to admit it but Dimitri had left me to flustered, I needed to get my mind of the recent encounter with him. So when reaching one of the corridors I abruptly turned the corner and headed to one of the gyms. I needed to burn this unusual feeling that was bubbling its way all through my body; it scared me that I didn't know what this feeling was. I didn't feel like seeing anyone I knew so I made my way to one of the gyms I knew was rarely used the roof. It wasn't really safe to use that considering it was a large drop down and we didn't exactly want to be seen by humans or the supernatural but sometimes people in situations like mine came here plus it was getting dark so I would have the cover of the night to hide in.

I started to calm as soon as I felt the wind fly past my face in through my hair. I looked up at the fading sky and wished that it was the day time, with all this new found freedom I had been able to come out in the day time more. I had always wished that I could see the sun more at St. Vladimir's. I shook the thoughts out of my head so that I could begin to work out.

Most of the equipment that was in the other gyms where also on the roof, but due to weathering not all things could be brought up. Most things that could be stored in a store room where up here. These things where usually weapons, dummies and other smaller things for the store room the some guardians had swiftly created. I had a sense of pride and how well other guardians and I had created this particular base. It was the first base of now many. It made me feel a sense of accomplishment that with Jace's help at first I had been able to assist in doing all this. I dragged the dummies out of the small room and into the crisp nights air another bonus about this roof was it pretty much had fresh cool air most of the year. I started attacking the dummies; I wanted to work more on plain physical combat. Compared to everything else we were taught this was basic but what I liked the most apart from stakes.

It was a little harder to practice on dummies then I was with real people only because the dummies didn't exactly move, therefore not really offering any help with offence of defence moves. I was still thinking of what I could do or say in this meeting with the alchemists, from what I had learnt after graduating they aren't very easy people to bargain with especially with 'evil creatures of the night'. I had stripped down to just a training bra and pants and laid down on the cool concrete looking up at the stars. I couldn't back down now, but I didn't feel very confident that I would be able to persuade a bunch of them to do this. This was asking them to break an alliance they have had throughout centuries of history.

Hell even Sydney may have doubted me and she's an extremely logical and smart person, smarter than I am and those people are her own kind she would know their ideas and opinions. But then the lady on the phone wouldn't of agreed to meet me if she wasn't interested or at least curious, and maybe that was all I needed to help get in the good books. I looked up at the stars, noticing how simple it must be to shine down on the world. I cried out in frustration leaping up from my position and smacking the closest dummy repeated over and over again.

Almost all the dummies fell down to the ground with all the force I hit them with.
"Do you need any help with that?" asked a voice that made the bubbling feeling start to come back.
I froze in place my back was still towards him as I started to pick up the dummies. By the time I had silently managed to pick up some of the dummies, Dimitri had obviously decided to join me because they had all been picked up.

I didn't think I had been out this long, but it would have been time consuming for Dimitri to get the medical man to give him the okay. I looked up at him I had long since calmed down since our last encounter, I didn't know what to say, this had been the closest I had stood next to Dimitri in a long time and his scent was still strong and intoxicated distracting me of all thoughts. All I wanted to do was wrap myself in his arms and never let go but he had clearly not wanted the same things.

I had to take a step back so I could think of proper words let alone speak them "So I take it the medical advisor said you were all better?" I asked lamely
I was mentally hitting myself for being like this, just like before a whole heap of emotions came flooding in like Dimitri himself had released the giant flood gates. He smiled at me, but like always it was the small half smile.
"Yes, I'm all back to normal. I was actually sent to you to see if I'm able to start work." He looked slightly skeptical, well that took two of us.

I processed the thoughts for a moment
"I'm going to need you to start from the beginning. I know how you came here; we usually don't leave people to die out on the streets when doing raids. But what were you doing there and what got you distracted enough to get hurt?" I asked.
my head was starting to spin. He actually laughed a little like those rare moments when I made him laugh when I said something in training
"I am human Roza, I can get distracted." He looked at me. He hadn't called me Roza in a long time and I could tell he was looking to see what my reaction would be.

He advanced the couple of steps I had taken back before and lowered his voice "And I thought that both of the answers to those questions would be obvious." His voice got softer the closer he came to me. I let him, I had let him come this close to me he had taken my breath away. Our foreheads were touching and I began to feel the light stubble that had grown on his face, I could feel his breath against my lips, his lips so close to mine. I wanted to reach up a little further and attack his lips with mine. I went to wrap my arms around his neck but last minute rested them on his muscular chest.
"Please stop." You could hear the agony in my voice.

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