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"Noah?" Kurt asked pulling back a little bit.

"Yeah babe." Puck said

" I want a baby." Kurt said as bowing his head.

Puck eyes widened as he heard the way baby come out of Kurt's mouth.

"You want a baby?" Puck asked

"Yeah but I know it not possible. Crap the food." Kurt said running for the kitchen forgetting the food he was cooking.

"Do you need help?" Puck yelled out.

"No stay in there" Kurt yelled back.

Puck sat on the couch rubbing his hand over his face. He always figured that since he was with Kurt that he would never have to worry about things like kids and stuff like that. He just pictured them growing old together without any kids. Would I even be a good father? Puck never want to have a child just to end up leaving it just like his dad left him.

Looking at the wall he noticed a picture of a Burt and Kelly with a young Kurt. They looked so happy but a picture can mean a thousand words. Seeing that made him think about what would it be like to raise a child with Kurt.


Kurt took threw the over mitt on the counter looking at the slightly crisped entrée in front of him. He was always a great culinary artist when it came to cooking but distractions can mess up any good meal.

"What am I gonna do?" Kurt asked himself looking for an answer.

Cutting off the oven he stared at the casserole as he thought back to a memory with his mother.


"Mom is it done yet?" Kurt asked trying to sneak and stick the fork into the casserole dish.

"Yes love it's done but you have to let it cool first." Mrs. Hummel said taking the fork and placing it on the counter.

The small boy looked up at his mother as she smiled at him She always seemed happy and he never seen a frown creep upon her face. She loved him and his dad with all her heart. She tucked her hair behind her hair before bending down and picking up Kurt to place him on the counter.

"So what do you want for dessert?" Mrs. Hummel asked.

"Cake and ice cream" Kurt said with a smile on his face.

"What kind might that be?" she asked again.

"Chocolate." Kurt said licking his lips.

"We have to make something healthy for daddy." Mrs. Hummel said as she saw her husband open the door.

"Kelly are you talking about me again." Burt said as he closed the front door.

"Daddy" Kurt said running up giving his dad a hug.


Kurt smiled as frequently thought of the times he spent with his mother. He jumped a little bit when he felt hands make their way around his small waist. He leaned his head back and it landed on Puck's shoulder. One thing that always made him feel better was being held by his boyfriend. By him having larger arms made it even better to keep him warm.

Many nights as a kid he remember seeing his dad holding his mom the very same way. He couldn't help but think that maybe having a raising a child would be a bad idea. How many kids did he know that had two dads beside Rachael and he wasn't too much of a fan of hers. It was going to be hard raising a child but to add the pressure of two dads would lead to a lot of questions in the future.

"Is everything okay?" Puck whispered into Kurt's ear.

"Yeah just thinking about my mom." Kurt said under his breath.

"Kurt when the time comes you will make an amazing father." Puck said.

"Really?" Kurt asked as he turned around.

"I'm serious. You are so smart, caring, and sweet. I've never met your mother but I hear how your dad always tell you how you remind him of her. If you are anything like her then you're not gonna have any problems. You have a great personality and you know how to cook your butt off. Well not this one." Puck said looking over a the casserole dish.

"Thanks." Kurt said laughing as he gave Puck a sweet kiss.

"Sexy and a damn good kisser" Puck said with a smile.

"What does that have to do with raising a kid?" Kurt asked with a confused look.

"Nothing. You're just sexy and a damn good kisser." Puck said kissing the smaller boy again.

"Ah" Kurt said letting a small laugh slip out.

"Let's do it." Puck said pulling Kurt closer.

"Really?" Kurt said with a big smile.

"Yeah." Puck said.

"Wow. That's why I love you so much Noah Puckerman." Kurt said kissing his boyfriend.

"I love you too Kurt Hummel." Puck said.

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